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Download: Repository/Experimental/Global 1940 House Rules

Global 1940 Mega Mod version

Original Game Credits: Bung, Veqryn

Mod Squad: Adam514 (co-originator and oracle), Deathbringer1974 (chief executive troll), dust (good at math), dss85 (playtester and game breaker), Gencre (general haha), redrum (XML high priest), Regularkid (co-originator and king of noobs), simon33 (bug chaser), Young Grasshopper (topper goodwill ambassador)


Revised Air Raid Rules: Fighters attack and defend at 2. Strategic and tactical bombers attack at 1.

Revised Capital Capture Rules: The capture of a player's capital results in the plunder of that player's PUs only the first time the capital is taken. Subsequent recapture of the same capital results in the player's PUs being destroyed.

Revised Victory Conditions: If Germany is Allied controlled, an Axis victory in the Pacific requires 7 (rather than 6) Pacific VCs. If Japan is Allied controlled, an Axis victory in Europe requires 9 (rather than 8) Europe VCs.

New Unit - Marines: Cost 5; Attack at 1 (2 during amphibious assaults); Defend at 2; No bonus from artillery; Can be loaded onto cruisers and battleships (1 to a ship).

Note: During amphibious assaults, Battleships and Cruisers may bombard any adjacent territory in which an amphibious assault is occurring, regardless of where they unloaded their marines.

Additional National Objectives


  • 2 PUs if Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Crete are Axis or Pro-Axis controlled.
  • 5 PUs if there is at least one German land unit in either London (the United Kingdom) or Egypt. (This modifies Germany's "Presence in Egypt" objective).


  • 3 PUs if Russia is at war with European Axis, and there are no non-Russian Allied units in any originally Russian territory.
  • 3 PUs for each originally German, Italian, or Pro-Axis neutral territory that Russia controls in mainland Europe. (This modifies Russia's "Spread of Communism" objective).
  • 2 PUs for each of the following Lend-Lease lanes that is "open" (i.e., the specified Sea Zone has no enemy warships and the specified territory is Allied controlled) when Russia is at war with European Axis beyond Round 2: (1) sz 125, Archangel ; (2) sz 80, Persia; (3) sz 5, Amur (This modifies Russia's "Lend Lease" objective).
  • An additional 2 PUs per each "open" Lend-Lease lane, when Russia is at war with European Axis, if Japan has also declared war on Russia.
  • Note: An Axis power may not move its units into originally Russian territory unless that Axis power is at war with Russia. Also, when not at war with Japan, Russia may not move its units into any non-Russian Allied territory in Asia, other than Syria, Trans-Jordan, Iraq, Persia, NorthWest Persia, and East Persia. The National Objective for Russia's first capture of Berlin has been removed.


  • 5 PUs if Axis controls Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain and Solomon Islands. (This modifies Japan's "Strategic Perimeter" objective).
  • 5 PUs if Axis controls Midway, Wake Island, Guam.
  • 3 PUs if Japan controls Iwo Jima and Okinawa and is at war with the United States.


  • 5 PUs if USA is at war and Allies control Midway, Wake Island, Guam.
  • 5 PUs if USA is at war and Allies control Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Paulau Island, Marianas.
  • 5 PUs if Allies control at least 2 of: Normandy Bordeaux, Holland Belgium, Southern France, and USA has at least one land unit in any of these territories.
  • 5 PUs if Allies control Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, and USA has at least one land unit in any of these territories.


  • 3 PUs if Allies control Yunnan, Szechwan, Burma, and India. (This modifies China's "Burma Road" objective).
  • At the start of China's turn, a Chinese infantry is spawned in each non-coastal Chinese territory under Axis control that is not garrisoned by at least one Axis land unit (i.e., infantry, marine, mech infantry, artillery, or armor). These "guerrillas" engage in combat wherever they are spawned and may not be moved until China's next turn.


  • 3 PUs if UK Europe controls all its original territories. (This modifies UK's "Original Territories" objective).
  • 3 PUs if Allies control at least 2 of: Sicily, Sardinia, Greece, Southern Italy, and Allies have at least one land unit in any of these territories.
  • 3 PUs if there are no enemy submarines in the Atlantic, excluding szs 112 and 125-127.
  • 3 PUs if Malta, Crete, and Cyprus are Allied or Pro-Allied controlled.
  • 3 PUs for UK Pacific when at war with the Japanese if: (1) British control West India and either Egypt or South Africa; and (2) there are no enemy submarines in the western half of the Indian Ocean (sz71,...,sz81).
  • 3 PUs for UK Pacific when at war with the Japanese if Malaya and Kwantung are Allied controlled. (This modifies UK Pacific's "Malaya and Kwantung" objective.


  • 3 PUs if Malta, Cyprus, and Crete are Axis controlled.


  • 3 PUs if ANZAC is at war with the Japanese and Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain and Solomon Islands are controlled by the Allies (other than the Dutch). (This modifies ANZAC's "Strategic Islands" objective).
  • 3 PUs if ANZAC is at war with the Japanese and Solomon Islands, Gilbert Islands, Fiji, and Samoa are Allied controlled.
  • 3 PUs if ANZAC is at war with the Japanese, controls all of its original territories, and Malaya is Allied controlled. (This modifies ANZAC's "Control Original And Malaya" objective).


