This is a set of rules that 'extends' the game of Axis and Allies. This page features some setup cards for use with this variant. Files to play this variant on the A&A CD-ROM can be downloaded on the seperate EAA CD-ROM page. If you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail me!


The most important addition is the introduction of nation-specific 'advantages' which supplies all five nations with some benifits, ranging from better weapons (super subs) to a neutral country joining a major power. Other new elements are the introduction of a new naval unit (escorts), a new rule for Battleships and the introduction of paratroopers.

the rules for Extended A&A (version 1.1)

Nation-Specific Advantages

All nations receive some additional units. Four categories can be distinct. Some may be placed in area of the players choice (1) sometimes with some restrictions, while others must be placed in a pre-determined area (2). Some countries also get WeaponDevelopments or stronger units (3). Finally some nations get to pay a discount price for certain units (4).

Examples of the 4 types:

Germany receives an additional battleship. It must be placed in Germany or Southern Europe. Japan receives two additional infantry units in each of its areas in mainland Asia. The United Kingdom starts the game with Jet Power technology. Japan pays 20% less for all naval units. All additional setup should occur BEFORE the actual game starts! For the type (1) additional units the sequence of setting these units up can be very important! There are two possibilities for these units:

Normal Game Sequence:

Follow the normal turn sequence: USSR - Germany - UK- Japan - USA. So the USSR choses were to place these additional units first, then Germany deceides where to place them, ... Secret Setup: All nations secretly write down where to they want to place their additional units. I think the second option is the most fun (thanks to Joe for the idea!!).

Secret Setup

Use the below cards to write down where you place your additional units, and if you buy additional units and where you buy them. For the US the First Strike option is included, while for Germany the Ally for Germany is there. Simple forms which ask you all the questions.

Allies: Pre-game Setup Card (secret) Axis: Pre-game Setup Card (secret)


Use the following sheets (print them out!):

Allies: Summary of Country-specific Advantages Axis: Summary of Country-specific Advantages An overview for each power of all the advantages: the additional units, the Weapon Developments or stronger units, and the cheaper units.