Axis and Allies Europe Alternate Victory Conditions for Germany and the Allies

- by Jim010 -


For some time now, we have been playing with different victory conditions for Europe that really has made our games interesting and fun. NOTE: An early version of these new victory conditions is included.

German victory conditions

Stalemate - Germany has forced a stalemate on the Allies if she retains control of her capital and has collected a total of 325 IPCs (including the initial 12) This condition is met on the beginning of the turn that she has over 325 IPCs. Saved IPCs don't count, but conquered money does. This can be bombed backwards.

Minor Victory - Germany has retained control of 5 factories for one whole turn (we use the french factory rule in our games - this makes france rather important for this condition)

Major Victory - Germany has retained control of an allied capital for one whole turn.

Western Hemisphere Domination - Germany has retained control of 2 aqllied capitals for 1 whole turn

Allied Victory Conditions

Stalemate 1 - Allies have forced a stalemate on Germany if they retain all of their capitals and have collected 450 IPCs total in the same way that Germany needs to.

Minor Victory - All of France has been conquered and russian territory liberated by the end of the US turn.

Major Victory - control of Germany for 1 whole turn

Stalemate 2 - If the Germans decide to go for Western Domination, the Allies need to hold of the Germans for 8 turns. If they do, a stalemate results.

When a Victory condition is met, the player in question needs to decide if they will take the condition, or pass on it. If they pass on it, that condition may no longer be used, and they will need to play for a condition not yet passed on.

Early version of Jimo10-II (April 5 2001)

Different Victory Conditions for Axis and Allies Europe:

  • Germany must conquer and hold a capitol for 1 complete turn for a MAJOR victory.
  • Germany must control 5 factories for 2 complete turns for a MINOR victory.
  • Germany can drag the game out until she has collected a total of 375 IPCs for a STALEMATE. The German player can decide at the beginning of the turn in which he has 375 IPCs or more if he wants to opt for stalemate, or continue to play for a victory. If the stalemate option is passed, it is no longer available and you must play to a victory or defeat.
  • NOTE: Any income the German player gets is counted. That includes the starting 12 ICPs and the Middle East IPCs. This does not include, however, saved money.

Remark (by thrasher)

Jim010 also proposed new victory conditions for Germany only. This set is called 'Jim010-I'. Mind that this set was posted at thrasher's site after set II (this current document)...

This rule appeared in Avalon Hills A&A Europe Forum May 15 2001: "Victory conditions revised". The early version of this scenario was posted in the same thread April 5 2001.