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Original Map Credits: Bung, Veqryn

G 40 Expansion

This is a House Rule Mod for "Global 1940 Second Edition". It was Created by The Captain and Company. They can be reached here:

and here:

The rules can be found here:

This mod will play more like a TableTop game than most triplea maps. While there is the need for edit use, it is completely playable and will become second nature after a few games. It's Huge upside is well worth the effort.

The following is just going to address the triplea game play, although the Help button top right has some Unit information. You will need to read the rules download for full game information.


If needing to use edit after combat move and before combat and there will be only 1 battle, you will need to edit before your combat move, as after, you will go straight to the battle without being able to edit. If multiple battles are taking place, you will be able to edit before the first battle is fought to remove units but not place. Actually, you can place but they will have no effect on the battle.


Some Pacific Island Bonuses don't activate correctly. Currently, if you conquer an opposing Players Territory and then lose it, it will only give the negative bonus for that turn. All proceeding turns will not give the negative bonus. If/when you reconquer the Territory, it will work correctly for that turn and then revert to previous behaviour.

Use Edit to correct.


Sometimes triplea will not allow you to make a legal landing on a Carrier. Use edit to replace Units as needed.

Use Edit to correct.

Section I

United Kingdom One Economy

UK may only spend 20 PUs in the Pacific Theatre. Player Enforced.

China Bonus Infantry

China has it's Game Start income boosted by 3 PUs to represent the added Infantry. It also has a 3 PU National Objective. It will not show up in the Objectives tab but does show at end turn.

Weapons Developement

You may activate tech in Early 1943, Round 7, in "Map Options". You will need to save the game and turn on before restarting game.

Double Place Phase

Waffen Infantry, Waffen Panzer, Commandos, Marines, Unarmed Mines, Waffen Paratroopers, Waffen Artillery, Wolfpacks and Underground Factories are all placed in the First Placement Phase. Everything else as normal.

If placing both a Minor Factory and a Underground Minor, Place the Minor in the first phase and the Underground in the second.


Only Place Units that are activated that turn in the First Place Phase.

1. Soviet Guard Infantry

They work correctly.

2. Waffen Infantry

Max Build is Player Enforced. Otherwise they work correctly.


When using the "Basic" Rules, you need to purchase the "Waffen_Infantry2" Unit, which will show up on the bottom right of the Purchase Window.

3. Waffen Panzer

They work correctly.

4 and 5. British Commandos and USA Marines

Commando/Marine units now attack at 2 and get +1 when paired with Artillery. If attacking by themselves, you need to edit in a CommandoA1/MarineA1 unit.

You will also need to edit when placing in a Allied Factory. Make a legal placement and then edit after turn end.

6. Elite Infantry

You may only have 1 Elite in any Territory at any one time. This includes Allied Elites. This is Player Enforced. If you are forced to retreat to a Territory that has another Elite or Allied Elite, kill them with edit before Non Combat Move.


When being supported by Artillery and other Artillery supportable units are present, the Artillery sometimes will support only 1 of the Elite's rolls as well as 1 other unit. So, the Elite will show up in the "1" category in the "Battle Window", but the rolls will be correct.

7. Paratroopers

Paratroopers Move 2 and +1 from an Airfield. Player Enforce correct land movement of 1 move only. Paratroopers may require edit for their "Air Movement". Before attacking, if facing AA fire, activate "Roll Dice" under "Game", top left, and roll for AA fire. Then use edit to kill any hits and select "Perform Move Or Other Actions" and then click on the Paratrooper and make a legal move. If there is only 1 battle to be fought that Combat Phase, you will need to do this at the START of your Combat Move.


If accompanied by Air Units during an edit assisted attack across water, along with other ground Units performing an Amphibious Attack , All Paras MUST die before retreating the Air Units or the game will freeze.

If no accompanying ground Units, you can't retreat the Air Units until ALL Paras are dead. It will then throw a "Withdraw" error when you retreat the remaining Planes, but that is one you can ignore.

