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This current mod reflects the original Europe edition. Except with v3 type rules.

Exceptions to v3 type rules:

  • Originally owned factories can produce infinite numbers of units.
  • Factories are not damaged, instead Strategic Bombing follows v2 type rules, in that the money is taken directly away from the player.

Special Cash Advance: Before the game starts each side is given a 12 PU bid. So Germany gets a 12 pu bid, and the Allies get a 12 pu bid which they can give to one allied country or divide among allied countries. This bid money can only be used to purchase and place units where you already have units. (The Allied 12 pu starts out as Russian, however you can change it and divide it however you choose.)

ATTENTION: Escorting and Intercepting Strategic Bombing Raids is Not Yet Supported! Soviet Patriotic War converting of Allied units is Not Yet Supported! Middle East capturing of PUs directly from Allies (instead of from bank) is Not Yet Supported!

Most starting Destroyers have been converted to Cruisers (because of new v3 unit structure), and a couple destroyers added to UK side because Transports can not be taken as casualties changes the opening moves a TON. I've calced it, that even with the extra destroyers, Germans have a slightly higher chance of success in all their battles under v3 than under original rules (so don't feel bad germany). There are a few elements still to be added however, for example, the middle east territories are counted as regular UK territories as their special rules are also not yet currently implemented. Strategic bombing for now behaves exactly as regular Axis and Allies strategic bombing. Also there is no extra Russia bonus of commandeering allied units and converting them to Russian owned at this time. All units created by a nation will stay under ownership by that nation throughout the entire game.

Credits: V3 Variant Mod by Veqryn Triple_Elk (base-line), iron__cross (integration), Adam (convoy center code), and the rest of the team... Converted to TripleA 1.2.x.x, and additional rules properties and fixes by Veqryn

Nations: Germans Russians British Americans
Units: infantry armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser

Europe V3