The following rule-set simulates the circumstances and strategic consequences of the Franco-German Armistice, and is intended for play with the G40 Balance Mod.

Game Conditions for Franco-German Armistice

At the beginning of France's turn, if the following conditions are met, the Franco-German Armistice will occur:

1. Axis has control of both France and Normandy Bordeaux;
2. Axis has never controlled Southern France; and
3. There are no non-French, Allied land units in Southern France.

Game Consequences of Franco-German Armistice

French Territorial Control: At the beginning of France's first turn in which Armistice conditions are met, all originally French territories not already under Axis control immediately change ownership to Pro-Axis Neutrals, except: (1) French Equatorial Africa; (2) New Hebrides; (2) any French territories containing non-French allied land units.

Any non-French allied air units in Vichy-controlled territory are destroyed upon conversion of the territory to Vichy control.

With the exception of Southern France (see discussion of "Zone Libere" below), Vichy French territory operates the same way as other Pro-Axis Neutral territory. An Axis player may capture Vichy French territory and commandeer its forces by moving a land unit into the territory during the non-combat phase of his turn.

Fly-over restrictions applicable to other Neutral territories do not apply to Vichy French territory.

Fleet at Toulon: In addition to the change in French territorial control, the Armistice changes control of the the French fleet in sz 93, from French to Pro-Axis neutral. The Vichy French fleet maintains a strictly defensive posture. It may not be moved. It may not be captured by the Axis. The fleet is immediately destroyed if any power, other than the Free French, occupies Southern France

"Zone Libre": Any Axis occupation of Southern France following the Armistice results in the scuttling of the Vichy French Fleet at Toulon and the disbandment of all remaining Vichy French forces. These forces are removed at the end of the Axis player's turn in which the occupation of Southern France takes place. Any formerly Vichy French forces that were previously commandeered by the Axis are unaffected by this change.

Armistice's Effect on National Objectives: Following the armistice, Southern France is considered Axis-controlled for purposes of Italy's "Roman Empire" objective. Otherwise, the Vichy France arrangement has no impact on National Objectives. Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco must still be directly occupied by Germany or Italy to achieve Italy's "North Africa" objective. Japanese occupation of French Indo China still negates Japan's "Trade With America" objective.

Liberation of France: The Allied liberation of France effectively terminates the Armistice. Any territory and forces still under Vichy French control (including any surviving fleet in sz 93) revert back to Free French control. The Vichy French forces in the Southern France and sz 93 will also revert back if Southern France is liberated by the Free French.


Credits: Bung, Veqryn

Global 40 HouseRules

Global 40 HouseRules is an ongoing project that adds house rules using Technologies. Simply add the rules you want by using edit mode.
Game starts with 2nd edition OOB rules, techs and units, with the exception of Sierra Leone and Yukon Territory which are British controlled. Also the OOB National Objective of +5 PUs for Russian control of Germany has been removed.

A player named "Changer" will go first. His purpose is to activate certain technologies so the game may begin with them. There are 13 of these techs.
Each one has "ChangerMustActivate" at the end of them.

Changer has only 1 turn, so if techs are not activated then, you will be unable to activate them later.

Excluding the OOB techs, Germany activates the remaining techs for all players, except for those that end in "GiveToAll". "GiveToAll" Techs must be given to each player in order for them to have the tech ability.
Germany needs to activate techs at the start of their turn in order for them to activate that turn. Activated after their turn starts and techs won't activate until their next turn.

Here is the Tech Tree for "Global 40 HouseRules" minus the OOB techs:

"Changer" 1) "Attack0Cost5Bomber_ChangerMustActivate" Bombers are now a A0 D0 M6 +1 w/AB C5 unit. They may perform SBR attacks only. They do not participate in the Air Battle with interceptors. They do 1-6 damage. They no longer receive a +2 to an SBR attack.

2) "SubsCanEvadeDestroyers_ChangerMustActivate" Destroyers no longer block Subs or the Sub's "First Strike" capability. They are now a A1 D1 M2 +1 w/NB C5 unit. They also have 1 preemptive "ASA" (Anti-Sub Attack) shot.

When attacking a Sub, the Destroyer will fire a one time "ASA1" (hits at 1) shot. If successful the Sub is immediately destroyed and may not return fire. If the Sub survives, it may then submerge or take its normal "First Strike" shot.

The Destroyer also has 1 preemptive "ASD" (Anti-Sub Defense) shot. Works the same as "ASA" only on defense. So when a sub attacks a Destroyer or any other unit that has "ASD" capability, it must first survive the "ASD" attack before conducting it's "First Strike" attack. Destroyer ASA/D shots will stack. Meaning if there is only 1 sub and multiple Destroyers, the sub will undergo as many ASA/D shots as there are Destroyers.