This is the only truly serious issue in the mod.

They will also be allowed to retreat from Land Battles. This is a legal move.

Instead of a A3 bonus for first round only, the Para will fire one AA shot at 2, along with it's normal A1. The AA shot's casualties do not get to fire back

Also, it receives no Artillery support during land attacks, which helps to balance the First Strike AA kills.

This was the most challenging unit for the engine. I've run several simulated battle scenarios and think it plays fine though. You just need to be deliberate in your steps the first few times. So you may want to save in between turns/phases and fight the Para battles first in case of any mistakes, until you get comfortable with it.

Also if you are only doing 1 attack that phase, don't forget to turn off edit before ending your Combat Move. Otherwise, it will go straight to Battle and you can't turn edit off then.


If moving with edit, it may take an unintended route and conquer empty enemy Territories in the process. You may move with your intended course and stop when triplea deviates from your intended path, or edit unintended Territories to correct ownership.

8. Lend-Lease

After the Allied Players Non Combat Move is finished, use edit and place the appropiate Lend-Lease Unit with the corresponding Unit. On Russia’s turn, purchase “1_PU” for every Lend Lease Unit you want to accept. On First Place phase, place the 1_PU where the Lend Lease Unit is and then use edit to remove the Lend-lease Units and add the Soviet ones. The “1_PU” Unit will remove itself before Combat Move.

This is to maintain correct PU levels.


If The Lend-Lease Units come under attack before Russia's turn, don't take the Lend-Lease image as a hit. It will auto die if the battle is lost.

Player Enforced Unit Limits. You may want to use the "Comment Log" under View, Top left, to keep track of how many Units have been sent.

9. Facilities

Underground Factories.

Purchase a Demolition Unit for Free on the turn you want to destroy them. You don’t have to use it, although you may want to place and edit the Factory back, so it won’t stay in your Purchased Units list if you don’t use it.

Don’t place and destroy same turn. Player Enforced. Use edit to downgrade while moving.

Russian Factories.

While the Factory can move on it's own, you will need to keep track of Rail movement usage. Player Enforced.

Demolition of Airfields and Harbours.

These work correctly. Purchase the appropriate Demolition Unit and plant the explosives at the targeted Facility during the second Place Phase. The Facility will detonate at end turn. It will auto destruct before next enemy combat move.

10. Non-Agression Pacts

Use edit to add units after combat move and adjust PU levels. Ignore second DOW notice when either Italy or Germany attack.

11. Strategic Bombing

You can't designate certain Fighters to protect certain Facilities. The Air Battles will be fought in one battle.

So if you send 2 Fighter Escorts and 2 Bombers with 2 Interceptors defending and the Bombers are Bombing separate targets, there will be one Air Battle with all planes. You may choose your own Air casualties. Triplea will randomly select AA casualties. They will select Bombers or Tac Bombers only.

Section II

1. The Expanded Pacific Ocean


Some Pacific Island Bonuses don't activate correctly. Currently, if you conquer an opposing Players Territory and then lose it, it will only give the negative bonus for that turn. All proceeding turns will not give the negative bonus. If/when you reconquer the Territory, it will work correctly for that turn and then revert to previous behaviour.

Use Edit to correct.

Allied Land Units in New Guinea are able to activate the Bonus PUs for Dutch New Guinea in Combat Move before it is conquered by Japan. This is unintended and is Player Enforced. You may still take control in Non Combat Move.

Also in the Rare instance USA is in positon to enter Dutch New Guinea first, you will need to Player Enforce that it doesn't.

Defenders from different Players, may or may not, incorrectly activate the negative bonus if Japan conquers. Use Edit if needed.

After round 30 you will need to use edit for correct PU behavior.

May be turned off in "Map Options".

2. Increased Ship Building

Movement Restrictions are Player Enforced. The 2 Naval Fighters placed in "Late 1942" will always place. Use edit to correct Unit total if needed.

May be turned off with map option "The Expanded Pacific Ocean".

