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Elemental Forces version 1.0.0 by Zim Xero must be unzipped to run properly. Fully compatible with AI and player versus player. Music by Torley Wong, edited by Zim Xero.

WINNING: The first faction to reach 100 units on 'Stats' TAB wins. 2 ROUND COMBAT LIMIT: Surviving units remain in combat territory. Contested territories remain under defender control. When attacking units exist in an undefended enemy territory, the territory will be captured at the end of their combat round. RETREAT: Attacking units may retreat at the end of the first round. Defensive units may not retreat. TWO-HIT UNITS: Ability symbols of two-hit units turn gray in color when one hit remains. Healing units repair at the beginning of its owners round when in a territory with any non-healing, non-esper unit. FLYER DEFENSIVE AA: On defense, and when flown over... each Flyer unit receives a 5 in 10 chance to destroy one attacking flyer before battle. The attacking flyers are destroyed and cannot attack. ESPERS: Espers do not receive bonuses from Leaders, do not heal Healers, or give penalties to Stealth units. * Control 1 to 3 matching element territories to achieve level I esper production. * Control 4 to 6 matching element territories to achieve level II esper production. * Control 7 to 9 matching element territories to achieve level III esper production. * Control 10 matching element territories to achieve level IV esper production.

Nations: AI_Blue AI_Brown AI_Green AI_Orange AI_Pink AI_Purple AI_Red AI_Yellow AI__computer

Units: Factory Stalker Stormwing Cottero Crimius Farwing Feyndorf Sylph Aperion Giro Grypton Midian Wisp Shyde Abyssal Ancelot Bomber Dragoran Hollow Scellion Sprite Beastmaster Champion Deathhand Decapitator Dervish Freeblade Frostglaive Gladiator Highguard Legionaire Mercenary Mudafi Ronin Runeslayer Shuja Siegtroop Sovereign Subjugator Warlord Wildheart Archer ArrowWind Ballistier Banebow Dayhunter Farshot FrostGelus Kinguard Marksman Nomad Pioneer Prowler QatifAlnar Quickbow Ranger Recon Shardshot Vagabond Warden Xbowman Arendian Bandit Cavalry Dragoon Emissary GrandKnight Hippalite Jawal Khampsa Lupex Outrider Pistolier RatRacer Roadster Seeker Skirmisher Toadmount Vanguard Viajante Yakebec Acolyte Adept Archmage Avatar Darkmage Druid Enchantress Geomancer Lich Magus Mesmer Necro Priest Purist Pyromancer Ritualist Seer Shaman Sorcerer Stormlord Summoner Tempest Witch Wizard Barbar Camalion Carapace Caveling Druge Emotrex Grimbus Hypergusa Kobolt Oraq Petraa Sentinel Shessan Spider Suthon Troc Tusken Wanderer Warg Yetta AirConjura AirDweomer AirIncarnum AirSummons EarthConjura EarthDweomer EarthIncarnum EarthSummons FireConjura FireDweomer FireIncarnum FireSummons WaterConjura WaterDweomer WaterIncarnum WaterSummons

Elemental Forces