Download         July1944, two weeks after Allies' landing in Normandy...on the Eastern front, Red army gradually pushed the Wehrmacht to the pre-war border
and is preparing for a massive assault into German heart land; the Reich is on the verge of collapse...Is Germany's fate sealed, or would
the fortune favor the desperate again?

Victory condition:
Axis: (1)survive beyond 12 round; Berlin must not fall;
(2)secure at least 6 of the following strategic area: Eastprussia,Paris,Cologne,Hanovre,Rhine,Hesse,Rome,Budapest,Vienna, Hungary and
(3)a minimal of 5 nations must remain Axis control(by flags);
(4)minimal TUV of at least 500/or 50% of total allied TUV.
Allies: Complete destruction of all Axis powers.
Capitols/in turn order ===
Germany - Berlin---------------Russia -Moscow;-------USA-Ulster(headquarter)--------U.K. - London--------MinorAxis - Budapest ;

=== NEW Unit definitions (Units have been revised to bring better balance most importantly, national advantage!!! ) ===
jetfighter: 4,5, 12 (advanced fighter, but with limited range, can not land on carrier, Germany)
M41Mustang: 4/4/14 (American heavy, long range fighter, equipped sub detector)
Il2 4/3/10 (Russian tank destroyer fighter)
Lancaster heavy bomber: 5, 2, 18 (long range heavy bomber, special: SBR, UK only)
tactical bomber 5/1/16 (can not do strategic bombing raid)
B25 medium bomber:3x2/3/24 (heavy duty bomber, excellent defense and range 8)
B29 Superinfantry: 4x2,2, 32 (heavy bomber with devastating range 10, U.S.A. only)
carrier 1/2/20(3 fighters)
silentHunter class submarine: 3, 3, 10 (special: move on 3)
escortcarrier: 0, 1, 14 (special: 2 fighters capacity, can not carrier heavy bomber, UK only)
Fleet carrier: 2, 3, 28 (special: 5 fighters/3 fighter,1 bomber/B29 may land on a carrier, American only)
Graf-Zepline 4/4/24 (Heavily armed carrier, can transport, bombard, only 2 fighters may land)
Bismarck class battleship: 5, 5, 28 (German heavy warship, can transport, bombardment)
King_George_class_battleship 4/5/28 (Royal navy flag ship, transport, anti-sub)
naval mine: 0, 1, 2.5 (special: anit naval)
--------(armoured force)
Katyusha mobile rocket launcher: 2, 1, 4 (cheap Russian mobile artillery)
lightarmour: 2, 2, 4 (bliz,available all countries except China)
T34 medium tank 3/3/4.75 (with economy of scale, Russican factory can produce 4 units for 19 ipc)
halftrack: 1, 2, 4 (highly mobile armour, bliz, 3 move, Germany)
Panther: 3/3/9 (advanced heavy tank, bliz, 2 hits)
Tiger: 4, 4, 12 (famous German heavy tank, bliz, 2 hits, artillery support, high transport cost)
Tiger2:5, 5, 14 (the ultimate Germany heavy tank)
Iosif Stalin tank 4/4/11 (Russian heavy tank, with superior armour and firepower, 2 hits, low speed)
-------(infantry and others)
gulag-conscript: 1,2,2.25(9 ipc for every 4 units)(lesser equipped and trained, but Cheaper Russian conscript);;
Volkssturm:0/1/1/1.5 (German militia)
PantherGrenedier:2/2/2/4(highly mobile shock infantry)
Waffen_SS_Elite:3/4/1/6 (Axis elite infantry)
sniper: 2, 4, 6 (Russia tatical unit);
commando: 3, 3, 6 (elite raiding units, o transport cost, UK)
Bunker: 0, 0, 3 (defence structure, Germany only)
mobilefactory: (Russian mobile industrial, can relocate to a friendly controlled area, may allow other allies to build)

made by Lebowski (base map frame--LASSH'Empires')      Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser halftrack s_destroyer Mobilefactory Bunker fighterjet Tiger2 navalmine  B29_Superfortress fleetcarrier escortcarrier marine SilentHunter mini_submarine  heavybomber T34MediumTank Bismarck commando sniper Katyusha lightarmour Tiger chinesepartisan lightcruiser King_George_class_battleship B25 tactical_bomber kamikazeZero Panther IS3 Ilyushin-Il-2 Graf_zeppelin GulagConscript P51mustang StuG Uss_Iowa Waffen_SS_Elite Volkssturm PantherGrenedier

Nations: UnitedKingdom Russia Americans Germany Minor_Axis_powers