3. Heavy Industry Production

Only Factories at Game Start can be upgraded. Player Enforced. Use First Place Phase and edit if necessary, when placing multiple upgrades at once.

4. Landmine

This requires extensive edit use. There is also a TripleA option that is "edit free" explained below.

You may purchase "unarmed" mines and place them in your Capital during the "First Place" phase. It will allow you to place as many as you want, so placement is Player Enforced.

Use edit to place “Armed” mines. They are placed in the 2nd Place Phase. Use the Player “Changer” for these. You may place them anywhere there is an unarmed mine. When you place the armed mines, you will need to use the “Comment Log” stating which Border they are defending in the territory. To access the comment log, go to the “View” menu, and click “Show Comment Log”.

You may also place “Colored” mines: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. This will allow you to edit different mines designating the defense of different borders. As a guideline, you may way want to use no color for West, Blue for North, Green for South and Red for East. Yellow for Northeast and Southwest and Orange for Northwest and Southeast to make it easier to tell how many and where they defend are.

Use comment log to clarify. A notepad next to your keyboard with the information may also prove useful, after the initial documentation.

Using the mines in combat requires use of the "Dice Roller". It is located in the "Game" menu next to View. If only 1 battle is to take place, at the START of your combat move, determine how many units are crossing the minefield and roll as many dice as there are armed mines. Use edit to remove any casualties and any mines that detonated. Excess mine hits are not removed.

You must do any edits before starting the combat move if there is to be only 1 battle that phase. So, if needed, do a dry run and note the units entering the minefield. Use comment log if necessary.

If there will be multiple battles, you will be able to edit before the first battle takes place.

The Dice Roller is not tracked in "History" so you may use the comment log if you want to keep a record of the rolls/hits. If playing by Forum, it is recommended to use the Axis & dice roller.

You may load no more than 3 mines on a transport. This is Player Enforced.

Do not take mines as casualties in combat. Player enforced. When a territory is conquered, all the unarmed mines will be destroyed. Armed Changer mines will be unaffected.

Use the same procedure as above, for any units that cross the minefield in non combat move.

Mines will block blitz movement. Use edit "Perform Move or Other Actions" to make a legal move.

TripleA Landmines

The “armed” mines are D2 now. They only die after getting a hit or taken as a casualty. They roll separately from the rest of the defending units, so you can see if they hit or not. You can place as many as there are “unarmed” mines, so you’ll have to player enforce any territory limits. They will defend against attacks from any border.

May be turned on in "Map Options".

5. Escorts & Transports

Use edit to place and remove the "Escort Convoy" unit when Convoys are formed or dispersed. Transports must be taken as casualties last. This is Player Enforced.

Do not attack Subs without a Destroyer present. This is also Player Enforced. If you have a mixed Fleet without Destroyers attacking Subs, allocate the Escort hits to other Vessels when possible. If Subs submerge after first round of combat, use edit to replace any illegal Escort hits at the end of combat. If they don't submerge, then count any Escort hits.

Do not take Transports as casualties the first three rounds Player Enforced. You will have to kill them in battle, so you may want to quit battle and edit accordingly or continue battle till they're all dead.

Use "Roll Dice" for Bombard Attacks with only D1 Transports defending. Ignore the Sea Battle results and/or use edit if needed.

May be turned off in "Map Options".

6. US National Guard

The National Guard Units will deploy with any state of war with Japan. Use edit to remove them if illegally placed.

May be turned off in "Map Options".

7. Carrier Based Fighter Aircraft

Movement Restrictions are Player Enforced. Use edit for making legal landing moves when Carrier is sunk or damaged. If caught in land combat, use edit to remove them. If only 1 battle to take place that Combat Phase, you must edit before starting combat move, then replace them if needed after combat.

The 2 Naval Fighters placed in "Late 1942" will always place. Use edit to correct Unit total if needed.

8. Defensive Fortifications

Only place as many as there are Infantry present. Place in 2nd Place Phase only. These are Player Enforced.

