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Axis and Allies Europe Factories & Production

- by ElectricBill -


I know that we all have tried various techniques to balance the game; although some are of the opinion that nothing needs to be changed. the more I play with an equal opponent, the more I feel that the odds are stacked against Germany. Here's a simple solution...

Factories & Production

Allow unlimited production from the capitals of the warring countries (USA, Britain, Germany and Moscow) and production up to equal the IPC-value of the other areas that have industrial pieces.


Sstalingrad has an IPC-value of 1: you could only build 1 Russian unit per turn at Stalingrad


This will help the German player attacking Russia and I've found that it hardly changes the output of units built in Canada or Italy. The Russian player has a harder time getting reserves to the front; and gives the Germans a better chance to succeed.

These rules first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Europe Forum: "game balancing option- factory production".