For a quick randomized setup, use a deck of cards, placing 1 tank (or a submarine) in each space. You can have neutral players as well, especially if there are less than 4 live players. Any live player that starts without a capital, switches the last space they received with a randomly-chosen capital from a neutral or a player with more than 1 capital.

Card Space
AC Addis Ababa
2C Anadyr
3C Antanarivo
4C Any Open Sea Area
5C Archangel
6C Batavia
7C Belem
8C Berlin
9C Bombay
10C Cairo
JC Canary Islands Power Source
QC Capetown
KC Chicago
AC Darwin
2D Edmonton
3D Fairbanks
4D Gibraltar
5D Godthab
6D Hong Kong
7D Indian Ocean Power Source
8D Kharbaravosk
9D Kisangami
10D Lagos
JD Lhasa
QD Lima
KD London
AH Lusaka
2H Mexico City
3H Montreal
4H Moscow
5H New York
6H Novaya Zemlya Power Source
7H Omsk
8H Palmer
9H Panama City
10H Peking
JH Perth
QH Queen Mary
KH Queen Maud
AS Resolute
2S San Francisco
3S Santiago
4S Sao Paulo
5S Singapore
6S South Atlantic Power Source
7S Stockholm
8S Sydney
9S Tehran
10S Thule
JS Tokyo
QS Vancouver
KS Yakutsk