Do Not take as casualties. If they lose battle, they will auto die. If they win, remove any excess Fortifications with edit after combat.

Use edit for Italy and Russia in the unlikely event they are needed.

9. German Atlantic Wall

Only place as many as there are Infantry present. Place in 2nd Place Phase only. These are Player Enforced.

Do Not take as casualties. If they lose battle, they will auto die. If they win, remove any excess Atlantic Wall units with edit after combat.

10. Capital Warships Taking Damage

Don't attack with Damaged Carriers. Take Carriers as first hit when Battleships are present. These are Player Enforced. Don't take "Defend CV Hit" as a casualty in Land Combat. This is also Player Enforced.

1 "Repair Carrier" or "Repair BB" Unit will repair All damaged Ships. Make sure to buy the appropriate amount of repair units. Player Enforced. They will auto die after combat move. Use edit to place in open sea. This may be fixed in the future.

Only scramble to the disabled Carrier's Sea Zone with the "Defend CV" Unit. Do not take as a hit in Land Combat. Do Not use any designated Fighters for other actions while on Carrier Defense Duty. These are all Player Enforced.

Place the "Defend CV" Unit during the 2nd Place Phase. It will auto remove before your next Purchase Phase.


If you didn't purchase a free Defend CV unit, simply edit one in after your turn.

If damage is taken to a Battleship, you will need to edit to "BB_Damaged" and "Pac_BB_Damaged" before non combat move, so they will have a attack factor of zero. You will also need to edit 1 hit of damage. Turn on edit and then click on the Battleship to add damage.

11. Super Heavy Battleship

They work correctly.

The "SHB" will fire 2 Bombard shots, even if only 1 amphibous unit is attacking. Use the Dice Roller to simulate the bombardment and for any casualties to fire back. Then use edit to adjust accordingly. If you have more than 1 battle taking place, you will be able to use edit before choosing the first battle to fight. If only 1 battle is being fought, it will go straight to combat after your combat move. You will need to edit before your combat move in that case.

If damage is taken in combat, you will need to edit to "Hvy_BB_Dmgd" and "German_Hvy_BB_Dmgd" before non combat move, so they will have a attack factor of zero. You will also need to edit 1 or 2 hits of damage. Turn on edit and then click on the Battleship to add damage.

Section III

1. US Armoured Infantry

They work correctly.

2. German Panzer Grenadiers

They work correctly.

3. Strategic Rail Movement

Each Major Power's Rail Units will place before Combat Move. Germany, Russia, the United States and Italy, will place in their Capitals. Britain will place in South Africa and China in Kansu.

You must control your Capital for units to place. China needs USA Capital.

This is to help remind the Player of it's non combat move availability. They will not be able to move in combat move. The one with a "E" on it is for Europe movement. This is to keep track of rail movement.

A rail unit will move any unit regardless of theatre.

Click on the Rail unit and then click the unit you want to move.

Use edit "Perform Move or Other Actions" if necessary to make your move.

Correct movement is Player Enforced.

4. Home Defense

Use edit to place the 2 Japanese Infantry. Use the Dice roller to roll the first round battles and edit to remove casualties before start of combat.

So, do your combat move. Manually roll first round of battle. Then end combat move. Then edit to remove casualties. Then start combat phase.

5. Landing Craft

Only take as casualty when Attacking in Land Battles. They will Auto Die when only units left in battle. Player Enforced. Roll Scramble Battles in the Dice Roller before starting Combat Phase.

Use edit "Perform Move or Other Actions" for movement across Sea Zones. You will need to click on the units it's carrying as well.


If accompanied by Air Units during an attack, you won't be able to retreat Air Units during battle. If necessary, save game, reroll battle accordingly using the triplea Dice Roller located in "View" top left of screen and then edit correct outcome.

6. D-Day

Move all USA Land Units to participate in D-Day to UK. Do not move any Air or Naval Units that will participate in D-Day. Use Comment log if necessary. Finish the rest of USA's turn.