Subs remain A2 D1 M2 +1 w/NB C6. Subs cannot be blocked by any Naval Vessel. Subs are now susceptible to attack from Fighters and Tac Bombers. When attacking naval units who have air units present (no Bombers), Subs will undergo counterfire from the air units regardless of the outcome of their "First Strike". All other rules regarding Subs are unchanged.

In addition to it's normal unit stats, Tac Bombers now have ASA1 ASD1 each. As mentioned above, it now fires normally at subs without a Destroyer present.

3) "TacticalBomberCost10_ChangerMustActivate" The price of Tactical Bombers are reduced to C10.

4) "FactoryLimited_ChangerMustActivate" Air and Naval Bases now cost 12. All captured and newly constructed minor factories may only produce artillery, AAguns, armor, mech infantry, mobile infantry, marines, elite and infantry. If a NB is present you may also build subs, transports, escort carriers and DDs. If an AB is present you may also build fighters and TBs.

ABs are required to build fighters, TBs and bombers. Bombers may only be built in factories on originally owned territories that also have an AB. In addition, Bombers may not be built in the following territories: Kwangtung, Egypt, Norway, Alaska, West India and Korea. May not build at an AB with 3 or more damage.

Note: You may not place new fighters on CVs. All air units may only be placed in the territory that contains an AB as well as the correct factory.

NBs are required to build all naval units. BBs, CVs and CAs may only be built in TTs with originally owned starting factories. These territories must also have a NB. May not build at a NB with 3 or more damage.

New Zealand receives a Minor Factory to allow ANZAC Air builds. Quebec receives a NB to allow for naval builds. The Central United States receives a NB to allow for additional prewar naval builds.

This addresses Capital Ships and Bombers being built in newly conquered territories. It should also be noted that UK may only build Air Units in UK at game start. This makes the UK AB a prime Axis target.

5) "TransportC8_ChangerMustActivate" The Transport is now A0 D1 M2 +1 w/NB C8. May participate in combat and be taken as casualty.

6) "Escort_Carrier_ChangerMustActivate" Adds The Escort Carrier. Escort CV is a A0 D1 M2 +1 w/NB C9 unit. It also has the Destroyers Sub blocking ability. It can carry 1 Fighter or Tactical bomber.

If "SubsCanEvadeDestroyers_ChangerMustActivate" has been activated, it becomes a A1 D1 M2 +1 w/NB C9 with 1, ASA1 ASD1, each. It's ASA/D shots stack same as Destroyers. It can carry 1 Fighter or Tactical bomber.

7) "AAGunC4_ChangerMustActivate" Changes the AAGun into a A0 D1 M1 C4 unit. It has 2AA shots. May not fire more than 1 shot per plane. Blocks movement and can conquer/capture Territories and Infrastructure.

8) "FlyingTiger_ChangerMustActivate" Changes the US Fighter at the Philippines into a "FlyingTiger" unit. This unit may move to Dutch or UK Pacific territories during it's ncm. When ending it's turn in a Chinese controlled territory, it will become a Chinese unit. May not enter Chinese territories unless US is at war with Japan. Has same abilities as Fighter.

9) "GetCapitalCashOnce_ChangerMustActivate" This allows a country's PUs to be captured the first time their capital is conquered. Additional conquests will result in their PUs being destroyed.

10) "AdditionalVictoryCitiesWorthPUs_ChangerMustActivate" All Victory Cities are now worth 1 PU to the controlling player. In addition to the OOB VCs, the following have been added: Iraq, Szechwan, Alaska, Malaya, Amur, New Zealand, British Columbia, New Britain, Yakut S.S.R., Union of South Africa, Iceland, Norway, Tunisia, Romania, Libya, Caroline Islands, Manchuria, Ukraine, Greece, Archangel and French West Africa.

11) "NormandyTurnsProAllied_ChangerMustActivate" If France and Southern France are Axis contolled and there are no French units in Normandy Bordeaux, Normandy Bordeaux will turn into a Pro-Allied Neutral at the end of France's turn.

12) "Redesign National Objectives_ChangerMustActivate" Currently does nothing.

13) "Sphere of Influence_ChangerMustActivate" When Sphere Of Influence tech is activated, Germany will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if Japanese units are in any German controlled territories.

Russia will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if any Allied units are in any Russian controlled territories.

Japan will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if any German or Italian units are in any Japanese controlled territories.

America will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if any Russian units are in any American controlled territories.

UK will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if any Russian units are in any British controlled territories.

UK_Pacific will receive a minus 10s PU penalty if any Russian units are in any UK_Pacific controlled territories.

Italy will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if any Japanese units are in any Italian controlled territories.

ANZAC will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if any Russian units are in any ANZAC controlled territories.

France will receive a minus 10 PUs penalty if any Russian units are in any French controlled territories.

If a country has fewer than 10 PUs they will lose no PUs. This is not intended and needs to be player enforced.

The Following Techs are Activated by Germany or All Players Tech Category "San Francisco Rules"

1) "UpGun_BomberA0C5_GiveToAll" If "Attack0Cost5Bomber_ChangerMustActivate" has been activated, this tech will give Bombers A1 in Air Battles and Fighters A2 D2. This tech must be activated by each player in order for them to receive the tech ability.

