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3rd Edition Rules
Russia may not attack round 1
Both Economic Victory conditions on
3 minute timer per turn (not enforced)
2 hit battleships
Always on AA guns
Axis Advantage (Germans start with Jet Power, Japanese with Super Subs)
No Tech
Bid for the Axis

The Classic 3rd Edition of a World War II game.
Axis need to at the end of the round control 2 out of 3 allied capitols plus their own capitols to win OR get to 84 production at end of round.
Allies need to control both Axis capitols plus their own capitols.
(Optional rule: Allies win if they get to 110 production at end of round [to enable, change Allied economic victory from 140 to 110]).

New Features in Third Edition Rules (over 2nd Edition):
Defending submarines can submerge or retreat from combat. A submerged sub stays in the same sea zone until after combat when it re-surfaces.
Fighters and Bombers can now retreat from an amphibious assult.
Multiple AA guns in one territory are allowed. However, only one AA gun per territory can fire per turn.
You can now place naval units in a seazone occupied by enemy units. If you do, combat will occur during the opponent's next combat phase, unless they move out of the zone first.
Western Canada no longer borders the Atlantic Ocean. This keeps players from being able to move units from the Atlantic ocean directly into Western Canada.

Explanation of Game Options:
Bids = Money given before game starts, to purchase units with or keep for later.
Economic Victory = You may win by reaching a certain production level by end of round.
Low Luck = Add all the attack or defense powers together, divide by six, then roll for the remainder. The total is the number of hits you get.
Movement By Territory Restricted = Russia will not be able to make any movements during the first Combat Movement Phase of Round 1 (they will be able to do noncombat movement though).
Units Can Be Destroyed Instead Of Captured = Factories and AA Guns will be destroyed instead of captured.
Use Destroyers and Artillery = All nations may now purchase destroyers (3/3/2/12 anti-sub naval unit) and artillery (2/2/1/4 supporter of infantry) units.
Tech Development = Allow rolling for technology?
Super Sub Defense Bonus = A defense bonus given to submarines when you have the super sub tech.
Heavy Bomber Dice Rolls = Number of dice that Heavy Bombers will roll.
LHTR Heavy Bombers = Bombers will select the best die that they roll, instead of using all dice. SBR adds 1 to the best die.
Territory Turn Limit = Strategic Bombing Raids and Rockets can not deal more damage than the value of the territory, per turn.
Always On AA = AA guns will fire when passed over, all the time.
Choose AA Casualties = You get to pick your casualties for AA gun fire (if off, the casualties will be random).
Multiple AA Per Territory = You can have more than 1 AA gun in each territory, but only 1 will fire at airplanes.
Kamikaze Airplanes = Airplanes may use all their movement to get to battles, with no consideration for landing zones.
Submarines Defending May Submerge Or Retreat = Defending subs may either submerge or retreat or stay in the battle.
Submersible Subs = All submarines submerge by default, including attacking subs.
Two Hit Battleship = All battleships have 2 hitpoints.
Battleships repair at end/beginning of turn = Do battleships repair, and when?
Shore Bombard Per Ground Unit Restricted = Bombardment is limited to the number of units offloading for the amphibious assault.
Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire Restricted = Bombardment casualties may return fire.
Partial Amphibious Retreat = Non-Amphibious units may retreat from an amphibious assault.
Attacker Retreat Planes = Attacking air units may retreat from an amphibious assault.
Unit Placement In Enemy Seas = May place naval units in enemy occupied seazones.
Produce Fighters On Carriers = When placing new carriers, you may also place new fighters on them.
Move Existing Fighters to New Carriers = When placing new carriers, you may move an existing fighte to the carrier.
LHTR Carrier Production Rules = You may place new fighters on new and old carriers, and also place new carriers under existing fighters in the seazone.
Neutral Charge = Amount of money you will be charged for entering a neutral territory.
Neutrals are Impassable = You may not enter a neutral territory.
AI Bonus Income = Give the AI more money.
AI Bonus Attack/Defense = Give the AI more attack/defense value (all their units).

"Official" Game options:
Scorched Earth = Similar to TripleA's "Units Can Be Destroyed" option, except that the defender/owner gets to choose if it is destroyed or not.
No Weapon Development = Same as TripleA's "Tech Dev On/Off" option above.
Kamikazes = Same as TripleA's option above.
One Panama Sea Zone = The two sea zones touching Panama become 1 sea zone. Please use edit mode to move the units the extra distance point if you want to use this option.
Always Active AA Gun = Same as TripleA's option above.
Two Hit Battleship = Same as TripleA's option above.
Paratroopers = Not supported by TripleA (but you can used edit mode to move the infantry around as if they were with a bomber). Rules for it below:
1 infantry may be loaded into a bomber, or 2 infantry into a heavy bomber.
If during combat move, infantry and the bomber must begin in the same territory, and not yet have moved.
If noncombat, the infantry may not have moved, but can be picked up anywhere along the flightpath of the bomber.
The bomber may drop them off into any territory, after which they may not move.
The bomber does not participate in any battles or strategic bombing raids.
If dropped off into a battle, the bomber is subject to AA fire and may die from AA fire, however the infantry is considered offloaded and does not die if the bomber dies.
After the AA fire, the bomber is removed from the combat, while the infantry may participate in the combat.