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This variant is for the boardgame only

Axis and Allies Europe Focke-Wolfe 200 Condor (v1.1)

- by Rogue Warrior -


After seeing so many games in which Germany has their sub fleet wiped out by Turn 3, I hunted around and came up with a new Country-Specific piece. Introducing the Focke-Wolfe 200 Condor.

Focke-Wolfe 200 Condor

This new unit has the following stats:

Cost: 10 IPC's

Attack: Sea 3/ Land 1

Defense: 1

Movement: 6

Special Capabilites: The FW 200 functions like an Artillery Piece for Subs. For every FW you have, one sub attacks at 3 (Including first strike). Also, FW's can be used to carry one Inf piece, much like destroyers in AAP. The FW has to land to disembark troops. ( It cannot "Paradrop" them).


1 FW in France

1 FW in Germany

Historical Reason

Historical Reason: In World War II, The Germans used the FW to search out Convoy's, after which they would call in the subs. The FW carried a special torpedo (Friedsangel) which enabled it to attack lone Transports. It was also used to transport men to Stalingrad.

Version 1.0

Under version 1.0 thhe 200 Condor had a movement range of 4.


I use bomber pieces from A&A painted black with Spray Enamel. The resemble the FW a lot.

Rogue Warrior:

This rule first was e-mailed to thrasher. Under this version the Condor had a movement range of 4. Rogue Warrior also posted the rules for this new unit in Don Rae's Axis and Alies Europe Forum June 6: "New Unit for A&AE". Under this rule the Condor has a movement range of 6.