An attachment option, "conditionType", commonly used with triggers.

values: AND, OR, XOR, y, y-z.  (defaults to AND if missing)

The option defines the relationship the conditions must have if
          there are more than one condition or rules attachment in the "conditions" option.

                          AND means all conditions must be true,
                          OR means just one condition must be true,
                          XOR means that only one condition must be true while all others must be false.
                          'y' is an exact number of conditions,
                           and 'y-z' is a range of numbers.

conditionType only affects the conditions listed under the option name="conditions", and does not affect any additional conditions also present.

Example usage:

<attatchment name="conditionAttachmentGermansSubmarineTech3" attatchTo="Germans" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.RulesAttachment" type="player">
                    <option name="conditions" value="conditionAttachmentGermansReinforcedHulls:conditionAttachmentGermansWolfPackTactics"/>
                    <option name="conditionType" value="2-3"/>