Red Priest (TracerBullet)

I did this with the gamer group I hung with many years ago and it was a blast. It was easy to organize as almost every gamer has a copy of this.

Set up two boards either in seperate rooms or on a large table with a divider. Have one or two (or several people if they are just watching) be referees.

We used the fighters to scout the territories and I think we had some sort of a die roll system to determine what was seen, it was 03:00 and a long time ago so the details are fuzzy.

We made the fighters suceptable to AA fire (and in hindsight we should have created "recon aircraft" at a much lower build cost.

Anyway, needless to say it dramaticly changed the way the game was played, and greatly increased infighting with team players over what to do and where to attack.

Sorry about being vauge on how we played it but it was really a spur of the moment idea to which everyone present replied, oh sweet!