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Cold War: 1965

Scenario and Map design by Dave Ball

The Cold War... a period of great uncertainty. The 1960s saw the Berlin Wall go up, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Sino-Soviet split, the Vietnam War, the Six Days War, the continued stand-off between the Koreas, tension between India and Pakistan, the end of European Colonialism (and the collapse of many successor states), and of course, the proliferation of nuclear arms. This was a tense period in our history, in which any number of small conflicts could have escalated quickly into WWIII.

This map was created by Dave Ball (Conarymor). It is a global scenario for the Cold War in 1965. It is designed for two alliances and up to six players. China and its ally, the Sino Pact, are intended to be played by the AI.

RULES This scenario uses WW2V3 rules. There are a few exceptions and some other game features worth noting.

I am looking for help with testing and gathering feedback. This map is still in beta and requires much more testing and refining. All help is appreciated!

  1. Bugs or Design Flaws: Errors and anything that doesn't work right, like missing territory connections.
  2. Usability: I really struggled with this map given the small size of some crucial territories that I did not want to combine. Also, unit placement and unit color for adequate contrast.
  3. Units Power and Price: I am completely open to revising units, regarding their attack and defense, stats, price and initial distribution.
  4. Game Balance: I think this is where I need the most help. I gave the US a lead in TUV with the expectation that the Soviet preemptive strike will do some significant damage. Is it enough or too much? How does China having first move upset this balance?

This map is still in development and is undergoing further testing. If you find any bugs or have questions, comments or suggestions related to how to improve the game, please let me know. Submit you feedback to the appropriate thread on:

Current version: Beta 1.0.5

Ver 1.0.5 changes:

  1. An additional capital for NATO was added in Northeast Canada.
  2. The capitals for the aligned-neutrals has been removed.
  3. China and the Sino Pact powers now have static Border Patrol units added with a 3 defense.
  4. Pricing for all standard units has been updated.
  5. Bug allowing AI to place units on the map legend has been fixed.

Ver 1.0.4 changes:

  1. Modified production to give US alliance a stronger economy overall
  2. Addjusted attack upward to 4 on Cruisers to reflect guided missile tech
  3. Set minimum Triple A version to 1.6.1

Ver 1.0.3 changes:

  1. Correction inverted naming of Bolivia and Paraguay
  2. Bolstered NATO unit counts in West Germany, Austria and Italy

Ver 1.0.2 changes:

  1. Eliminited ability for China or Sino Alliance to attack

Ver 1.0.1 changes:

  1. Map updated to game build 1.6.x
  2. Added 3 new units: ICBM, Cargo Plane, and Truck

Nations: AI-China AI-SinoPact USSR USA NATO WarsawPact SEATO ArabLeague Neutral-USA Neutral-USSR Neutral-China

Units: aaGun Factory BorderPatrol Infantry Marine Artillery Tank Truck Helicopter Fighter FighterBomber NuclearBomber CargoPlane Transport Submarine Destroyer Cruiser Battleship Carrier ICBM

Cold War 1965