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Game of Thrones v2[]

A mod of Game of Thrones by Neito

The purpose of this mod is to correct a few bugs in the original version and add defensive units dependant on the faction. Walls are primarily used by Far Eastern and Northern Barbarians as a crude way of defending their cities and outposts, they are cheap and have low defense values. Towers are primarily used by the Noblemen of Westros to expand their castles and are more expensive that plain walls. Manses are the homes of rich merchants, often found in the free cities, each having a controlling presence over the area, commercially and militarily. Some of the Nobles of Westros have combined the defenses of Essos in some of their castles, creating impressive structures that can devistate an attacking force. It is also rumoured that any armies that are impressive enough to cross the Grass Sea, may be accousted by the Sheepmen who are bound to the land they farm under Dothraki rule.

You are limited in the number of defensive units you can purchase per territory per turn. Defensive units are purchased in lots equal to the maximum number you can build in one territory in one turn. There is a limit to the total number of each type of Defensive unit in each territory. You can build Defensive units in any territory without a factory or a military unit present. Only one or two types of Defensive Units are available to be built by each faction, although key points may be bolstered at the start of the game with all types of Defences. * Manses are very expensive, but each one generates 1 PU per turn.

Defensive Unit Stats
Type Name Strength Cost Built per Turn Limit per Territory
Wall 1 1 PU 5 100
Tower 5 2 PU 1 50
Manse 4 30* PU 2 10
Sheepman 1 4 PU 3 30

-Added Basic Politics, can start War between Lannister/Baratheon and Stark/Tully Manually, but not in time-limit trigger, trying to fix bug with trigger. Need to Add other wars.
-Need to add objectives and triggers.
-Added Basic Tech
-Enhanced Dragon to do scamble, land on a Galley and carry an Unsullied once paradrop researched.

Nations: Arryn Baratheon Dothraki FreeCities Freefolk Greyjoy Lannister Martell Stark Targaryen Tully Tyrell

Units: Archer Castle Catapult Galley Knight Raft Sellsword Trebuchet MountainClansman Dragon Bloodrider HorseArcher HorseLord Khal FacelessMan Unsullied WaterDancer Giant Mammoth Troll Wildling Longship Greatship Direwolf GoldCloak Spearman Spearthrower GreenbloodBoat Wall Tower Manse Sheepman

Game of Thrones v2