Axis and Allies Europe Alternate Victory Conditions for Germany

- by Buffdog -

Alternate Victory Conditions

Germany must defeat Russia or the U.S.

Defeat of Russia is only accomplished after every Russian space has been captured. The US surrenders if Eastern US is conquered. The U.K. does not surrender if England is captured. Their capital merely moves to Canada to continue the war. Under these rules, the U.K. never surrenders since their are areas that were U.K. controlled/allied which are not represented on the map, i.e. India, South Africa, Australia.

Some additional rules

When your capital falls you only have to give half of your money to the conquering player. As long as a country controls one IC it can produce. Add a Russian factory in Siberia and Turkestan

This rule appeared in Avalon Hills A&A Europe Forum November 17 2000: "Alternate victory conditions".

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