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Axis and Allies Europe Fall 1940 Setup

- by Hostile Spice -

Introduction (by thrasher)

This 'scenario' was created by Hostile Spice. It is not a complete scenario. It only features the Fall 1940 setup for Germany and the United Kingdom. Setup and rules for the United States and the USSR are not included. So it is not clear when Germany may attack Russia or the US. Or vica versa.

Initial Setup


Berlin: 2rtl, 1ftr, 1bmr Finland: 3inf Norway: 3inf, 1ftr Denmark: 1inf France: 6inf, 2arm, 7rtl, 1ftr, 1bmr Eastern France: 6inf, 2arm Vichy France: 2arm Poland: 5inf Czechoslavakia: 2inf North Italy: 10inf, 1ftr Libya: 3inf Morocco: 1inf Bay of Biscay: 3sub Norwegian Sea: 2sub Danish Sea: 1bshp, 1trns, 1 sub Central Meditterranean Sea: 3dstr, 1bshp, 2trns, 1sub

United Kingdom

London: 9inf, 1arm, 2ftr, 1bmr Gibraltar: 1inf Malta: 1inf, 1ftr, 1dstr Cyprus: 1inf Syria: 1inf Alexandria: 1inf, 1arm, 1rtl, 1ftr North Sea: 2dstr, 1bshp, 1trns Celtic Sea: 1dstr, 1trns Gibraltar Sea: 1dstr, 1trns Sicily Sea Zone: 1dstr Eastern Meditterranean Sea: 1dstr, 1bshp, 1trns

The Scale

This is the scale I used for AAEurope

1 infantry = 3 infantry divisions 1 armor = 3 armor or mechanised infantry divisions 1 fighter or 1 bomber = 500 planes 1 submarine = 10 submarines 1 artillery designates an infantry army I couldn't make heads or tails of the boats in AAEurope and I am also unsure about the planes and subs. The planes might be equal to 1000 planes. For both games (A&A Europe and A&A Pacific) this scale is only approximate. The games are set up vaquely resembling the orders of battle and I had to guess by totalling up the pieces and matching them up to a similar number of units.

Hostile Spice: