Have you ever groaned at the power of the Axis? I have. Their countless miniatures on the board are very depressing to any Allied player. That is why I want to share these strategies that will change the way you play.

Game Winning Strategies for the Allies in 1940 Europe

In A&A 1940 Europe, the Germans and Italians will almost always take France out before France's turn and gain a mountain of IPC's. Additionally, most of England's navy will be wiped out. DO NOT let this demoralize you. I have found when Germany fights the Naval war, most of the Luftwaffa will be destroyed, harming German long-range firepower. Thus, on the Eastern Front, it will be hard for Germany to fight on the Soviet Union's vast expanse. DO NOT try to rebuild the U.K.'s navy; I have found that (in Europe, excluding the U.S), building a navy is like throwing money away.

The FIRST thing you buy with the U.K. is a minor industrial complex, which you place in Egypt. I don't recommend attacking Libya, instead DESTROY the Italian Fleet with EVERYTHING! Your strategic bomber in the U.K. will make it across Europe (land him in Cyprus). This strategy proves that whenever you can, buy planes instead of ships (only for England).

In my opinion, the Soviet Union is the most important nation because it is located on the mainland, and is often woefully underestimated by Germany. Always buy the maximum number of tanks, do nothing else! I do not care what others say, but do it. Thus, by turn four when the U.S.S.R. comes into play, you will have a hard-hitting(roles of <4), medium range, and huge force. With the Soviet Union, don't bother a Navy or Air force, the tanks defend the territory the conquer and serve in numbers.

The land-for-time principal. It won the war for the Russians, and I apply it to Axis&Allies to win as well. Draw out Germany, stretch their forces thin, then counter-attack and separate their forces. To do this, NEVER, EVER let Germany (or any other Axis Country) gain a territory for free. Leave a Infantry, retreat everything else back so when Germany attacks, you can counter. Also, never let the Axis take these territories over:


2)Novosibirsk, Ukraine, W. Ukraine.

One more thing, with the U.S.S.R., resist the urge to re-enforce the border, by doing this your good troops will be slaughtered, eliminating your offensive hopes. Remember, THE BEST DEFFENCE IS A GOOD OFFENCE, and LAND FOR TIME!!! Good luck and Good strategy!

Your Strategist.

P.S. I will write more threads on the subjects of Allied Co-operation, Axis Strategies and more!