Axis and Allies - The Original Game New 1942 Setup

- by Drax -

Drax has created a new 1942 setup for the original MB game. This is the latest version (1.29). The previous versions can be found here. All version first appeared in


After several games played and some additional data included I decided to share the latest (I hope also the final) version of New Initial Deployment. This deployment would seem as proAllied, but it's intent is to reflect greater historical accuracy and balance the sides in this game.

New Initial Setup

Soviet Union:

  • Russia - 5 INF, 2 ARM, FTR, ICX, AAG
  • Karelia - 4 INF, FTR, SUB, (ICX, AAG) *
  • Caucasus - 6 INF, ARM
  • Soviet Far East - 2 INF, SUB
  • China - 2 INF (representing Mao's communists)
  • It is up to game group to either remove Soviet ICX and AAG from Karelian territory or to play with house rule that limits the number of built units according to IPC value of the territory.


  • Germany - 5 INF, 3 ARM, BOM, SUB, ICX, AAG
  • Southern Europe - 4 INF, BOM, BBS, SUB, TRN, ICX, AAG
  • Western Europe - 3 INF, FTR, SUB, AAG
  • Eastern Europe - 5 INF, ARM, FTR
  • Ukraine - 6 INF, 3 ARM, FTR
  • Finland-Norway - 3 INF, ARM, FTR
  • Libya - INF, ARM, FTR
  • North Atlantic sea zone - SUB
  • French West Africa sea zone - SUB


  • United Kingdom - 4 INF, ARM, FTR, BOM, BBS, 2 TRN, ICX, AAG
  • Eastern Canada - INF
  • Anglo-Egypt Sudan - INF, ARM, FTR, SUB
  • Gibraltar - BBS
  • Persia - ARM
  • India - INF, TRN
  • Australia - 2 INF
  • Kenya-Rhodesia - INF


  • Japan - INF, ARM, FTR, BBS, TRN, ICX, AAG
  • Manchuria - 2 INF
  • Kwangtung - 4 INF, FTR
  • French Indochina-Burma - INF
  • East Indies - INF
  • Carolines - INF, BOM, BBS, CAR+FTR, TRN
  • Solomons - SUB

United States:

  • East US - 3 INF, 3 ARM, FTR, BOM, BBS, 2 TRN, ICX, AAG
  • West US - INF, FTR, BBS, TRN, ICX, AAG
  • Hawaii - INF, CAR+FTR, SUB
  • China - 3 INF
  • Sinkiang - INF
  • Brazil - INF
  • Mexico - INF


The presence of unlimited source of new units in Karelia territory is one of the most unbalancing things in original A&A. With limited production or even without it all together, Soviet player has to fight Germans from its base in Russia not from Murmans-Leningrad area. Also, without ICX to capture Germans may try southern approach without fear from huge bulk of Soviet infantry.

French West Africa (with famous port of Dacar) was under Vichy rule prior to UK/US landing in North Africa. Therefore, if Algeria territory is under German control, FWA territory should be placed under German control too. Madagascar was also under Vichy rule in Spring of 1942. The scenario from WiF puts Madagascar under Vichy control and I propose that German marker should be placed on Madagascar territory to acknowledge this fact. As a consequence, Germany starts the game with 34 and UK with only 28 IPCs.