If this tech is activated without activating "Attack0Cost5Bomber_ChangerMustActivate", Bombers will have A2 in Air Battles. Fighters will have A2 D2. This will be changed in the future so it's not possible.

2) Naval_M3_GiveToAll Gives +1 Movement to Cruisers and Transports This tech must be activated by each player in order for them to receive the tech ability.

3) "AirfieldM2" Airfields now give +2 Movement to Bombers and Fighters. It is recomended to only use the additional +1 Movement for fighters when they are escorting Bombers on SBR missions. This is Player Enforced.

Tech category "Redesign"

1) "PacificIslandAndPU_Change" Gives all valueless Pacific Islands 1 PU when Japan is at war with any of the Western Allies. Must be at war to receive bonus.
Also gives 1 PU to the following: Malta, Crete, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Alexandria, Tobruk, Sardinia, Sicily, Nenetsia, Vyborg, Bessarabia, Turkmenistan, Iceland, Eastern Persia.
Removes 1 PU from: Ontario, Rhodesia and Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba.

Japans "Strategic_Defense_Perimeter" National Objective is replaced by "Strategic_Islands". They now receive 3 PUs for control of "Midway, Wake Island and Guam" when at war with ANY of the Western Allies.

The USA also acquires the "Strategic_Islands" National Objective when at war with Japan.

When at war with each other, Japan and the Western Allies will receive 2 PUs every time they conquer a 2 PUs value Island or less (excepting the Philippines).

The Western Allies will receive 2 PUs every time they take control of Celebes, Sumatra, Borneo, Java or the Philippines from Japan. The Japanese will receive 2 PUs every time they take control of Celebes, Sumatra, Borneo, Java or the Philippines after round 3.

With originally controlled territories, this gives Japan an additional 5 PUs, America 6 PUs, UK Pacific 4 PUs and ANZAC 3 PUs. Russia will receive an additional 4 PUs, Italy 3 PUs and UK 1 PU.

Strategically, the Axis can conquer Bessarabia and Vyborg quite easily from Russia for a previously unavailable 2 PUs boost. UK Pacific may activate Eastern Persia for an easy 1 PU.

Japan can become quite strong, quite fast using this modification so it is suggested to counter that with some Chinese modifications, which will be available in the same tech category.
It is suggested to use the "ConvoyAndBlockade" tech, which is explained next, in conjuction with the "PacificIslandAndPU_Change" tech.

2) "ConvoyAndBlockade" This adds Blockade zones to Sea Zones:64,86,91,103,118 and 123. In addition to interdicting Land Territory PUs, Blockade Zones also interdict Sea Zones with PU value when adjacent to said Zones.

It also adds "Convoy Zones" to Sea Zones:7,77,104,117,123 and 124. Convoy zones allow interdiction of Land Territory PUs. They are as follows:
Sea Zone 7: Buryatia and Sakha. 2 PUs total. Russian owned.
Sea Zone 77: Caucasus. 2 PUs total. Russian owned.
Sea Zone 88: West Indies. 2 PUs total. American owned.
Sea Zone 90: Southeast Mexico. 2 PUs total. American owned.
Sea Zone 102: Central America. 2 PUs total. American owned.
Sea Zone 104: Gold Coast and Nigeria. 2 PUS total. British owned.
Sea Zone 117: Quebec. 2 PUs total. British owned.
Sea Zone 123: New Brunswick Nova Scotia and Iceland. 2 PUs total. British owned.
Sea Zone 124: Nenetsia and Vologda. 2 PUs total. Russian owned.

Sea Zones 104 and 117 are also worth 1 PU.
Sea Zones 88,90 and 102 are worth 2 PUs.
Sea Zones with PU value do not have their PUs transferred to an enemy, even when that enemy controls the Sea Zone. Sea Zones with PU value are not collected if enemy controlled.

Land Territory changes are: Eastern United States: 12 PUs
Central United States: 10 PUs
Western United States: 12 PUs
Mexico: 1 PU
Southeast Mexico: 2 PUs
Central America: 2 PUs
West Indies: 2 PUs

You or your Ally must control the Convoy Zone at the "Collect PU" phase of your turn to receive the PUs from the corresponding Land Territories.

Submerged Subs do not control Convoy Zones. If there is a Sub controlling a Convoy Zone and it is attacked and survives the attack by submerging, control of the Convoy Zone will revert to the Original Owner.

The UK has their "British_Original"(controls all original territories) National Objective reduced to 3 PUs.

Strategically, certain Sea Zones(91,103) may inflict substantial damage. Sea Zones 104 and 117 add an additional 2 PUs in income for the UK.

The bottom left of the screen will show the PU value of the Sea Zone you're in. An easy way to remember is, USA SZs are worth 2 PUs, UK 1 PU, except for 123 (Iceland) and USSR 0 PUs.

