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== Domination Alpha== An Anachronistic 20th cnetury scenerio based roughly on the years 1890-1914 3 Player version - First team to achieve 500 production wins. All territories have production capacity and units can be placed in any territory that you control. Each faction has a starting bid, with placement capped at the territories production value. In an AI game, the human player should save their bid as the computer.Ships must be placed in sea zones that are adjecent to a controlled territory or island. This is a full alliance set up, but the map is designed to be edited. Some friendly factions can be left to the AI if desired. More to come later. -Triplelk (Jason Clark) and Surtur modded by ice with great help from Seig and Veqryn, also relieftiles and other grafic improvements by Seig

Nations: Portugese Chinese Dutch Japanese Italians Russians Spanish Germans Austrians Ottomans French British Americans

Units: infantry cavalry artillery zeppelin fighter transport submarine destroyer cruiser battlecruiser carrier battleship factory aaGun tank bomber