Axis and Allies Europe Alternate Victory Conditions for Germany

- by Micheal Sandy -


There are times when Germany does exceptionally well, and it becomes clear that the Allies will not be able to land an army in time to save Moscow, and the Allies sole hope lies in unusually good luck in a die rolling contest in Belorussia or Moscow. For those players of Germany who want a little bit more challenge: give Germany the option of expanding her victory conditions.

Victory Conditions for Germany

Germany has the option to expand her victory conditions. For example:

Germany must hold Moscow for 2 turns, (or more), instead of just 1. Germany must controll all of Russia at the end of a German turn. Germany must conquer both USSR and UK. Germany is only able to change the victory conditions once a game.This happens in the non-combat phase.


When Germany sees that he will have a huge edge over the Russians, he can go for a greater challenge. As a result, the Russians can examine other options to a grand collision of armies in an all or nothing battle, and the Allies don't have to do desperate low odds attacks against Germany.

In club play, total victory would be worth a lot more for the Germans, and they might take more and different chances for a chance at total victory.

I think that Germany should not be allowed to alter his victory conditions once he has troops adjacent to Moscow.