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Download: Repository/Experimental/Classic Variations The Classic Iron Blitz 2rd Edition of a World War II game.
Axis need to at the end of the round control 2 out of 3 allied capitols plus their own capitols to win OR get to 84 production at end of round.
Allies need to control both Axis capitols plus their own capitols.
(Optional rule: Allies win if they get to 110 production at end of round [to enable, change Allied economic victory from 140 to 110]).

New Additions for Iron Blitz:
Destroyers attack and defend at 2, and cost 8 PUs. They do not have any special anti-submarine abilities.
Marines attack at 1 (2 during Amphibious Assaults), and defend at 2, and cost 4 PUs.
Optional rule: Russia may not attack during 1st turn (turn on game option: "Movement By Territory Restricted" for this).

Explanation of Game Options:
Bids = Money given before game starts, to purchase units with or keep for later.
Economic Victory = You may win by reaching a certain production level by end of round.
Low Luck = Add all the attack or defense powers together, divide by six, then roll for the remainder. The total is the number of hits you get.
Movement By Territory Restricted = Russia will not be able to make any movements during the first Combat Movement Phase of Round 1 (they will be able to do noncombat movement though).
Units Can Be Destroyed Instead Of Captured = Factories and AA Guns will be destroyed instead of captured.
Use Destroyers and Artillery = All nations may now purchase destroyers (3/3/2/12 anti-sub naval unit) and artillery (2/2/1/4 supporter of infantry) units.
Tech Development = Allow rolling for technology?
Super Sub Defense Bonus = A defense bonus given to submarines when you have the super sub tech.
Heavy Bomber Dice Rolls = Number of dice that Heavy Bombers will roll.
LHTR Heavy Bombers = Bombers will select the best die that they roll, instead of using all dice. SBR adds 1 to the best die.
Territory Turn Limit = Strategic Bombing Raids and Rockets can not deal more damage than the value of the territory, per turn.
Always On AA = AA guns will fire when passed over, all the time.
Choose AA Casualties = You get to pick your casualties for AA gun fire (if off, the casualties will be random).
Multiple AA Per Territory = You can have more than 1 AA gun in each territory, but only 1 will fire at airplanes.
Kamikaze Airplanes = Airplanes may use all their movement to get to battles, with no consideration for landing zones.
Submarines Defending May Submerge Or Retreat = Defending subs may either submerge or retreat or stay in the battle.
Submersible Subs = All submarines submerge by default, including attacking subs.
Two Hit Battleship = All battleships have 2 hitpoints.
Units repair at end/beginning of turn = Do battleships repair, and when?
Shore Bombard Per Ground Unit Restricted = Bombardment is limited to the number of units offloading for the amphibious assault.
Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire = Bombardment casualties may return fire.
Partial Amphibious Retreat = Non-Amphibious units may retreat from an amphibious assault.
Attacker Retreat Planes = Attacking air units may retreat from an amphibious assault.
Unit Placement In Enemy Seas = May place naval units in enemy occupied seazones.
Produce Fighters On Carriers = When placing new carriers, you may also place new fighters on them.
Move Existing Fighters to New Carriers = When placing new carriers, you may move an existing fighte to the carrier.
LHTR Carrier Production Rules = You may place new fighters on new and old carriers, and also place new carriers under existing fighters in the seazone.
Neutral Charge = Amount of money you will be charged for entering a neutral territory.
Neutrals are Impassable = You may not enter a neutral territory.
AI Bonus Income = Give the AI more money.
AI Bonus Attack/Defense = Give the AI more attack/defense value (all their units).

Units: infantry marine armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer 

Nations: Russians Germans British Japanese Americans

Classic Iron Blitz 2nd Edition