Civil War: 1v1 by Pulicat

Important! User-Enforced Rules / Known Issues

  • Engineers are mobile factories but they are only allowed to place fortifications, entrenchments, pontoon bridges, and torpedoes. They are not allowed to raise troops or supplies. This is a user-enforced rule that can't be implemented in the engine yet.
  • Because TripleA will not allow a water space to be part of more than one canal (a flaw in the current engine), the following canals must be user-enforced: "Mississippi River Upper 2"--"Mississippi River Lower 1" is controlled by Cairo; "Mississippi River Lower 1"--"Mississippi River Lower 2" is controlled by New Madrid and Island Number 10; "Mississippi River Lower 3"--"Arkansas River Lower" is controlled by Fort Hindman

Railroad lines are marked on the map as dotted lines connecting the railroad stations. Two stations are considered connected if there exists a direct dotted line path between them. Trains may move between stations only if: 1) Friendly powers own the two territories to which the stations belong. 2) Friendly powers own the territories through which the rail line passes. You must have control of a rail on at the beginning of your turn in order to use it.

  • Optional rule: Players may agree to edit-delete all enemy trains in a station if the city is captured.

Turn Order -Non-Combat Move -Purchase -Place -Combat Move -Endturn

Note: Movement counters reset after Non-Combat move! For example, an Infantry may move 1 during Noncom and then 1 again during Combat Move! In other words, you get an extra move if you are moving through friendly territory first.

Unit Clarifications -Unit Chart located on upper right corner of map. TC stands for transport cost or transport capacity.

-Both sides have Improved Artillery Support tech.

Blockade Some sea zones have circular flags with little round number markers next them. These are blockade zones. The player(s) indicated by the flags recieves the indicated number of PUs from that sea zone each turn if no enemy ships are present. This is different from regular convoy zones or convoy routes because you must have a ship present in the blockade zones in order to deny the enemy production.

Victory Conditions

  • Confederacy - 4 Victory Cities
  • Union - 13 Victory Cities
Civil War