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WW2 Path to Victory Upgraded

by Adam514 (aka AdamtheEnginerd)

& Regularkid (aka Joe)

Version: 4.0

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Acknowledgments: A very special thanks to Hepps, Cernel, and Redrum for their ready assistance on coding and map creation questions. To Samstreeter, Nightrider, 90thLight (aka Mike) and everyone else who helped to play-test the map. And to Bung and Veqryn for creating an incredible Global 1940 map on TripleA, which formed the basis for much of the work we did on Path to Victory.
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Except as otherwise stated below, the rules and game mechanics of Path to Victory are identical to those of World War 2 Global 1940 Balanced Mod.
Mongolia: If Japan declares war on Russia, Mongolian territories and units will automatically turn Russian at the end of Japan's turn.
Revised Lend Lease: Russia does not receive a Lend Lease bonus from a Japanese declaration of war.
Factories in Russia: Originally owned Factory Minors in Russia are destroyed upon capture by the Axis.
Revised Plane Landing Rules: It is legal to land air on newly built carriers. However, it is not legal to make a combat move that is only possible because of a newly built carrier.
Land Scramble: An airfield may scramble up to three planes to adjacent land battles in which there are already defending units (i.e., no scramble option for otherwise uncontested territories).
Carrier Scramble: A carrier may scramble one plane to battles in adjacent sea zones/territories where there are defending surface warships or land units. The number of planes that may be scrambled from a particular sea zone is determined solely by the number of undamaged carriers there (one per carrier), irrespective of how the planes may be allocated among the carriers. For example, if a sea zone contains an American carrier with two planes and a British carrier with no planes, the total number of planes that may be scrambled from that sea zone is two. Damaged carriers are disregarded for purpose of determining the scramble capacity of a sea zone (player enforced).
Note - Return of Scrambled Planes: A scrambling plane must return to the place from which it scrambled, unless that place is no longer a viable landing spot (either because the territory was taken, or the scrambling carrier was damaged/destroyed). If the place from which the plane scrambled is no longer a viable landing spot, the plane may land in any available spot that is adjacent to or in the battle zone itself. Note: Per the foregoing rule, scrambled planes may land in eligible Friendly-Neutral territories that have already been attacked by the other side (player enforced).
Revised Mech Rules: Mechs now cost 5 PUs. They are supportable by tanks in both attack and defense (add one to their combat value).
Revised Bomber Rules: Strategic bombers attack at 3, and cost 12 PUs.
Retreat from Lone AA Guns:An attacker may retreat even if there are only AA guns left in the battle.
Reduced Unit Costs: Transports now cost 6. Cruisers 11. Battleships 18. And tactical bombers 10.
Capital Ships: Battleships and carriers may only be built from territories that have both factories and harbours.
Revised Definition of "Island": Factories still may not be built on islands. An "island" is any grouping of fewer than three contiguous land territories that is surrounded by water (e.g., Japan is not an "island" for purposes of factory placement, but Philippines is.
Sicily: Sicily is now connected to Southern Italy.
Tsugaru Strait: Passage through the Tsugaru Strait, connecting sea zones 6 and 7, requires ownership of Japan. Submarines, however, may pass through freely regardless of ownership.
Restricted US Movement When Not at War: When not at war with Japan, naval units belonging to the United States may not end their turn in sea zones adjacent to Japanese territory. The exceptions to this rule are sea zones 22 (Guam) and 32 (Wake Island).
Great Purge Penalty: Russia starts the game with 10 fewer PUs than its total production.
Civil War Penalty: China starts the game with 4 fewer PUs than its total production.
Revised Victory Conditions for a Pacific Victory: Japan must capture seven Victory Cities.
Global Victory: In addition to achieving a theater-specific victory, Axis can win the game by capturing and holding for one complete turn 13 victory cities, globally.


Except as otherwise stated below, the national objectives in Path to Victory are functionally identical to those of BM3.

  • NEW OBJECTIVE - Atlantic Wall: 3 PUs if Normandy and Holland Belgium are both Axis controlled at the beginning of Germany's turn and each garrisoned with at least one land unit at the end of Germany's turn.
  • REVISED OBJECTIVE - Control of Balkans 3 PUs (increased from 2 PUs) if Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Crete are Axis or Pro-Axis controlled.


  • REVISED OBJECTIVE - Lend Lease: Russia no longer receives a 2 PU boost from an unprovoked Japanese declaration of war. Instead, the Mongolians automatically turn Russian as aforesaid.


  • REVISED OBJECTIVE - Control of Sydney, Honolulu, Calcutta: 5 PUs for each territory that is Japanese controlled (as opposed to "Axis controlled"): New South Wales, Hawaii, Eastern India.


  • NEW OBJECTIVE - Strategic Initiative: 5 PUs if Americans have a land unit in at least one Axis capitol.
  • REVISED OBJECTIVE - Control of Philippines: 5 PUs if Americans are at war and control both Manilla and Davao.


  • REVISED OBJECTIVE - Burma Road: 3 PUs and may build artillery if the Allies control Eastern India (as opposed to “India”), Burma, Yunnan, and Szechwan.

