Axis & Allies: Classic - Flowers House Rules (Garret Flowers)


Each country may choose to put the following units anywhere on their territory:




On your turn you may purchase the following set of units, you may not mix and match them. You may buy...

  • 3 infantry, 2 tanks
  • 2 fighters, 1 bomber
  • 1 AA, 1 Battleship
  • 1 Aircraft Carrier, 2 Transports
  • 2 Submarines, 1 Industrial complex
  • 5 IPC


Transports may carry 2 Armors or 4 Infantry. Aircraft Carriers may carry 2 Fighters or 1 Bomber. If an enemy attacks a sea zone with your transport, if able to, you may unload the cargo of the transport instead of defending. If you choose to unload your cargo the transport must remaining the same seazone. It may NOT move.


Your transport containing a tank has been attacked in the Sea of Japan. If you wish, you may unload the cargo to Manchuria or Japan. If you do, the transport is unable to defend itself against the attackers.


There are 5 types of governments you may choose from, each government has different advantages and disadvantages.

  • ANARCHY: All Tanks And Infantry Move ONLY 1 Space
  • COMMUNISM: You can build 4 INF instead of 3
  • DEMOCRACY: You can get 7 IPC's instead of 5
  • FASCISM: You can get 3 SUBS instead of 2
  • NAZISM: You can get 3 Tanks instead of 2

At the beginning of the game Russia gets Communism, UK & USA: Democracy, Japan: Fascism, Germany: Nazism. You may change governments at any time, although you get two turns of Anarchy before the government is changed.


If the enemy attacks a naval zone with a sub on it, you may retreat the sub BEFORE the attacker fires, not after. Also, the attacker may not retreat.


IPC's are used for 2 things, buying land, and winning battles. If you wish to own an unoccupied enemy territory you may purchase it at the owners price. Also, if you wish to win a battle, you may give the enemy a certain amount of IPC's in exchange for a unit to be removed from combat. The certain amount is the enemy's choice.

Weapons Development

There are no weapons development.


The teams may be set up as the following instead:

  • 2 PLAYERS- Germany vs. Japan / Russia, Uk, Usa vs. Germany, Japan
  • 3 PLAYERS- Germany vs. Japan vs. Usa
  • 4 PLAYERS- Germany vs. Japan vs. Usa vs. Uk / Germany, Uk vs. Japan, Usa
  • 5 PLAYERS- Russia vs. Germany vs. Uk vs. Japan vs. Usa / Russia, Germany vs. Uk, Japan, Usa