Fighting jane s ships by chanimur-d4drnp2
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Fighting Jane's Shipsby Chanimur

Digital Art / Other / Other©2011-2014 ChanimurA map for a short story I've been tinkering with. In this world, magic returns in the year 1500, about a quarter of a century before the Spanish first contacted the Tawantinsuyu (Inca). Needless to say, the Inca held their own and eventually went on to become one of this world's greatest civilizations, fusing magic and technology to create a nearly unstoppable machine of conquest. Unfortunately, their society had developed into a rather nasty theocracy.

The Union of Peaceful Peoples (a bit of an ironic misnomer), led by the Habsburg Empire, defeated the Inca in the bloody World War of 1860-69, and today the Inca are united by a descendant of the last ruling noble house, focused on peace and prosperity.

Unfortunately, new evils are on the rise - in Virginia, the mad Queen Jane has created a mighty fleet of atomic and magic-fueled warships, and along with the puritanical New England, is determined to unite the Americas under her rule...

Thanks to Wings of a Hero ([link]) for the scratched wood background.