Note - Chinese Guerillas: As in Balanced Mod, at the start of China's turn, a Chinese infantry is spawned in each non-coastal Chinese territory under Axis control that is not garrisoned by at least one Axis land unit (i.e., infantry, marine, mech infantry, artillery, or armor). These "guerrillas" engage in combat wherever they are spawned and may not be moved until China's next turn.


Excepted as otherwise stated above, the rules of Global 1940 Balanced Mod apply to Path to Victory, including the following.
Revised Air Raid Rules: Fighters attack and defend at 2. Strategic and tactical bombers attack at 1.
Revised Capital Capture Rules: The capture of a player's capital results in the plunder of that player's PUs only the first time the capital is taken. Subsequent recapture of the same capital results in the player's PUs being destroyed.
Revised Victory Conditions: If Germany is Allied controlled, an Axis victory in the Pacific requires 8 (rather than 7) Pacific VCs. If Japan is Allied controlled, an Axis victory in Europe requires 9 (rather than 8) Europe VCs.
New Unit - Marines: Cost 5; Attack at 1 (2 during amphibious assaults); Defend at 2; No bonus from artillery; Can be loaded onto cruisers and battleships (1 to a ship).
Note: During amphibious assaults, Battleships and Cruisers may bombard any adjacent territory in which an amphibious assault is occurring, regardless of where they unloaded their marines.


The following rule-set simulates the circumstances and strategic consequences of the Franco-German Armistice, and is intended for play with Path to Victory and Balanced Mod.
Game Conditions for Franco-German ArmisticeAt the beginning of France's turn, if the following conditions are met, the Franco-German Armistice will occur:
1. Axis has control of both France and Normandy Bordeaux;

2. Axis has never controlled Southern France; and 3. There are no non-French, Allied land units in Southern France.
Game Consequences of Franco-German ArmisticeFrench Territorial Control: At the beginning of France's first turn in which Armistice conditions are met, all originally French territories not already under Axis control immediately change ownership to Pro-Axis Neutrals, except: (1) French Equatorial Africa; (2) New Hebrides; (2) any French territories containing non-French allied land units.
Any non-French allied air units in Vichy-controlled territory are destroyed upon conversion of the territory to Vichy control.
With the exception of Southern France (see discussion of "Zone Libere" below), Vichy French territory operates the same way as other Pro-Axis Neutral territory. An Axis player may capture Vichy French territory and commandeer its forces by moving a land unit into the territory during the non-combat phase of his turn.
Fly-over restrictions applicable to other Neutral territories do not apply to Vichy French territory.
Fleet at Toulon: In addition to the change in French territorial control, the Armistice changes control of the the French fleet in sz 93, from French to Pro-Axis neutral. The Vichy French fleet maintains a strictly defensive posture. It may not be moved. It may not be captured by the Axis. The fleet is immediately destroyed if any power, other than the Free French, occupies Southern France
"Zone Libre": Any Axis occupation of Southern France following the Armistice results in the scuttling of the Vichy French Fleet at Toulon and the disbandment of all remaining Vichy French forces. These forces are removed at the end of the Axis player's turn in which the occupation of Southern France takes place. Any formerly Vichy French forces that were previously commandeered by the Axis are unaffected by this change.
Armistice's Effect on National Objectives: Following the armistice, Southern France is considered Axis-controlled for purposes of Italy's "Roman Empire" objective. Otherwise, the Vichy France arrangement has no impact on National Objectives. Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco must still be directly occupied by Germany or Italy to achieve Italy's "North Africa" objective. Japanese occupation of French Indo China still negates Japan's "Trade With America" objective.
Liberation of France: The Allied liberation of France effectively terminates the Armistice. Any territory and forces still under Vichy French control (including any surviving fleet in sz 93) revert back to Free French control. The Vichy French forces in the Southern France and sz 93 will also revert back if Southern France is liberated by the Free French.
Change Log2.0
Corrected objectives panel with correct territory and sea zone names.

Fixed graphical issues with map. Changed PU marker on Central America to reflect actual value. Added mech to Austria. Moved Japanese marine from Japan to Caroline Islands. Added victory city to Central United States. Supplemented discussion of rules in Game Notes. Fix connections between territories. Added two infantry to Switzerland. Fixed Americans starting income to match starting production. Fixed Siberia factory bug to ensure destruction upon capture. Removed infantry from United Kingdom. Fixed guerrilla spawning in Honan. Supplemented game notes. 3.0
Redrew Sea Zone 6 so that it completely envelops Korea.

Added PU marker to Gorky to reflect actual value. Opened Tsugaru Strait to enemy submarine travel. Changed Japanese objective to require direct ownership (as opposed to Axis ownership) of Honolulu, Calcutta, Sydney. 4.0
Fixed spelling mistakes in game notes.

Added 'Global' victory condition. Changed carriers to 1 defense. Added note regarding carrier scramble to empty sea zones. Added note defining "islands." Fixed ANZAC objective in Objectives tab. Lowered Kamakaze marker in sea zone 21. Added U.S. Marine to Hawaii.

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