An Axis & Allies game from the Guild of Blades

The year is 1992 and American troops are on the ground in Somalia in support of the UN resolution to led aid and to help feed the starving people in that country. The Warlord Adid wants the U.N. & U.S. troops out and this is the incident that became known as "Blackhawk Down". You can play the Americans and fight off an entire city, or play the forces of the warlord Adid, bent in kicking out the US and the UN, regardless of the cost and suffering to his own people, as they are a threat to his petty tyranny. This incredible battle would change the face of how America would involve itself in civil wars in Africa in the future, even setting the stage for the trouble in Iraq to this very day. As the US army, your troops stranded in the middle of this hostile city, you will have to fight your way back to the US army base, with what little assistance from the air you can recieve. As the warlord Adid, your goal is to kill the US marines before they can escape.