Fortresses in Axis and Allies Europe

Fortresses represent large-scale defensive measures. Fortresses cannot move, and therefore cannot attack. Fortresses defend on a 3. Additionally, Infantry units defending with a fortress have their defense strength raised to 3, subject to similar restrictions as Artillery – only one Infantry unit can have its defense factor raised per Fortress unit in the space. Infantry units above this number defend normally.

Any player may construct fortresses during their unit construction phase. Fortress units cost 4 IPCs to build, and are not required to be built on a space with an Industrial Complex. However, they can only be built on a space that was owned by the moving player at the beginning of their turn (not conquered during their turn). Please note that a player cannot construct a fortress on a space owned by an ally.

There are several Fortress units in play initially.

The Axis initially places one fortress unit in Germany and one in northern Italy (those mountains are a natural – Monte Casino!). The British initially place one fortress unit in Malta, another in Gibraltar. The Soviets initially place one fortress unit in Leningrad. The US receives no fortress units at start. You'll have to come up with your own fortress pieces.


I developed this rule since I felt that the Artillery pieces gave offense a big advantage. This rule I don't believe breaks the game in a significant way. It will make the Russians harder to kill, but also the Axis. Naturally, the Axis can build up giant fortifications in Germany (WestWall); but if they don't take Moscow or Britain, then the Allied Production Machine will roll them over eventually.

It certainly will make the games last longer. I considered giving the Ukraine a fortress, for Sevastopol, but didn't since this significantly changes the opening game in Russia. If you like, remove the at start fortresses and make players build 'em. British players will be happy to note the fortress in Malta. This should adequately protect that fighter against a non-determined axis assault. Now if I can just figure out why the Axis player can move her battleship through the straight of Gibraltar without penalty! The AH/Hasbro folks seemed to have figured out the turkish straights (compared to the original A&A, but somehow Gibralter is still a mostly worthless space in this game.

These rules first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Europe Forum: "Fortress House Rule - fixes IAMDADDYO's Axis Win".