On UK turn, make All non D-Day combat moves. Catalogue in comment log. Hit undo. Then use edit to add all USA D-Day units as British, to United Kingdom. Sea and Air Units to where they were on USA turn. Refer to comment log if needed.

Now do all UK combat moves. Can either do D-day first or non D-day ones. Whichever seems more effecient.

After combat, use edit to replace UK units with the appropriate USA units and change territory control to Americans if invasion was successful. Refer to comment log if needed.

It's an involved turn, but only happens once a game, so not game breaking. Hopefully someone will redraw the map in the future, adding a D-Day box, as well as boxes for the Army Groups and Corps.

7. Red Army Conscription

Placement Restrictions Player Enforced. So no more than 20 in Moscow and 6 in the Minor Factorys. Max build of 26 is enforced.

May be turned off in "Map Options".

8. German U-boats

"Wolfpack" units are A0 D0 C3 units with unlimited movement. They give 1 AA shot of +1 on offense and +2 on defense to each U-Boat in it's sea zone for 1 round only.

Any hits will not be able to fire back, regardless of enemy Destroyers being present.

You may place Wolfpack units in any sea zone next to German controlled territories. Place them in the First place phase so they can be used that turn.

They have unlimited movement but will still be blocked by Destroyers, so use "Perform Move Or Other Actions" in edit if needed. Otherwise, you mu

Sea zone 113 is usually a good place for Wolfpack units waiting to be formed.

Do not take as casualties. They will auto die if they are the only units left. They still need to be hit though, so if you get tired of rolling, simply submerge Wolfpack and kill him with edit at the end of the phase.

After combat, triplea will remove any Wolfpack units that are in the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea that no longer meet the requirement for a Wolfpack, before the Germans non combat move.

You will need to use edit to remove any additional Wolfpacks before Germany's next combat move, if enemy attacks have done the same.

9. Waffen Paratroopers

Move 3 with +1 from Airfield. Player Enforce correct land movement of 1 move only. Use Dice Roller for AA fire. You may need to use edit to make combat or non combat moves with "Perform Move or Other Actions" same as Wehrmacht Paratroopers. If still not possible to make legal move, edit directly at start of phase. May not attack Capitals. Player Enforced. Max Builds Player Enforced. They are supported by Waffen Artillery.

May be turned off in "Map Options".

10. Waffen Artillery

Edit to "Waffen_ArtyPG" when inside of a Waffen Army, so it doesn't use it's artillery support bonus.

Section IV

1. Soviet Tank Mass Production

They work correctly.

2. Waffen Panzer Grenadiers

Max Build is Player Enforced. Otherwise they work correctly.

3. Waffen Oberst-Gruppenführer

There are "4" Oberst. The one you can purchase is not currently in command of a Waffen Army. Depending on the configuration of the Army, use edit to replace the Oberst with a "2", "3" or "4" Oberst. This will boost the appropriate A2, A3 and A4 units.

Always take the Oberst as the First casualty of the Army. Otherwise it will continue to roll twice and give it's bonus roll to the designated unit.

Use edit to replace a Waffen Army unit that survives and retreats, with the Oberst who was killed, if needed for regrouping in non combat move.

For example. You have 2 Waffen Infantry, a Waffen Panzer and a Oberst. You decide to create a Waffen Army with the Oberst giving it's bonus roll to the Panzer by using edit to replace the Oberst with "Oberst 4" before the start of your combat move.

When more than 1 Waffen Army is present in a territory, only 1 Army can use it's bonus rolls. Use regular Oberst for other Armies.

When attacking, all units in the Army must start in same territory. Player Enforced.

Edit in the "tactical_bomberPG" and "artilleryPG" before battle to prevent excessive attack bonus if needed. They will receive no Armour support nor support Infantry Units.

4. Soviet Commissar

They behave the same as the Waffen Oberst-Gruppenführer.

Edit in the "tactical_bomberTG" and "artilleryTG" before battle to prevent excessive attack bonus if needed. They will receive no Armour support nor support Infantry Units.

