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Domination 1914 No Man's Land

Version 1.4

Fall 1914. With the death of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, Europe is plunged into war. Titantic armies never seen before muster for battle. Colonial forces of the great powers skirmish around the world. Soldiers of all sides are told they will be home for Christmas No one suspects they will battle for years over a few miles of no mans land.

Modded by Imbaked Updated by Redrum Game Design by TripleK and Surtur
Engine Support by Veqryn
Relief Tiles by Siege




The ruleset of the "AA-50 rules" (ww2v3) of a well known board game is used as a basis. Deviations, extensions and exceptions from these are all listed in these Game Notes.

Submarine Rules - Submarines may retreat before the battle unless a destroyer is present. Air cannot hit subs unless destroyer is present. Subs do not block.

Transport Rules - Transports do not participate in battles and die if attacked and undefended. Cannot be taken as casualties. Transports do not block.

Bombard Rules - Bombard is restrictd by the number of units landing. Bombard casualties DO return fire

Trench Rules - 3 trenches per territory per turn can be placed. There is no limit to how many you can buy. There is no overall limit of trenches in a territory.

Gas Rules - Suicides after one round of attack, does not fire and cannot be taken as casualties on defense.

Trenches cannot be taken as casualties from hits caused by Gas.

Casualties from Gas do not return fire.

Communists are set to neutral towards Germany, Austria and Turkey while still being on the same side. This means they cannot co-occupy a territory and do not liberate territory for the other.

Centrals Entente
Germany France
Austria Serbia
Turkey Italy
Communists Arabia




Size=transport cost

Land Units
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities
Infantry 1 2 1 3 2 Supportable
Cavalry 1 1 2 4 3 Supportable, can blitz
Field_gun 2 2 1 4 3 Supports
Heavy_gun 2 4 1 5 4 Supports
Bedouin 1 2 2 2 3 Arabia Only
Gas 4 0 3 4 3 First Strike, Suicide
Trench 0 0 - 3 N/A 2 hit
AAGun 0 1 1 5 3 1d6 vs each attacking plane
Factory 0 0 0 20 N/A Allows units to be placed, can be strategically bombed
Conscript 0 1 1 2 2 Russia and Communists only, supportable
Colonial 2 2 1 3 2 Nova Scotia, Ottawa-Montreal, Sydney-Canberra, Algiers, and Tobruk only, supportable
Stormtruppen 2 2 1 3 2 Berlin only, supportable
Tank 4 1 2 6 3 Supports, Blitz, attainable through tech
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities

Air Units
Unit name att def move cost special abilities
Fighter 2 3 3 9 supports
Zeppelin 1 2 5 16 Strategic Bomber, Supports
Late Fighter 3 4 4 10 supports, attainable through tech
Unit name att def move cost special abilities

Naval Units
Unit name att def move cost special abilities
Transport 0 0 2 7 5 Transport capacity, cannot defend and cannot be taken as casualty.
Submarine 2 1 2 7 Can submerge, first strike
Destroyer 2 2 2 9 anti-submarine
Cruiser 3 3 2 10
Carrier 2 3 2 12 attainable through tech
Battlecruiser 4 4 2 16 Can Bombard
Battleship 4 4 2 22 Can Bombard, 2 hit
Unit name att def move cost special abilities




To enable Technology, select "Tech Development" in "Game Options" prior to the beginning of the game.

Technology List
Category Name Description
Economy Science 1 free tech token per turn
Economy Victory Bonds 2D6 extra pus per turn
Economy Working Women Reduces Gas, Field, and Heavy Artillery by 0.5; Fighter by 2
Innovation Armour Unlocks Tank unit
Innovation Industry Place 2 more units in territories worth 2 or more
Innovation Late Fighter Unlocks Late Figher unit
Land Offense Creeping Barage Field Artillery attacks at 3
Land Offense Mobile Warfare Cavalry moves at 3
Land Offense Mustard Gas Gas Attacks at 5
Land Defense Bunkers Trenches defend at 1
Land Defense Propaganda 3 free Infantry (Stormtruppen) per turn on your capital
Land Defense Railway Guns Heavy Artillery defends at 5
Screens and Subs Convoys Destroyers Defend at 3, Cruisers Defend at 4
Screens and Subs Merchant Marine Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battlecruisers move at 3
Screens and Subs Sub Warfare Submarines attack at 3 & defend at 2
Capital Ships Aircraft Carrier Unlocks Carrier unit
Capital Ships Dockyards Reduce BB's and BC's by 2 pus, Reduce rest by 1 pus
Capital Ships Fleet Action Battlecruisers and Battleships attack at 5




Thanks to the following contributors

  1. TripleK and Surtur for making origional Domination, from which the map is borrowed from
    # Veqryn for engine support and providing examples of xml code in POS2
    # Siege for relief tiles
    # Cernel for flags and unit support
    # RolfLarsson for maintaining the map depot and debugging
    # Lalapalooza, Bdenn, Guage, Dany for playtesting

Imbaked 2014

Nations: Germany France Serbia Austria Italy Arabia Turkey Britain Russia Communists USA

Units: aaGun battlecruiser battleship Bedouin cavalry colonial conscript cruiser destroyer Factory field_gun fighter gas heavy_gun infantry late_fighter stormtruppen submarine tank transport trench zeppelin carrier

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