3) "RussianNationalObjectives" Reduces Russia's Sea Zone 125 Lend Lease Objective to 2 PUs. Also reduces their "Spread of Communism" Objective to 2 PUs per Territory and limits those Territories to originally German, Italian, or Pro-Axis European neutral territories. These Territories are: Bulgaria, Finland, Greater Southern Germany, Slovakia Hungary, Western Germany, Romania, Poland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Holland Belgium, Northern Italy, Southern Italy.

Adds the following NOs to Russia: "The Great Patriotic War" Theme: Soviet Sphere of Influence. 3 PUs if no Allied units in any original Russian TTs.

"The Northern Trace" Theme: Access to Allied Lend-Lease via the Northwest Staging Route. 2 PUs if SZ 5 has no enemy warships (all sea units except transports), Amur is Russian controlled and there are no Allied units in any original Russian TTs.

"Persian Corridor" Theme: Access to Allied Lend-Lease via the Trans-Iranian Supply Route. 2 PUs if SZ 80 has no enemy warships (all sea units except transports), Persia is Allied controlled and there are no allied units in any originally Russian territories.

An increase of +2 PUs per Lend Lease Route goes into effect if Russia is at war and Japan declares war on Russia. Allied units may be present in Russia.

A Russian Destroyer is added to Sea Zone 5. It must remain adjacent to original Soviet territory while the Soviet Union is neutral to Japan.

4) "ChineseMilitia" Adds the "Militia" unit for China. A0 D1 M1 C2. This helps China produce a few more units and allows them to purchase when they only have 2 PUs. Helps slow Japan down a little.

5) "PrimitiveTerrain" Places a "Primitive" image in basically all of Asia, excepting most Costal Territories, and up to the Ural Mountains in Russia. When starting in a primitive territory, M2 units have their movement reduced to 1. Does not affect aircraft.

This helps slow Japan's push through China and discourages early Soviet Far East invasions.

Tech Category "New Units and Unit Changes"

1) "BBandCA_AA" Battleships and Cruisers now have 2 AA shots. They behave the same as regular AAGuns.

2) "Mobile_Artillery" Adds a Mobile Artillery Unit. A2 D2 +1D w/tank, C5. Gives +1A to 1 Infantry or Mech Infantry. May blitz. Does not provide blitz ability to other units.

+1D w/tank represents their use as anti-tank weapons and to prevent tank buys from being adversely affected.

3) "MilitiaForAll" Adds the Militia Unit to all players. A Player may have no more than 8 Militia at any one time. May only be placed in originally owned Territories.

This is to prevent spammage. It is also suggested to wait until Round 3 before activation. This represents full manpower mobilization and prevents an early UK stack to prevent Sea Lion. "Chinese Militia" is still suggested for Round 1 activation. If not activated, China will also gain the ability to purchase Militia when "MilitiaForAll" is activated.

Tech category "New Units and Other Changes"

1) "Marines" Marines are a A1 D1 M1 C3 Unit. They receive +1A when making an amphibous attack. They may be transported into battle by Battleships on a 1:1 basis.

When "Elite_GiveToAll" tech is activated Marines will gain the ability to be transported by Cruisers. This is not intended and is player enforced.

2) "Escorts_Interceptors_A2D2_GiveToAll" Escort Fighters are now A2 Interceptors D2. This tech must be activated by each player in order for them to receive the tech ability.

3) "Elite_GiveToAll" Adds the "Elite" unit. Elite is a A2 D2 M1 +1M w/tank (can blitz with tank), C5 unit. It may be transported by Cruisers and Battleships on a 1:1 basis. It may be Air Transported into combat or ncm by Air transports on a 1:1 basis if "AirTransport_GiveToAll" tech is activated.

This means Elites and Tanks can be transported on the same transport giving you 2 move 2 units on 1 transport.

It receives No combat bonuses from other units.

4) "AirTransport_GiveToAll" Adds the Air Transport unit. Air Transport is a A0 D0 M5 +1 w/AB C7 unit. It may transport Elite units in either combat move or ncm on a 1:1 basis. May be taken as casualty.

5) "CloseAirSupport" Tac Bombers give +1A to Infantry and Mech Infantry on a 1:1 basis. Tac BombersC10 do not receive this ability.

Tech Category "More Units and Changes" 1) "Bunkers" Adds the NWO Bunker unit. Bunkers are a A0 D3 M0 C5 2-hit unit. They require one of the following units for placement: Infantry, Militia, Elite, Marine and Mech Infantry. If damaged they also require one of the previous units to be present to repair.

You may place a minimum of 1 Bunker per territory. If the territory has a PU value you may place a total number of Bunkers = to the territory value. May only place 1 Bunker per territory per turn.

UK Pacific is able to place Bunkers without the required units being present. This is unintended and is player enforced.

It is recommended to wait until RD 3 to activate Bunkers. This prevents breaking early RD battles and represents the time needed to build fortifications.

2) "BombersA3_GiveToAll" Bombers are now A3. They receive +1A when paired with Fighters on a 1:1 basis.

