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Sgt. Apones Alternate Rules v1.2


This set of rules expands upon and clarifies the AAP&AAE rules I posted earlier. In addition to air bases and naval bases I have included a modified version of Rob's VP victory conditions which I feel is better suited to the other house rules in this scenario. You will also find two new units: Paratroopers and Commandos. Paratroopers are better on the attack than on defense and have increased mobility, but they cost more. The mechanics of the paratrooper rules and their increased cost reflect the purhcase and deployment of the paratroopers' transport planes without introducing any additional air units. Commandos are like Kamikazes for land battles.


Air Bases

Add airbases to the following territories:

  • Crete/Eastern Mediterranean
  • Cyprus/Aegean Sea
  • France/Bay of Biscay
  • Iceland
  • Malta
  • Sicily

Naval Bases

Add naval bases to the following territories:

  • Archangel
  • France/Bay of Biscay
  • Germany/Baltic Sea
  • Gibraltar
  • Iceland
  • Norway/Norwegian Sea
  • United States


Add an industrial complex to Egypt (see special rule).

Changed Rules

Sub Stallling

Sub stalling is not allowed.

Combat Air Patrol

Combat Air Patrol rules are in effect. (AAP CAP rules are used).


The UK player controls the industrial complex in Egypt. At the beginning of the game and at the end of each turn when the UK player collects income he may set aside any number of IPCs up to the total IPC value of all Middle East territories under Allied control. The UK player may produce units at the Egypt industrial complex using IPCs set aside in this manner. No other IPCs may be used. Only UK units may be produced. The UK player may save the IPCs and spend them on a later turn, however, once IPCs have been set aside to be spent in Egypt they may not be reallocated. If Germany captures the Egypt industrial complex the UK player forfeits all IPCs set aside for Egypt to the German player in addition to the normal Middle East IPCs collected from the Allies by the German player. Germany may use the Egypt industrial complex according to the normal rules for captured industrial complexes. i.e. Germany may produce one unit per turn in Egypt on any turn in which the Egypt industrial complex began the turn under Germany's control.

Victory conditions

Germany gains one victory point (VP) for every 10 IPCs collected above 20 and one VP for each enemy industrial complex under Germany's control. Victory points are earned at the end of Germany's turn and are accumulated each turn. Germany loses one victory point for every 10 IPCs lost due to a strategic bombing raid. The German player immediately wins at the end of any turn in which Germany has accumulated 22 or more VPs. The Allies win if they capture the German capitol and hold it until the end of the German player's next turn, or immediately if Germany fails to earn any VPs at the end of the German player's turn.

IPCs VPs 0 to 19 0 20 to 29 1 30 to 39 2 40 to 49 3 50 to 59 4 60 to 69 5 ... …


Germany has 15 VPS. Germany controls no enemy industrial complexes at the beginning of the turn but captures Egypt this turn and collects 23 IPCs at the end of the German player's turn. Germany earns one VP for collecting 23 IPCs and one VP for controlling the Egypt industrial complex increasing the total VPs earned to 17. If at the end of the next German turn Germany still controls Egypt but only collects 19 IPCs the German player would earn 0 VPs for income collected plus one VP for controlling Egypt and the game would continue with Germany's new VP total at 18.


Germany has 15 VPs. During the UK player's turn strategic bombing raids are conducted against Germany and Egypt, which is under Germany's control. 3 bombers participate in the raid against Germany scoring 16 IPCs of damage. 1 bomber participates in the raid against Egypt scoring 5 IPCs of damage. Germany loses one VP for the raid on Germany and one VP for the raid on Egypt and must surrender 21 IPCs to the bank. If the USA player were to also conduct a bombing raid against Germany during the same game turn scoring another 9 IPCs of damage the German player would lose one additional VP and 9 more IPCs.



Any player may purchase paratrooper units for a cost of 7 IPCs. Paratroopers attack on a 2 and defend on a 1. If paratroopers begin the turn at a friendly industrial complex or air base they may move up to 2 spaces as an air unit, otherwise they move as infantry. If paratroopers use their special air movement to enter combat they do not roll during the first round of combat, although they may be taken as casualties that round. They attack normally during the successive rounds of combat.


Any player may purchase commando units for a cost of 10 IPCs. Commandos are special combat units and are not placed on the board like normal units. Instead, the player purchasing the commando unit receives a marker. This marker must be used during the turn of purchase and may be placed at the beginning of the combat phase in any land territory containing normal attacking units to indicate that the player is conducting a commando raid in that territory in addition to normal combat. During the first round of combat the attacking player selects a defending unit of the attacker's choice for each commando marker placed in the territory. Any unit which can normally be present in a land territory, including air units and AA guns, is a valid target. Multiple attacks may be assigned to a single defending unit. Next, one die is rolled for each commando marker. On a result of 2 or less the selected unit must be taken as a casualty by the defender, although it gets to return fire as normal. The commando marker is then removed from the game whether it hits or misses. Unused commando markers are removed from the game at the end of the purchasing player's turn.

Previous Versions

Sgt. Apone posted earlier versions of his rules. Version 1.0 (April 8 2001) and version 1.1 (July 1 2001) mainly deal about naval and air bases.


WARNING! Some of these rules require additional playtesting and may need to be tweaked for game balance.

These rules first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Europe Forum.