Axis and Allies Europe New Victory Condion for Germany

- by Rob from Avalon Hill -


Here's a variation to the IC in France that was explored a few months back. If you are looking for a new approach to the game, try this out. Personally I find it a lot of fun.


  • Add 'limited build' ICs to France (German) and Trans-Jordan (UK). These can only produce units equal to their IPC value.
  • Allied Win Conditions: The same. Take and hold Germany for one round of play.
  • German Win Conditions: Germany gets 1 VP for every HOME factory (IC) she controls and 1 VP per IPC value of foreign held factories. So, holding Leningrad or Stalingrad also gives Germany 1 VP but taking the UK gives Germany 6 VP. Germany starts with 3 VP for her three home factories (France, Germany Northern Italy). Germany wins if, at the end of the US turn, she has 7 VP.
  • Unlike AAP, VPs do NOT carry over turn to turn. They are added up at the end of the US turn. If Germany has 7 or more, she wins. If she has 6 or lower, the game continues.


Note that this is just something to keep the game fresh for hard-core players, not an official variant or proposed rule change.

This rule first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Europe Forum. It was posted May 14 2001:"A new idea to kick around".