modified by: John Halucha The clock has ticked past midnight Sept. 1, 1939. France, Britain and Poland
have pledged allegiance while Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia have a pact and
secret protocol to partition Poland between them. Italy has linked with Germany
in the Pact of Steel, and is included in the scenario though it did not fight against
the Allies until 1940. The USA does not fight until late 1941, but is included since
it gave aid to the Allies earlier. The game does not allow France to capitulate and
become an ally of Germany as it did in June 1940. Nor will the game let Germany
attack Soviet troops occupying eastern Poland as it did in June 1941, turning the
Russians from a friend of Germany into a foe. So alliances in the game remain:

Axis Powers Allied Powers
Nazi Germany Poland
Soviet Russia United Kingdom
Italy France

Turn order corresponds to historical fact: Germany attacking Poland on Sept. 1,
Poland defending itself the same day, UK declaring war Sept. 3 followed by France
later that day, and Soviet Russia attacking Poland Sept. 17. Italy declared war in
1940 and Germany declared war on the USA in 1941.

Turn order: Germany, Poland, UK, France, Russia, Italy, US.

Some national boundaries and territory names have been adjusted from the
base map to reflect the actual situation on Sept. 1, 1939. Starting relative
economic and military strengths are also based on historical fact, as are
starting locations of military units.

============== For extended historical emulation:===============

Human players are free to make sovereign decisions from the start but may
choose to mimic actual political choices that were made until almost 1942, when
the original Axis and Allies game start is set:

Germans: Attack Poland but do not attack any other Allies on land until Poland
is defeated by you and the Russians, and you divide Poland between you. This
lets you move more units west before attacking France or Neutral territories in the
west. Attack British and French ships from the start, but not American naval units.
After Poland is partitioned between you and the Russians, attack Neutral countries
starting with Denmark and Norway. Then invade neutrals Netherlands and Belgium
at the same time as Allied France.

Polish: Hold off alone as long as possible against the Germans attacking from the
west, and later the Russians attacking from the east. Do not initiate attack on either
superpower or any Neutral territories: your role is to tie up enemy forces to allow
the British and French to open a western front on the Germans as they pledged.

British: Do not attack German or Italian land units or bomb Germany until the
Germans attack the French. However, you may attack German ships. Do not
attack any Russian units on land or sea, even after Russians attack your Ally,
Poland. Do not attack any Neutral territories except those taken by the Germans.
Do not attack any Neutral territories taken by the Russians. You may transfer units
to France at any time, including before the Germans attack France.

French: You may build up defences behind your Maginot Line but do not attack
or bomb enemy targets until the Germans attack you. Do not attack or bomb
Russian targets. Do not attack or bomb any Italian targets until the Italians
attack you. Do not attack any Neutral territories, unless those areas have been
taken by the Germans. Do not attack any Neutral territories taken by the Russians
or Italians. But you may invade neutral Belgium after the Germans attack you.

Russians: Attack Poland but not other Allies. After Poland is defeated, attack
Neutral territories, starting with Finland and the Baltic States.

Italians: Do not attack French or British units or territories until the Germans are
on the outskirts of Paris. After that, attack the French and British along with
Neutral territories, starting with Greece.

Americans: Do not attack any Axis units or territories until a minimum one round
after continental France has been overrun, to emulate US delay in entering the war
until the end of 1941 more than a year after France capitulated. This includes
not engaging Axis naval units until that time although you may fire if fired upon.
Also, from the beginning your naval units may escort Allied shipping in the Atlantic
as far as Iceland.

All history-based restrictions cease one round after continental France has been
overrun (1940) since in 1941 German troops occupying western Poland attacked
Soviet troops occupying eastern Poland and the German-Soviet alliance was thus
broken, which this game does not allow.

================== Unit Values (MODIFIED)==================

Unit Cost Att Def Move TransCost TransCap Ability
Infantry 2 1 2 1 2 artil-supportable
Cavalry 3 1 2 2 2 art-sup
Mot.Inf 4 1 2 2 3 art-sup,blitz
Mech.Inf 6 1 2 3 3 art-sup,blitz
Artillery 4 2 2 1 3 artillery
Tankette 5 2 2 2 3 art-sup,blitz
Armour/Panzer 7 3 3 2 3 art-sup,blitz
Bunker 5 0 3 0 2hit
EarlyFighter 8 2 3 3 1Carr
Fighter 12 3 4 4 1Carr
Bomber 15 4 1 6 2Carr
Transport 4 0 1 2 5
T.Boat 3 2 2 1 art-sup
Submarine 6 2 2 2 submersible
Destroyer 7 3 3 2 anti-sub,art-sup
Carrier 10 2 3 2 2Carr art-sup
Cruiser 13 3 4 2 2 trans,bmbard,art-sup
Battleship 18 4 5 2 bmbard,artil,2Hit
Factory 20 0 0 0 Stationary Factory
General 25 0 0 3 2 Movable Factory
Unit name cost att def move tranCost tranCap ability

================== Bunker Rules ==================

  • For every territory, owned at the start of the turn, a maximum of
    ONE Bunker can be purchased PER TURN.
    * In territories with a Factory, place them USING THE FACTORY.
    * In territories without a Factory, place them using EDIT. The EDIT
    function can be found in the upper TripleA menu. Its use is rather
    straight-forward and intuitive.

Original map baseframe credit to Seig and Ernie Bommel NWO1939
and modifications Adolf Lebowski

Nations: Germans Polish British French Russians Italians Americans

Units: Infantry Cavalry Mot.Inf Mech.Inf Artillery Tankette Armour Panzer EarlyFighter Fighter Bomber Transport T.Boat Submarine Destroyer Carrier Cruiser Battleship Bunker AAGun Factory General