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Feudal Japan Warlords
Designed by Rolf Larsson

Japan, in the 16th century, faced one of the longest and bloodiest civil wars in history, called the Sengoku Era or Warring States period.
Although, inspired by Shogun, Samurai Swords, Ikusa boardgame, this map is done in tripleastyle, adding and changing a few things.
Defeat your rivals and claim the title of Shogun!


For a 2 player game, choose Red and Green vs. Blue and Orange.

Production and Placement
Production in every territory is 1 unit.
Producton in every territory with a castle is 2 units.
Production in every territory with a fortress is 3 units.
Unplaced units are lost. When you face such a situation, edit back all the lost PUs (The value of all units lost).
A Castle or Fortress is required to repair damaged ships at start of combatmove, ships also require Castles or Fortresses.
The maximum number of Ronin overall is 10, max placement per territory is 5.
There are different maximum purchase limits for every unit.
Place units prior or with a Castle or Fortress, cause the consumtions do not allow to place units in the same turn, if a castle or fortress is placed first.
Each territory is worth 10 PU.
Resources with unitnames are only there to see how many units are left to be purchased and not exceed the limit, which would result in a nasty whole new purchase otherwise.

Daimyos and Promotion Only 1 Daimyo per territory is allowed, but move through is allowed.
Only victorious Daimyos must be promoted (Successful attack or defense).
Just place a Daimyo with one more star in the territory of your victorious Daimyo during Promotion phase.
Each Daimyo promotion raises guardvalue vs. ninjas by 1.
Daimyo: 1 attack roll, 2 defense rolls, guards at 1(as purchased)
Daimyo1:+1 attack roll, guards at 2
Daimyo2:+1 defense roll, guards at 3
Daimyo3:+1 attack roll, guards at 4
Daimyo4:+1 defense roll, guards at 5
Daimyo5:+1 attack roll, guards at 6
A player can have a max of 3 Daimyos, if a Daimyo has been assassinated or killed in a fight, a new one may be purchased and placed next round.

Ninja Each player has three attempts to recruit a ninja per turn, +1 chance when failed, chances are reset after success.
Ninja movement is airmovement, but will never be removed. It does not need to be transported and can use up all movepoints, as an assassination attempt is either glorious or fatal.
Choose Bomb for an assassination attempt on a territory with an enemy Daimyo, attack with a ninja results in an instant kill.

Victory and Hints The turn order is rotating, in round 2, Blue starts the round and Red is last etc., check southeast corner of the map.
Cavalry gets a negative bonus from enemy castle(-2)/fortress(-3) on attack.
X.Y scrolling is just visual, of course.
Decide for yourself how many territories a player has to hold at the of round to win.
Suggestion: 3 player: 51 out of 81
Suggestion: 4(2) player: 41 out of 81
Suggestion: 5 player: 31 out of 81
Game ends after 100 rounds. Winner is the player with most territories, income, units.

Turn Sequence

  • InitialPlacements - for all players in turn order in 3 steps
  • Hire Ninja - for all players in first turn turn order
  • Purchase, Place - for all players in turn order
  • Combat Move, Combat, Non Combat Move - for all players in turn order
  • Promote victories Daimyos- for all players in first turn turn order
  • Collect Income - for all players

A 12 sided dice is used for this map.
If you are unsure about the units, check the southeast corner of the map.

Unit Attack Defense Movement Cost Ability Limit TransportCost/Capacity
Ashigaru     4      4        1   10    40    1
Teppo     4      4        1   15 Firststrikes Att&Def    8    1
Archer     6      6        1   30 Firststrikes Att&Def    8    1
Samurai     5      5        1   15    8    1
Cavalry     6      6        2   30 Blitz(capture empty territory and move on)    8    2
Daimyo     6      6,6        2   50 more rolls attack/defense per rank, Guards at 1 and +1 per rank    3    2
Castle     -      -        -   50 Supports 5 Units Def +3, destroyed by capture, enemy Cavalry -2, allows to place 2 units, repairs ships, Guards at 2    3    -
Fortress     -      -        -   50 Supports 10 Units Def +5, reduced to castle on capture, enemy Cavalry -3, allows to place 3 units, consumes Castle, repairs ships, Guards at 3    3    -
Atakebune     4      4        1   30 Transportship( max. 2 Units ), 2 Hit, requires Castle or Fortress    3    2
Oatakebune     5      5        1   40 Transportship( max. 3 Units ), 2 Hit, requires Fortress    3    3
Ronin     5      5        1   15 max placment per territory is 5, gets no support, removed at the end of round    10    1
Ninja     -     -        2 10x? Protects or assassinates a Daimyo, choose bomb for assassination of a Daimyo(removes Ninja), Guards at 2, hiring chance +1 on failure, 3 attempts per turn to hire    1    -

Many thanks to all those who are TripleA and support it.

Have fun.

Units: Ashigaru Samurai Teppo Archer Cavalry Castle Atakebune Oatakebune Daimyo Daimyo1 Daimyo2 Daimyo3 Daimyo4 Daimyo5 Fortress Loyalty Monster Ninja Ronin Start No Credits
Nations: Red Blue Green Orange

Feudal Japan Warlords 4 or 2 Players