3) "MilitaryBase_Produces_3inf MilitaryBases C12. May place in any territory of 1 PU or less. Maximum of 1 Base per territory. May receive up to 6 damage. Cannot place infantry if 3 or more damage. Has AA capability same as Factories.

It will allow you to place up to 10 Infantry per base. It also boosts normal factory placement by up to 10. This is not intended. 3 Infantry placed per Base per turn maximum is suggested use. This is player enforced.

4) "TacticalBomberAirBattleD1" Gives Tactical Bombers the ability to intercept at D1. This is to help against A0C5 Bomber spam and represent Night Fighter Interceptors. May be used in conjunction with A2D2 Interceptors tech.

Most of these house rules are discussed in this thread: started by Black_Elk. They are also discussed here:

Credits: Thanks to Bung and Veqryn for making the original 1940 mod.
Thanks to Black Elk for starting Redesign and Baron Munchausen for his number crunching and ideas.
Thanks to LHoffman, CWO Marc, Argothair for their ideas and suggestions.
Wild Bill, Young Grasshopper, Narvik, KNP7765 and all the others who contributed with their ideas and comments.

Thanks to crazy_german, prastle, Frostion, Zim Zero, ZjelcoP, Red Baron, Cernel for xml help. pyt o torp for sub ideas.
To P@nther, simon33 for GitHub help. Redrum, RoiEX and DanVanAtta for additional help.

Thanks to Joe Pants, Veqryn and hepster for unit images.

To regular kid and the Mod Squad for BM additions.
Also to everyone else who helped with their comments and ideas.

Modded for TripleA by b

Note This game uses the latest Global 1940 2nd Edition (successor to Alpha +3) rules, as posted on Larry's website.
To blitz move mech_infantry with armour, you must click on them both at the same time (use CTRL to create waypoints).
Paratroopers tech enables a second combat movement phase which happens right after the first combat movement phase, and the second one only allowes movement of paratrooping infantry.

Disclaimer The game is not meant to take over your responsibility in knowing the rules. For example, the game engine is not always going to restrict or allow certain attacks. It is your responsibility to know the rules and abide by them. Most of the game notes that follow can be thought of as differences compared to WWIIv3 or WWIIv4 rules but obviously are not a complete manual for the game. Beginners to these games are suggested to ask for help in the lobby or on the forums at
You must always validate your own movement, especially air movement at sea. The engine is not perfect.

Edit Mode If you ever need to create new UK units, always create "British" units, do not create "UK_Pacific" units (except for Factories, all UK_Pacific units turn into British units when placed normally).
The Warbonds technology will give the PUs to the British, please use edit mode if you want some of it to go to UK Pacific.
You may also need to use edit mode to correct things listed below.

Below is a list of rules that the TripleA game engine either does not enforce, or enforces incorrectly, at this point.
Each item starts with a code in parentheses that represents how you may fix or correct the rule.
(PE) = Player Enforced = You must be aware of the rule and must follow it. The engine will not stop you from breaking the rule.
(CL) = Comment Log = You must record what you are doing in the comment log, because TripleA does not keep that information around. (To access the comment log, go to the 'view' menu, and click 'show comment log', then type a comment there.)
(SR) = Save/Reload = You may save the game now or at the start of the phase, then reload it, in order to solve this problem.
(EM) = Edit Mode = You must use Edit Mode to correct or fix the error, because the engine either disallows the rule or otherwise does something wrong that you can correct.
(NA) = None Available = There is no fix available for this yet.

Rules specific to 1940 the engine does not do, but you must follow:

  • (EM) You may ask for permission during your turn to move through a canal owned by a power you are not yet at war with (use edit mode to move them).
    * (CL) TripleA does not keep track of which neutral territories have been previously attacked (use comment log to keep track of this instead).
    * (PE) You are not allowed to blitz or move any units through Friendly Neutrals, including the same turn they are captured, unless they have been previously attacked.
    * (PE) You may not land air units in Friendly Neutrals, including the same turn they are captured, unless they have been previously attacked.
    * (PE) You can not fly over unfriendly neutrals, unless they are being attacked or they have previously been attacked.
    * (PE) Friendly Neutrals can not be 'captured' with an AA Gun, only by land units with an attack power.
    * (PE) You may not build facilities on territories that were Dutch at the start of your turn.
    * (PE) You may not attack a territory containing units owned by a nation that you are not at war with (even if the territory is owned by someone you are at war with).
    * (PE) USA may not end movement in seazone adjacent to Japanese controlled territories when not at war with Japan (Sea Zones 6, 17, 19, 20, 22, 32, 33, 34, 36, and 37).
    * (EM) Japan can fly over UK and French territories before going to war with them.
    * (EM) USA does not have to declare war at the end of USA 3 if they do not want to.
    * (PE) You may not conduct an amphibious assault from an allied transport if the defender could scramble and you have no other combat units to protect that transport.
    * (EM) If Russia is at war with Italy, but not with Germany, a German warship in sz125 will cancel Russia's national objective (and same if at war with Germany but not Italy, and there is an Italian boat in sz125).
    * (EM) If UK Pacific captures Japan, the money should go to UK Pacific, even if UK Pacific's capital is occupied.
    * (EM) You must place all units you purchased if you are able to, or as many as you can. Any units not placed get refunded to you (TripleA instead carries them over to the next turn).
    * (PE) The victory conditions must be held for a full continuous round after they are achieved (so for example if Italy takes Egypt as the 8th European VC, then the Axis must hold 8 VCs continuously until Italy's next turn).
    * (NA) During an SBR, AA fire and casualty selection should be done on a per-facility-being-attacked basis.
    * (EM) Rocket damage to an airfield should occur after scrambling, which means if an airbase is disabled by the rocket attack, it could still scramble this turn.
    * (PE) Paratroopers (airborne) may not attack multiple territories from a single airbase.

