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Axis and Allies Europe Alternate Victory Conditions for Germany

- by Jim010 -

I Russia

Russia falls only if Stalingrad, Moscow and Leningrad are taken. If a city is lost, then Russia pays 3 IPCs to Germany. If all three are held for one entire turn, Germany gets the IPCs. This is meant to bring back movement to the front.

NOTE: This idea was taken from Third Reich. Jim010 states perhaps Archangel should be included in the Russian surrender conditions.

II Convoy Boxes & Middle East

Germany can hold all of the convoy boxes and retain all of the Middle East for one turn, Germany has successfully strangled the west forcing the US and UK.

NOTES: This is meant to give real impetus for the German player to fight the atlantic war vs a stack at moscow. Jim010 states that perhaps only the US or only the UK should be forced to surrender when Germany controls all convoy boxes and all of the Middle East.

III Building Factories

Factories now can be build.

NOTES: This is meant to allow that factory to be built in France or Norway, making a fight in the west crucial for Germany. Jim010 states that perhaps only the US should be allowed to build new ICs.

Remark (by thrasher)

Jim010 also proposed new victory conditions for both Germany and the Allies. This set is called 'Jim010-II'. Mind that this set was posted before set I (this current document)...

These rules first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Europe Forum: "Possible Game Fix?" (January 31 2001).

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