Axis and Allies Europe Alternate Victory Conditions for Germany

- by Faramir517 -


I have adapted differing victory conditions for Germany as well,tI play with a French IC, and each side can only build 3 units there.

Victory Conditions

  • Victory Condition 1 - Take and hold the UK for 1 turn.
  • Victory Condition 2 - Take and hold Moscow for one turn while also controlling France OR Northern Italy.
  • Victory Condition 3 - Control any 5 IC's on the board for one turn.
  • Victory Condition 4 - Obtain 35 VP's, as per A&A Pacific VP rules
  • Some events can change the amount of German VP's:
  • For every 10 IPC's lost to SBR's on Germany itself (no other IC's), Germany loses 1 VP.
  • The first time Germany loses France, it loses 3 VP's.
  • The first time Germany loses Northern Italy, it loses 3 VP's.
  • The first time Germany captures a Soviet city (Leningrad, Stalingrad, Moscow, it gains 2 VP's. This rule applies once to each city.
  • NOTE: The VP numbers I gave are pretty much random and will probably be adjusted as I playtest.