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By C. Cade Mosley (demagogue)

The game covers three interconnected civil wars between pro-democracy and pro-communist forces following the end of WWII, circa 1947-1948 and extending past 1950 -- the Chinese Revolution, the Korean War, and the First Indochina War.

Victory Condition: An alliance occupies 10 of the 11 Victory Cities.

The players in order are:
PLA.China (People's Liberation Army): Communist
RoChina (Republic of China): Democracy
N.Korea (North Korea): Communist
S.Korea (South Korea): Democracy
Americans: Democracy
Viet Minh: Communist
France: Democracy
Vietnam: Democracy


- The map scale is morphed so that China is relatively small and Japan, Korea, and Vietnam are relatively large. This allows all four theatres to be in the same map at a playable scale without insets.

- France does not have support to simulate its eventual pullout from French Indochina (Vietnam). Its first task (in theory, anyway) is to help build and shelter the Vietnamese army (which starts with zero units) as long as its units hold out. France and Vietnam should be played by the same player.

- Any land France captures from Viet.Minh "liberates" it for S. Vietnam. Similarly, any land N. Vietnam captures from the Rep. of China liberates for PLA.China.

- fighters are 1 PU cheaper for N.Korea. Welcome to MIG Alley.

- When the Viet Minh occupy one of N/S Laos or N/S Cambodia, for each turn they occupy a bunker is set up to simulate both communist sympathy and eventually the Ho Chi Minh trail, requiring either "winning hearts and minds" back to democracy by force early on, or letting the land become untoucable to all but bombers as the real Ho Chi Minh trail became.

- The Soviet Union gives money to every Communist player.

Play Information: The game is generally balanced so that the United States is overhanded while S.Korea, the RoChina, and France/Vietnam are underhanded. The general plan for the Democracies (in theory) is for these countries to hold the line until the Americans can free their forces to assist each one in turn. The general Communist plan (in theory) is to tie up the Americans and overwhelm each opponent before the Americans are able to commit support.

Units: aaGun armour artillery battleship bomber bunker carrier cruiser destroyer factory factory_hit infantry fighter general halftrack submarine TrailConvoy transport VietCong

Nations: PLA.China RoChina N.Korea S.Korea Americans Viet.Minh France Vietnam Neutral

Cold War Asia 1948
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