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Based on the boardgame

By Veqryn

Claim 18 of the 34 VC to win.

The Fleet in St. Petersburg starts in the SOUTH COAST
You may not produce any units if you do not control at least 1 of your Beginning 3 factories.

read why this is important below:

This map follows similar rules to the actual board game "Diplomacy"
For now it is as close as we can come to the game using the TripleA engine.
To see which territory is "Sea/Ocean" then turn on "map details" (map reliefs).

Some general rules: In order to transport an Army over water, you must have a Fleet for each Army you wish to transport, and for each sea zone you wish to transport them over, and the Fleets may not move during this turn.
So for example, if I wish to transport 3 Armies from London to Norway, then I must have at least 3 Fleets in the North Sea.
If I want to transport 3 Armies from London to Portugal, then I must have at least 3 Fleets in the English Channel AND at least 3 Fleets in the Mid-Atlantic (To accomplish this, switch to Edit mode, then click on the "Action" Tab on the right, then move the units by CTRL + Clicking in each sea zone along the way).
Those fleets must be there at the START of the turn, and they may not move during the entire turn. (So if I transport 3 Armies from London to Denmark, and I have 5 Fleets in the North Sea, than 3 of the Fleets may not move, but I may move the other 2 Fleets because they are not busy transporting.)

Very Important Clarifications about the Map: There are 3 types of territories: Land, Sea, and Coastal
Brest and Spain are examples of Coastal territories. A Coastal territory is a land territory that touches the Sea.
Armies can enter Land and Coastal territories. Armies may NOT enter Sea territories.
Fleets can enter Sea and Coastal territories. Fleets may NOT enter Land territories.
This does mean that Fleets and Armies can fight each other, but only in Coastal territories. This is intended.

Coastal Territories and Fleets follow special rules:
A fleet can logically only move through water. It can not cross land to occupy another coastal territory.
So for example, a fleet in Rome may not move to Venice or Apulia. It may move to any adjacent coastal province, such as Tuscany and Naples, as well as any connected Sea territory.

Some Coastal Territories have more than one Coast:
Bulgaria (East Coast, and South Coast)
Spain (North Coast, South Coast)
St. Petersburg (North Coast, South Coast)

What this means is that a fleet occupies a specific coast, while it occupies the entire territory.
So for example, a fleet in the north coast of spain occupies all of spain, but it can only move to Gascony, Mid-Atlantic, and Portugal. It may NOT move to Western Med or Marseilles or Gulf of Lyon.
If the Coastal territory has multiple "coastlines" then the owner of the fleet must announce to all players which "coastline" his fleet is occupying.

Certain Areas of the map are waterways:
Kiel has the Kiel Canal, meaning that any fleet may move to or from Kiel to the Baltic Sea, Denmark, Berlin, Heligoland Bight, and Holland.
Constantinople has The Bosphorus and Dardenelles, meaning that any fleet may move to or from Constantinople to the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, Ankara, Smyrna, Bulgaria East Coast, Bulgaria South Coast.

Sweden and Denmark are connected, any Army or Fleet may move to or from Sweden to Denmark in one turn.
The Baltic Sea and Skagerrak are NOT connected. A fleet moving from the Baltic Sea must move first to either Sweden or Denmark. Sweden does not have separate coastlines.

Other Rules: Players do not get to steal a player's PUs when they capture a capital. Instead, when a nation's last factory/vc falls their PUs are simply destroyed.
Make ALL your moves during 'Combat Move' and not during 'Non-Combat Move' (because you may not be allowed to move through dummy territories you do not control).
Purchasing units and collecting money happen every OTHER turn.
You may not produce any units if you do not control at least 1 of your Beginning 3 factories. (this is to compensate for having no capital)
Anything goes in this game, so long as the rules above are followed.
This is a game for making and breaking alliances.
No alliance lasts forever, so be sure to backstab your friend before he stabs you in the back, or gets too powerful.
Because units annihilate each other in combat, you will need to make friends to conquer an enemy.
Be wary of the person not attacking anyone, as he is building up his forces without expending any effort or making any enemies. Be wary because he will soon stab you.

Optional Rule: You may only produce units at your beginning factories.
So for example, France would only be able to produce units at Brest, Paris, and Marseilles. This is true even if she controls the entire map. This is also true if she loses control of these three factories. If she loses control of these three factories then she can not produce any units until she gets them under her control again. (This is an optional rule).

If you have only 6 players, then Italy will not be played by anyone. Do not set it to AI (ai just attacks austria non-stop), instead set it to one of the human players. At the beginning of the game, add 4 Armies to each Italian territory that has a factory (using edit mode). Then when it is italy's turn, just skip through everything pressing done until italy's turn is over. Basically her armies and fleets are immobile.
If you have only 5 players, then Italy and Germany will be immobile (and with 4 extra armies in each factory territory).
If you have only 4 players, then the first player plays as both Austria and France, the second player plays as both Germany and Turkey, the third player plays as both Italy and Russia, and the forth player plays as England with a bid of 4 pu's.
If you have only 3 players, then the first player plays as England/Germany/Austria, the second player as Russia/Italy, the third as France/Turkey.
If you have only 2 players, then this plays as a WW1 simulation, with the first player as England/France/Russia/Italy, and the second player as Austria/Germany/Turkey.

Some other basic rules for general FFA play:

  1. 1.limit yourself to 5 minute turns, negotiate on other people's turns not yours. try to play quickly.
    #2.only 1 person can win, so conduct your diplomacy accordingly. If you do get backstabbed, try to be a good sport, and do not take it personally, everyone should backstab and be backstabbed eventually. giving your capitol to a player. If your capital gets taken, and you have no chance to take it back for good, then you have have lost the game. Command your armies until they are no more, or ask to be replaced by an AI.
    #4.have fun! (place your bids in a balanced fashion...diplomacy sometimes fails! do not be a bad sport! suiciding yourself IS being a bad sport).
    #5.because there are lots of players, there is a chance someone will disconnect. meet back in the lobby and start your game up again with the latest autosave. be patient. don't leave, thats just lame!

Created By Veqryn
Thank you Pulicat for your suggestion on the territory connection dummies.
Thank you Bung for helping make white fonts and making the roads skin version (IL).

PS: do not use the AI on this map. the ai will move units to dummy territories that the humans can't get to :P