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By Veqryn

Claim 18 of the 34 VC to win.

You may not produce any units if you do not control at least 1 of your Beginning 3 factories.

A scenario built for a game with no permanent alliances.
similar rules to v3/aa50. ***a few extra rules are found below....
#1.limit yourself to 5 minute turns, negotiate on other people's turns not yours. try to play quickly.
#2.only 1 person can win, so conduct your diplomacy accordingly. If you do get backstabbed, try to be a good sport, and do not take it personally, everyone should backstab and be backstabbed eventually.
#4.have fun! (place your bids in a balanced fashion...diplomacy sometimes fails! do not be a bad sport! suiciding yourself IS being a bad sport.).
#5.because there are lots of players, there is a chance someone will disconnect. meet back in the lobby and start your game up again with the latest autosave. be patient. don't leave, thats just lame!

Battleships do NOT repair.
Purchasing units and collecting money happen every OTHER turn.
Players do not get to steal a player's PUs when they capture a capital.
No ship has Bombard.
No ship has isDestroyer (subs can't be hit if they don't want to be)
You may not produce any units if you do not control at least 1 of your Beginning 3 factories. (this is to compensate for having no capital)

Skagerrack and The Baltic Sea touch each other, there is no sea zone between them. (The to the east of Denmark is really just part of Denmark)
Kiel touches the Baltic Sea.

There are 2 canals:
The Black Sea to The Aegean Sea requires control of Constantinople
The Baltic Sea to Heligoland Bight requires control of Kiel

att / def / mov / cost - name - abilities
1/2/1/3 - Infantry - can be supported
1/1/2/3 - Cavalry - blitz
2/2/1/4 - Artillery - supports
3/3/3/8 - Early Fighter
2/1/6/13 - Zeppelin - Can Strat Bomb and play music
0/0/1/5 - Transport - Can not be taken casualty
2/2/1/6 - Destroyer
2/2/1/7 - Early Submarine - Submersible
3/3/1/9 - Cruiser
4/4/1/12 - Battlecruiser
4/4/1/16 - Battleship - Two Hit points
0/0/1/6 - AA Gun

Created By Veqryn
Thank you Pulicat for your suggestion on the territory connection dummies.
Thank you Bung for helping make the white fonts and making the roads skin version (IL).

Units: infantry cavalry artillery zeppelin early_fighter transport early_submarine destroyer cruiser battlecruiser battleship factory aaGun

Nations: Austria-Hungary Italy Germany France England Russia Turkey

Diplomacy FFA Great War