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A 4-player, 2-alliance game of fantasy conflict. The game's structure is similar to A&A,while adding elements such as dungeons, treasures & event cards. Boardgamegeek Entry. There are some balance issues with units (Dragons are overpowered), I would suggest using 1 or both of these rules.

  • No more than 1 unit of each type other than Footsoldier can be built each turn
  • Units other than Footsoldiers (or possibly ships) can't be built in excess of the number of units that came with the game.

Another issue is that the evil alliance is a bit over-powered. Try having Nerath move first (it could go in either direction afterwards).

Try limiting each dungeon to 2 treasures (so every dungeon starts with 3 guardians).

For the Long Game, just make the victory conditions taking both enemy capitals and drop the treasure based victory condition.

For a 3 player game, designate 1 power (probably Karkoth) as the aggressor and have it face an alliances of its neighbors. Double the number of starting units of the aggressor (except Castles) and double the starting money. The aggressor moves first. The remaining power is off-limits (can be overflown).

For a formal variant see Conquest of Nerath Enhanced.

Conquest of Nerath
Name Type Cost Dice Move Special Ability
Footsoldier Land 1 6 1
Siege Engine Land 2 8 1 Rolls twice on attack
Fighter Land 2 10 2 Explores dungeons, Battle at Sea
Wizard Land 3 10 2 Explores dungeons, Battle at Sea, First Strike
Monster Land 3 12 2 Run Amok
Castle Land 4 20 0 Place pieces, Can be captured
Storm Elemental Flying 3 8 2 Rolls twice at sea, Can end turn at Sea
Dragon Flying 5 20 3 2 hits in 1 battle to kill, Must end turn on Land
Warship Sea 2 8 2 Can transport 2 land units