An option for TriggerAttachment that changes the production frontier.

<attatchment name="coolstuffhappens" attatchTo="Russians" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.TriggerAttachment" type="player">

  <option name="trigger" value="objectiveAttachment1"/>
  <option name="frontier" value="productionRussian"/>
  <option name="placement" value="3 Sea Zone:battleship:transport" count="2"/>
  <option name="placement" value="5 Sea Zone:battleship" count="3"/>
  <option name="purchase" value="tank:cruiser" count="2"/>
  <option name="tech" value="warBonds"/>
  <option name="invert" value="true"/>

</attatchment> trigger, any ruleAttachment, this is the conditional tested to activate whatever changes this attachment represents.

frontier, a frontier change. the frontier must already be defined. this _replaces_ the old frontier not adds to it. This triggers at the begining of the purchase phase.

Also an option used with playerRepair

 <playerRepair player="Germans" frontier="repair"/>