Axis and Allies Europe Optional Rules for AA guns

- by divad1126 -

New Rules for AAA

AAA roll one dice at the beginning of the combat round, if a 1 is rolled, an air unit is removed.


  • 1- Bombers will be removed first
  • 2- If a 6 is rolled reroll
  • 3- More than one AAA may be in a territory, and that AAA may be used to roll an extra dice.

On SBR's a roll of 1 will be considered a hit, however, another die is rolled to see if the BOMBER retreats or is blown away. 5 or 6 indicates the bomber returns home without bombing, or 1 2 3 or 4 bomber is destroyed immediatly(defending fighters will roll to destroy escorting fighters until all fighters are destroyed than remove bombers).