5. Panzer General

Only build 1 per turn. Player Enforced. Use the Oberst and Commisar procedure for correct game play. Panzer General3 is the combat active one.

When in Cmbat, Kill the PG first if you won't have enough units left to keep the Army active otherwise it will continue to give bonus. Use edit to replace after battle if needed.

Edit in the "tactical_bomberPG/TG" before battle to prevent excessive attack bonus if needed. They will receive no Armour support.

6. Army Group

Use edit to place an Army Group Flag. There are 2 Flags. "Army Group Active" is the Flag for receiving the combat bonus.

7. German Take Over of Italy

Use edit to change unit and territory control. Also use edit to adjust PU levels and any Damage to Facilities.

The extra Para and LCV build limits are Player Enforced. National Objectives will not show up in the Objectives tab. They will be listed at end of turn and in History.

8. Total War

Placement number is Player Enforced. Only place during 2nd plase phase or they won't change. If unable to place in a legal spot, use edit. This should be a rare occurence.

Navy Fighters must be placed in Japan and Western United States. Use edit to move them to their correct Sea Zones.

9. Air Transport

Movement is Player Enforced. They can move 6, or 7 with Airfield, whether loaded or not. Only Germany may transport Panzers. Player Enforced.


They won't reset if you select from all units. Best to load one at a time. May need to restart game if unable to edit correct behavior.

Section V Optional Rules

May be turned off in "Map Options" before Game Start.

1. Soviet Partisans

You can purchase and place in any soviet controlled territory. You will need to then use edit, to place where you want and remove. This is to keep track of PU levels.

You need to use edit to kill/remove any Partisans your units come into contact with. Also to change from 2 Partisans to 1 Infantry.

If only 1 Partisan in territory, it will conquer it during combat phase. You will need to edit desired results.

2. German Volkssturm

When conditions are met, save game and before restarting, turn on in Map options. You can either turn on and off as needed, or Player Enforce if conditions no longer legal.

3. German Me 262 Jet Fighter

These work correctly.

4. German King Tiger Tank

Max Build is Player Enforced. Per turn build of 3, is Player Enforced. They can be repaired anywhere. Use the above procedure for repairing Battleships and Carriers.

Repair unit will not repair Battleship or Carrier.

It is actually easier to use edit for the repairs, as their combat values do not change the way Battleships do.

5. Waffen Heavy Tank

These work correctly. Use same repair procedure as above. Uses same place procedure as other Waffen Units.

6. Japanese Banzai Attack

Will auto place 1 Banzai unit per turn in Japan. Has unlimited movement. Do not take as casualty in battle. Use only for legal attacks. Player Enforced.

Will auto die at End Turn.

7. British Seafire Fighter Planes

Requires same Player Enforced and edit use as USA and Japan Navy Fighters listed above.

8. German Me-109T Fighter Planes

Requires same Player Enforced and edit use as USA and Japan Navy Fighters listed above.

9. Japanese Destroyers


Triplea will always load Infanty to Destroyer first. Load 1 at a time and use edit if needed.

Only load with Infantry and Elite infantry. Player Enforced.

10. Rockets

Only move 1 space in NCM. Do not take as casualty. Player Enforced. Will auto die if only units left.

11. Bidding

Player Enforced. :)

12. US Heavy Transport

Player Enforce no more than 2 Tanks per Transport.

13. German Type XXI U-boats

Uses a AA shot at attack 4 if no other type of ships attacking for first shot. If no Destroyer present or Destroyer is taken as casualty, you will have option to submerge. If not, you will then fire a normal First Strike Attack and all Defenders will return fire.

Take Destroyer as casualty if you plan on submerging after first attack. Battle will then end and you can edit Destroyer back in if needed.

14. Heavy Bombers

They work correctly.

15. Basic Expansion Rules

Changes to the Basic Expansion Rules. Russian Conscription may only build 12 total now. Germany, Japan, USA, when at war, and UK all recieve 6 PUs for Advanced Production now. Italy receives nothing.