General rules for all A&A games that the engine does not do, but you must follow:

  • (PE) Battles should be resolved in this order: all SBR, then all Amphibious Assaults, then all others.
    * (SR or EM) Repairing and Purchase are should actually be done at the same time.
    * (CL) TripleA does keep track of which units are on which transports, but there is no easy way to see this information when it is not your turn.
    * (CL) TripleA should, but does not keep track of which air units are on which carriers.
    * (PE) All air moved must have a way of potentially being picked up or landing, and all air that survives combat MUST be picked up if possible.
    * (PE) TripleA should not allow non-combat moves to be done during combat move phase.
    * (PE) Only non-air units that did not move during combat move and did not participate in combat, may move during non-combat-move.
    * (PE) Transports can only be loaded in 1 phase (not both), and unloaded in 1 phase (not both).
    * (PE) Transports if unloading for amphibious assault, must unload all their units, and may not hold back some units while offloading other units.
    * (NA) Rocket attacks should all be chosen first, before any dice and results are shown.
    * (NA) You should be able to SBR / Rocket attack an empty territory that you are blitzing.
    * (NA) Each phase of combat should have all units in that phase fire before any casualty selection occurs, whereas right now in TripleA if air and subs are involved then units might be broken up into smaller groups and casualty selection done for each group.
    * (EM) If you select for a bombardment from a sea zone, you should be able to select which units you want to have bombard, but currently all possible units are used.
    * (EM) If you are purchasing a carrier which is the only valid landing space, Triple-A won't let you use your planes to attack because you haven't been through the purchase phase yet

Victory Conditions To win with the following victory conditions, a side must maintain it for a complete round of play and must also control at least one of its own capital cities.

Axis Victory: 8 European Victory Cities OR 6 Pacific Victory Cities where at least one is Rome/Berlin/Japan. Allied Victory: Berlin and Rome and Japan are under allied control and allies maintain control of one of their own capitals.

Canals/Straits There are 5 canals/straits in the game with the following set of conditions.

Canal/Strait Name Geographical Location Land Movement Restriction Control for Ship Movement
Panama Canal Central America is one territory through which ships can move. None. It requires no movement to cross. Central America
Suez Canal Connects Trans-Jordan and Egypt. Connects sea zone 81 and 98. Possible. Egypt and Trans-Jordan
Strait of Gibraltar Connects sea zone 91 and 92. Not possible. Only Gibraltar, except there are no control restrictions on submarines.
Danish Straits Connects sea zone 112 and 113. Not possible. Only Denmark.
Turkish Straits Connects sea zones 99 and 100. Turkey is one territory through which ships can move. None. It requires no movement to cross. Turkey

Air units have no restrictions for any strait or canal.

Political Situation At the start of the game Germany and Italy are at war with the UK and ANZAC and France only, while Japan is at war with China only. Any countries not at war with each other ignore each other's naval units and obviously cannot go into each others ground territories. There are a number of specific politically related rules/conditions for each country:


  • Germany/Italy/Japan can declare war on USA or Russia or China at any time.
  • If Germany/Italy/Japan is at war with one of USA or Russia or China it doesn't affect relations with the other.
  • While not yet at war with the USA, Japan may not move into sea zones within 2 spaces of Western USA or Alaska.


  • Russia cannot go to war against the Germans and Italians until the beginning of purchase units phase of Russia 4, unless of course they attack it first, or the Axis capture London.
  • Russia and Japan may declare war on each other at any time. When not at war, Russia may not enter China.


  • If USA is not at war with Germany or Italy, USA may only move its units to sea zones touching USA territories and also Sea Zone 102.
  • If USA is not at war with Japan, USA may not move its units into sea zones touching Japanese controlled territories.
  • USA cannot go to war against the Axis until the beginning of PU collect phase of USA 3, unless of course an Axis power attacks it first.
  • Once at war, the Minor Factories in continental USA upgrade to Major Factories automatically for free, and may be used immediately.

Neutrals There are three types of neutrals:

  • pro-Axis: When an Axis unit moves into one of these zones for the first time, that country gets a one-time bonus number of infantry, specified on the map, and control of the territory. The new infantry cannot be moved until the next turn.
  • pro-Allies: When an Allied unit moves into one of these zones for the first time, that country gets a one-time bonus number of infantry, specified on the map, and control of the territory. The new infantry cannot be moved until the next turn.
  • Regular: If a power attacks a regular neutral, all the other regular neutrals on the board become friendly to the other team.

