Axis and Allies Europe Victory Points for Germany

- by Mot -


Like everyone else doing the playtesting (and a few that are commenting just from a theoretical point of view), I have my own ideas of what would work to create a balanced VP system. I'm of the opinion that the original rules should be modified as little as possible, so let's analyze what we need to accomplish. We need a VP system (so that it is compatible with AAP) that requires Germany to expand and gives the Allies incentive to attack areas like Scandinavia and Africa. The system should be balanced (obviously) and allow diverse paths to victory.


22 VPs for Germany to win VPs are needed to break the stack and add consistency to A&AP. The amount of 22 also makes it consistent with A&AP.

CAP CAP is a great way to diversify the game. It helps both the Allies and Germany in several situations. It gives added value to territories that were before useless. It opens so many possible strategies that I couldn't possibly list them all. 1 VP is collected for every IC Germany holds Note that there is no IC in France (or any where else), meaning Germany by default will only collect 2 VPs a turn. This should encourage Germany to expand. 1 VP is collected for every 10 IPCs of convoys disrupted I've suggested this before and got no response but I think it has merit. There are 30 IPCs of convoys on the map so this greatly encourages a fierce Battle of the Atlantic.

Strategic Bombing Raid SBRs against captured ICs cause the IC to be tipped over, meaning no builds are allowed there until uprighted (at the end of the controllers turn). This gets rid of the penalty for capturing ICs.

Losing VPs through SBR For every 10 IPCs an Allied Player SBRs (in a single run), Germany loses a VP. This is the same rule as in A&AP and allows the Allies multiple ways of stopping Germany. Again, diversity of options is encouraged. Losing VPs when losing original territories

For every 10 IPCs of original German territory controlled by the Allies, Germany loses a VP. This is checked at the end of Germany's turn. This is a simple way to encourage Germany to defend it's territories (and even counter-attack Allied gains). Germany collects 1 VP for every addition 10 IPCs (above the starting point of 40) they collect.

That would encourage Germany to be more aggressive and entice (but not force) them to hit the ME. It also makes taking Moscow a real goal since it would likely be worth many VPs (the IC itself for however many turns Germany holds it, plus the money taken from Russia when it was captured).

This rule first appeared in AAEMC's Forum November 7 2001: "Suggestions Based On Playtesting".