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The dangerous dragons of war have been extinct since the first age. The forces of evil have been dormant for centuries. The free peoples, Elves, Dwarves and the humans of Lionia, have been living in peace and security for generations. Or so they thought. In the places where evil dwells, a lust for blood, land and power has grown. Also, rumors of warmongering among the primitive races and sightings of young dragons create concern. It is now clear that wicked king of Crowton, the blood lusting chief of the Greenskins and the unholy lord of the Undead have formed an evil alliance. They want to subdue, divide and enslave the entire world. Only a combined resistance by the good and free peoples can fight off this evil. But, this time the good will not let the forces of darkness have monopoly on the mighty war beasts ... the dragons.    Win Conditions:  Economic Victory is achieved by an alliance producing 250 PUs at the end of a round. Total Victory is achieved by controlling 5 of the 6 capital cities at the end of a round.   General Information:  This is a 3 vs. 3 nation map.  The map is compatible with the Hard AI.  Combat Moves and Non Combat Moves are done before Purchases and Placements.  Land, sea and air battles can only last up to 5 battle rounds.  Nations may build constructions (settlements, fortifications, siege weapons etc.) in newly conquered territories.  Rivers are impassable on this map. Not even air units can cross rivers.   Game Options:  20% AI Bonus Income is recommended for 1 Human and 2 AI vs. 3 AI. (Default Setting)  40% AI Bonus Income is recommended for 2 Human and 1 AI vs. 3 AI.  60% AI Bonus Income is recommended for 3 Human vs. 3 AI.  Music can be turned off by disabling Game - Sound Options - Start of Your Turn Control.   Resources:  There are 4 resource types: PUs, Food, Wood and Metal. They are all used to buy units.  PUs, Food, Wood and Metal are obtained by controlling territories, buildings and livestock.  Food can also be obtained by fishing in sea zones marked as fishing zones. Any ship can fish by starting out its turn in a fishing zone, but only one ship can fish in one zone. Ships that move out of fishing zones still collect food in that same round.  Nations start out with 15 PU incomes, but they also have Capital-City expenses of 15 PUs.  Nations can only buy new units after expanding their land and raising their PU income.  Expect 2-3 rounds to pass before being able to afford and buy new units.  Bought units can be placed in Villages (3 units), Towns (4 units) and Cities (5 units). Units do not need to be placed in the same round as they are bought.  Each capital has a naval blockade zone. If enemies blockade this zone, the capital may lose up to 5 PU income.   Units:  There are several unit categories:  - Infantry (can all receive support.)  - Cavalry (all give 1 infantry unit att. support.)  - Artillery (all give 3 infantry units att. and/or def. support.)  - Air (most can carry characters around the map.)  - Characters (give all above units att. or def. support. They can only be placed in capital cities and nations may only own 1 of each)  - Forts/Castles (give all above units def. support. They can be build anywhere.)  - Towers/Rams (only work against Forts/Castles and attackers can only make use of 1 of each. They can be build anywhere.)  - Sea (can transport land units and do battle at sea.)  Nations have the same land unit types.  Nations receive free land auxiliary units in their capitals every round.  Nations will receive a free General, a free Wizards and a free Priestesses as the game progresses.  Nations have different air and sea unit types.  All air units have a maximum build allowed. All, except the Greenskins, have the ability to transport characters by air. Only the Dwarves have the ability to transport Marines by air.  Young dragons will appear on the map. They are hostile to the six nations as they belong to the primitive nations. However, young dragons can be captured in combat by defeating them. When young dragons are captured, they grown up to become regular dragons with multiple hit points. All types of dragons will weaken enemy units by inducing terror.  A damaged dragon will heal 1 hit point per round. However, by flying it to an allied Village, Town or City, the dragon will heal an additional 1, 2 or 3 hit points.  Air units, including dragons, can fly around freely. They do not need to land in friendly territories by the end of a turn. They can even end up in and survive in sea territories. However, no air units are able to capture enemy territories on their own. They can only do this by carrying characters with them, or Marines in case of the dwarves.   National Advantages:  Crowton is an old and seafaring nation. A Small-Ship with a Marine is build at "Glassville" and added to the Crowton fleet every third round, but only as long as Crowton dominates the village.  Elves can hold and protect the "Oorsik Forest". The native Wood Elves living there will in return give an endless supply of elven bowmen.  Greenskins have a free and endless supply of warg rider rangers as long as they hold the "Warg Caves".  Lionia and its people are adamant on destroying the undead threat to the world. Volunteer "Crusaders" will rally at the teleporting gate in the "Jade Mountains" as long as Lionia secures this mountain area.  Undead is in control of a deadly Zombie-Plague. The plague is airborne and creates undead zombies every turn. However, when the plague faces an enemy army, the enemies will try to eradicate it.  Dwarves can hold and protect the "Halfling Meadows" and "Gnome Lowlands". Halflings and Gnomes will in return give an endless supply of military auxiliary units.   Credits:  Map artwork credits goes to Gamera. He has allowed me to bring his drawing of a fantasy world to life in TripleA. Visit the his interesting art website at  Shield dice images are made by TripleA community member Cernel.  Unit images are from various fantasy sources on the WWW.  Many sounds are from the Warcraft PC games.  Music is from the old Conan movies.  Map idea and design by Frostion  

Nations: Crowton Greenskins Undead Lionia Dwarves Elves Pirates Barbarians Murlocs Kobolds Gnolls Ogres

Units: Auxiliaries Marines Crossbowmen Bowmen Spearmen Lgt-Infantry Hvy-Infantry Lgt-Cavalry Hvy-Cavalry Rangers Knights Monster Ballista Catapult Trebuchet Cannon Mortar General Wizard Priestess Air-Balloon Air-Ship Crow-Swarm Giant-Bat Giant-Eagle Transport-Ship Small-Ship Large-Ship Monoreme Bireme Trireme Battering-Ram Siege-Towers Fort Castle Village Town City Capital-City Pirate Murloc Kobold Gnoll Barbarian Ogre Pirate-Boat Pirate-Ship Pirate-Hideout Murloc-Village Kobold-Village Gnoll-Village Barbarian-Village Ogre-Village Green-Dragon Brown-Dragon Water-Dragon White-Dragon Blue-Dragon Red-Dragon Young-Green-Dragon Young-Brown-Dragon Young-Water-Dragon Young-White-Dragon Young-Blue-Dragon Young-Red-Dragon Halflings Gnomes Wood-Elves Crusaders Zombies Zombie-Plague Fish Whales Sheep Cattle Windmill Sawmill Mine

Dragon War