You will need to turn off in Map Options ,or ignore, "Expanded Pacific Ocean", "National Guard" and "Total War".

Waffen Artillery, Wolfpacks and Landing Craft will show up in the Purchase Window. They should be ignored.

Basic Expansion Rules are here:

16. 1943 Expansion Rules

1943 Expansion Rules are here:


You will need to Edit the Hit Damage to 1 of the Japanese Carriers in Sea Zone 45 and the British Carrier in Sea Zone 106.

France will also place 4 Infantry regardless of it's Factory damage. Use edit if needed.

17. Desert Army

Adds the Desert Army Unit. Once the Desert Army is Formed, you will need to edit the correct DesertGeneral. Use "DesertGeneral3" with Tank Units. "DesertGeneral2" with Artillery. Use "DesertGeneralA2D3" for Panzer Grenadier and Armoured Infantry Units. Use "DesertGeneralA1D3" for Combat Engineers. Use"DesertGeneral" for all other Units.

Move Restrictions are Player Enforced. This may be fixed in the future.

Edit in the "tactical_bomberPG/TG" and "artilleryPG/TG" before battle to prevent excessive attack bonus if needed. They will receive no Armour support nor support Infantry Units.

18. Combat Engineer

Adds the Combat Engineer Unit. Use Edit for moving Minor Factories and removing Landmines. Also for landing at Landing Strips. Land the Air Unit in a legal area and then edit after Non Combat Move. Unit Image courtesy of Hepps.

Unofficial SBR Option

This is independent of the Captain and Company's Awesome House Rules, thus "Unofficial". :) May be turned on in "Map Options".

Bombers are now a A0 D0 M6 +1 w/AB C5 unit. They may perform SBR attacks only. They have no Air Battle Attack Factor but can be taken as casualties in the Air Battle with Interceptors. They do 1-6 damage. They no longer receive +2 to an SBR attack.

Fighters now Air battle at Attack 1 on Escort and Defend 2 on Intercept. Tactical Bombers now Air Battle at attack 1.

If defending in a Land Combat, do not take as casualty. Player enforced.

If you receive a Notification that says "Units in Following Territories will Die". Ignore this and hit "Done Moving". This will be fixed in the future.

This has no effect on "Heavy Bombers".


You may manipulate the number of Air battle rounds in "Map Options" before Game Start, as well as, "Attacker" "Defender" retreat.

I suggest using with the default "Expansion" rules, which are unlimited.

You can also Bomb Underground Factories. Max damage to a Major is 7 and a Minor 2. So the major will be able to produce 3 units at max damage and a minor 1. Heavy Industry has 8 max damage to a major, Minor remains at 2. So 4 and 2 for their minimum builds.

This represents bombing of transportation lines to the Factories and to encourage more SBR's.

Unofficial "Normandy Original Owner Pro Neutral Allies"

When France is Liberated, Normandy Bordeaux will no longer turn French.

Victory Conditions

These are currently Player Enforced. They will be added at a later date.


There are additional Player Enforced rules in the original Game Notes below.


Thanks to General Zod, wc_sumpton, hepps and others for xml help. Also Thanks to Joe Pants, hepps, Veqryn, Frostion, ebbe and others for Unit image help. Thanks to the triplea devs for making it possible.

Change Log:



Fix Major Bug with Waffen Armies and Commisar Corps. Fix Pacific Transport not defending at 1. Make Paras Move 2 +1 with Airfield. Waffen Paras M3 +1. Remove "mine_armed" from Player Purchase Windows.

Add 1 PU to Celebes for 1943 Expansion. Add Tactical Bomber PG and TG as well as Artillery PG and TG for edit use in Battles. Also adds Waffen Artillery PG. Add Commisar A1D3 and A2D3. Make UK and USA Desert Armies work with Paratroopers for negative bonus.

Change Total War Unit Images. Fix German take Over of Italy Firing after activated. Flip ANZAC Units facing. Add Unofficial "Normandy Original Owner Pro Neutral Allies".