Note: Capture of friendly neutrals must be done during Non Combat Movement.

When a country moves into a regular or non-friendly neutral during the combat move, it must conduct combat with the number of infantry specified on the map for that neutral. If it loses or retreats, however many infantry that remain are how many that stay in the zone. This means that if Finland was +4 for Axis, and Russia kills 2 infantry and retreats, then Axis only get 2 infantry when they move into Finland.

Kamikaze Attacks Japan starts the game with 6 attack tokens, and may begin doing Kamikaze Attacks at the start of the game.
These attacks can only be done in sea zones that contain the Kamikaze symbol [the sea zones surrounding: Japan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Formosa, and the Marianas].
At the end of Japan's enemy's combat-move phase, Japan may target any surface warship in a Kamikaze zone for one or more Kamikaze attacks, ONLY if the enemy is attacking Japanese units there or is conducting an Amphibious Assault from that sea zone.
For each attack, a die is rolled, and a 2 or less is considered a hit. Casualties are removed immediately, and do not participate in any battles. Kamikaze attacks prevent bombardment as well.

Submarines Prevent Unescorted Transports From Making Amphibious Assaults In any Sea Zone containing an enemy submarine, but not containing an owned warship, the submarine will prevent the offloading of troops for an amphibious assault.

Scrambling Fighters and/or Tactical bombers can be scrambled from any territory bordering a sea zone, with an operating airfield (less than 3 damage) to help defend the surrounding sea zone using their standard defense values. They cannot retreat from scrambling (defenders can never retreat) and if the territory they were scrambled from is captured, they're given one extra movement point to land on a friendly territory or open carrier. Scrambled air cannot participate in any other battles that round.

Strategic Bombing Runs (SBR) Bombing can now happen against both types of ICs, harbours, and airfields (attackers choice)[tactical bombers can not target factories though]. Fighters can participate in the bombing run as escorts. Fighters in the territory being bombed can be launched as interceptors (no airfield necessary).

If interceptors are launched: a one-round air battle takes place right away all air involved roll at 1 (jets rolls at 2). Either attacking bombers or fighters can be taken as casualties.

After the air battle, or if there were no interceptors, the escorts are retreated and any bombers/tacs remaining can now be divied up to attack specific targets. Each target rolls its built-in AA gun against the bombers/tacs targetting it. If there is an AA gun in the territory being bombed it does not roll because its there to defend combat units and not complexes/bases.

Blockade Zones If any enemy ships are in a power's blockade zones at the end of that power's turn, and the power controls the adjacent ground territory, then the power may lose some of the PUs it would have otherwise collected.
Surface warships roll 1 dice, Submarines and Air units roll 2 dice, and carriers and transports roll zero dice. For any roll of 3 or less, that amount of PUs will not be collected by the surrounding land territories. The power in question cannot lose more PUs from a blockade zones then the worth of the adjacent ground territory to those zones.

Placement Restrictions

  • Major Industrial Complexes can only go in territories worth 3 or more, and must be originally owned territories.
  • Minor Industrial Complexes can only go in territories worth 2 or more.
  • Industrial Complexes can't be built on islands.
  • Over-purchase is returned and money is reimbursed.
  • Aircraft can be placed on the ground or on a [new] carrier in the adjacent sea zone that has a spot(s) open.

Units These changes to units are things other than price/movement which you can see in the buy menu.

  • Bombers now do 2 additional damage in strategic bombing raids, in addition to their dice roll.
  • Carriers are two hit.
  • Minor Industrial Complexes have 3 production capacity. A Minor IC can be upgraded to a Major IC for 20 PUs, but only on originally owned territories.
  • Major Industrial Complexes have 10 production capacity. When a Major IC is captured it automatically becomes a minor IC.
  • AA Guns may be taken casualty in combat, and may only fire at up to 3 aircraft each.

New Units Tactical Bombers: can land on carriers, can bomb, and if paired with a tank or fighter the Tac attacks at 4. Tactical Bombers can also strategic bomb Airfields and Harbours (but not factories). Mechanized Infantry: can blitz when paired with a tank, and are supportable by artillery. Carriers: now have 2 hitpoints, and when damaged they do not allow fighters to land, or to leave if cargo.

New Buildings Harbour: Any ships that start their turn in a sea zone adjacent to a harbour get +1 movement points. Any damaged ships are repaired by a harbour at the start of the player's purchase and repair turn phase. Lastly, harbours can be bombed, and if they have 3 or more damage then they do not provide the above bonuses. Airfield: Any air that start their turn on the ground territory with an airfield get +1 movement points. Airfields allow up to 3 planes on that island to scramble (see Scramble section above). Airfields can be bombed, and if they have 3 or more damage then they do not provide the movement bonus.

Credits to Veqryn for almost all related Engine code that allows this map to work.

Change Log:

Everything done, now playtesting. Cloned from G40 3.9 and BM3.3

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