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Axis & Allies - Tachyon House Rules (Tachyon; The Mystical Others)

Weapon Development[]

We found the original rules unrealistic and unbalancing, these are not perfect but they more closely reflect the impact and development of advanced weapons during the war. Feel free to add or subtract any development you want, as long as everyone agrees and knows in advance.

Players are not allowed to Develop Technology until turn 6. Cost for Tech rolls vary according to the desired technology and only one type of tech breakthrough may be attempted per turn by each player, however, more than one attempt for the same type of technology may be purchased. The player must state which technology is desired, purchase the number of die to roll and if the player rolls a ""6"" on any of the dice, a technological breakthrough has occurred. Possible technological developments include:

  • Jet Power: Each fighter plane built after this development defends at 5. Jets can only be built at the nations original Industrial Complexes. All of the players fighters do not automatically become jets, however, every fighter built at the players original Industrial Complexes after the breakthrough is a jet. Cost: 7 IPC's.
  • Rockets: Same as original rules. Cost: 6 IPC's
  • Super Submarines: Same as original rules. Cost 8 IPC's
  • Long Range Aircraft: Same as original rules. Cost: 8 IPC's
  • Industrial Technology: Same as original rules. Cost 6 IPC's
  • Heavy Bombers: Nukes! Bombers built after this development roll 3 dice per bomber instead of 1. All of the player's bombers do not automatically become nuclear. However, every bomber built at the player's original Industrial Complexes after the breakthrough is a Heavy Bomber. Cost: 12 IPC's
  • Super Carriers: Carriers built after this breakthrough can carry up to 3 fighters or a bomber. Cost 8 IPC's

For every nation that acquires new technology, the cost of that breakthrough is reduced by ""1"" for other nation's future attempts to also acquire the improvement. In other words, if both Germany and Britain have Jets, the cost for the US, per die, to also have Jet Power is 5 IPC's. No Technological breakthrough can cost less than 3 IPC's per die.

These rules were developed to be used with the World War II Expansions by Gamer's Paradise, if you do not have these products (which are great by the way), just ignore any the fighter bombers third role and any references to escort fighters.

Fighter Bombers

PURPOSE- To represent the important role made by the Fighter Bombers. To explore the strategic and tactical operations of Fighter Bombers by the Axis and Allies.

MOVEMENT- Fighter Bombers have a normal combat movement of 4. However, during Strategic Bombing Raids, and only such raids, the fighter bombers may move 6, whether flying escort or bombing. All other aircraft movement rules apply.

COMBAT- FB's basically preform combat in 3 modes.

Normal Fighter Combat- This is the preforming of fighter combat missions normally associated with fighters. Move: 4 Attack: 3 Defense: 2

Strategic Bombing Raid- Fighter Bombers may preform a strategicbombing raid at 1/2 the normal bomber affects. Conduct the raid, add up the die roll effect and halve the damage; round up. The Fighter Bomber has a move of 6 and defends at 1. After any round of battle during a raid, FB's may drop their ordinance and continue the raid as an escort to bombers...

Escorting Bombers- FB's may escort bombers during a strategic bombing raid. They may begin the raid as escorts or drop ordinance after any round of firing, and become escorts. Bombing FB's may not become escorts during a round of firing or after they have been hit as a casualty. All the rules used for escorting fighters apply. FB's as escorts have an attack capability of 3.

Fighter Bombers cannot begin mission as an escort and then be used to bomb. The FB must be designated as either a bomber, escort or some other fighter combat.

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION- Fighter Bombers cost 13 I.P.C.'s and may be purchased by any nation.