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Left unchecked in the post WW2-erea, Communism has spread and the West must now pay the price. It is only a matter of time before the ignition is triggered and global war erupts again. In this variation, the flashpoint is Central and Eastern Europe.

The Classic Iron Blitz 3rd Edition of a World War II game.
Axis need to at the end of the round control 2 out of 3 allied capitols plus their own capitols to win OR get to 84 production at end of round.
Allies need to control both Axis capitols plus their own capitols.
(Optional rule: Allies win if they get to 110 production at end of round [to enable, change Allied economic victory from 140 to 110]).

New Additions for Iron Blitz:
Destroyers attack and defend at 2, and cost 8 PUs. They do not have any special anti-submarine abilities.
Marines attack at 1 (2 during Amphibious Assaults), and defend at 2, and cost 4 PUs.
Optional rule: Russia may not attack during 1st turn (turn on game option: "Movement By Territory Restricted" for this).

New Features in Third Edition Rules (over 2nd Edition):
Defending submarines can submerge or retreat from combat. A submerged sub stays in the same sea zone until after combat when it re-surfaces.
Fighters and Bombers can now retreat from an amphibious assult.
Multiple AA guns in one territory are allowed. However, only one AA gun per territory can fire per turn.
You can now place naval units in a seazone occupied by enemy units. If you do, combat will occur during the opponent's next combat phase, unless they move out of the zone first.
Western Canada no longer borders the Atlantic Ocean. This keeps players from being able to move units from the Atlantic ocean directly into Western Canada.

Nations: Russians British Americans

Units: infantry marine armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer

Classic Iron Blitz Cold War