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-Defenseless Bomber (SBR only)  This unit is now exclusively for raiding.  A0/D0/M6/Cost 5 SBR damage 1d6  No hitpoints in normal combat, only in SBR and escort/intercept. For use in both games. 

-Move 3 Transports and Cruisers  M3 naval units. Transports and cruisers now have a standard movement rate of 3, OOB cost. For use in both games. 

-Air Base +2 movement to air units.  This base now has an additional movement bonus over OOB, to facilitate escort and compensate for the Strategic bomber no longer being a regular combat unit. For use in Global. 

Those are the big 3. All that remains is the submarine. As soon as we have settled on a proper implementation for sub units in both games, I will post the game files for general testing. 

This is not a mod, but a comprehensive rules adjustment similar to the old Classic HR sets (code named after the D-DAY beaches.) It's intended for use in either v5 or Global, to fix the SBR system on those maps, solve the dark skies issue with air vs naval, fix the defensless transport, and make the cruiser finally interesting as a purchase option. Opens up the naval game and finally puts the SF VC into contention. 

The goal is to integrate all the most problematic units in A&A under a new HR framework that is consistent across both maps. Strategic Bombers, defensless transports and cruisers were determined to be the units in most desperate need of attention. The last piece of the puzzle is submarines. Once we have that problem fixed, it will be a go.