Fix German_Heavy_BB not repairing. Fix Panzer_Grndrs and ArmouredInfantry not being able to use Air Transport. Change German Take Over of Italy to show up before Purchase. Change Wolfpack cost to 0. Fix Wolfpack not Targeting Transports. Fix German Total War Infantry placing twice.



Fix Engineers not getting Artillery boost.



Add Notification for Incorrect Pacific Island Bonuses. Clarify Game Notes for LCVs. Fix Take Over Italy Notification showing up after accepted. Change German take Over of Italy Rail to show as Europe only.

Fix German Heavy Tanks and Russian Commisars not being able to move by rail. Change Rockets to move 2. Fix Total War Me 262 turning into Tactical Bombers. Fix Waffen Paras negating regular Para attack bonus.

Add Desert Army. Add Combat Engineer.



Fix Dutch New Guinea not giving PUs to Allies without battle. Fix some Total War Units not showing up in Purchase Window.Some Notification and Game Notes cleanup.



Fix Dutch New Guinea not activating correctly on Allied counter attack after lost and reconquered. Fix Wolfpack removing Sea Zone 109 when 3 U-boats present. Fix Wolfpack not removing with less than 3 U-boats present in Sea Zone 99.

Make Heavy Industry placement compliant. Fix extra Italian rail not showing up after German takeover of Italy. Fix Chinese rail showing up, unless 3 Territories are owned.

Fix Allies activating Liberate of Pacific Territories when only having battle and not winning. Update D-Day Notes.

Add Roundels to all Changer Landmines. Change "Commando/Marine" units to attack at 2 and get +1 when paired with Artillery. Add "CommandoA1/MarineA1".



Fix British getting ANZAC "Strategic Islands" Objective when 1943 Rules aren't active. Add Notification for Russia's 10 PU s when attacked for first time. Fix China rail placement when they have no territories. Fix Me 262 Total War showing up early.

Fix "waffen_panzer" showing up early. Change USA National Guard notification to end of Japan's turn. Fix "artillery" transport cost.

Fix Transports not being able to be taken as a hit. You now need to Player Enforce correct behaviour for first 3 rounds. Fix BB_Damaged changing to Attack 0 in middle of battle. You will now need to edit BB_Damaged after combat phase. Heavy_BB and German_Heavy_BB work the same way.



Undo Fix Mongolia not changing to Russian Control after Japanese Attack.Fix Heavy Underground Factories not placing. Fix German Total War Infantry over placing.

Fix Japan Total War Naval Fighter not placing. Add Me_262 to Total War. Add 1943 Expansion Setup in "Map Options".



Fix Mongolia not changing to Russian Control after Japanese Attack.



Fix Dutch New Guinea for "Pacific Expanded".



Change "Changer" to "Axis Alliance". This has no affect on Game Play and just allows the proper Alliances to line up correctly at game start. Fix "Oberst 3" moving 3. Made Landmines Non Air-Transportable.

Have Russian "1 PU" rmevove all instead of just 1. Correct notification that you may not have more than 1 "Army Group" active, they just can only have 1 Active per Territory.



Fix Waffen Infantry showing twice in Purchase Window when Basic Rules are activated. Prevent Wolfpack from auto placing in Sea Zone 113 when Basic Rules activated.



Change Max Build Limits for Waffen Infantry, Panzer Grenadiers, German Paras and King Tigers. Max builds are now Player Enforced for these Units. Add Russian Conscription, Advanced Production and Waffen Infantry Cost 2 for Basic Rules.



Flip German "Army Group Flag" direction. Add Notification for USA National Guard activation. Fix Pacific Islands Original Owners not having a negative PU every turn they don't control them.



Add "Army Group" image for Americans.



Make Russian Factories only move during Non Combat.Fix Wolfpacks not Defending.



Fix USA activating National Guard more than once.



Armour units will not transport Infantry when Mech Infantry tech is on. Add China Rail movement. Add Colored Mines.



Fix Rail movement. Add Auto Rail placements. Make AA Guns moveable by rail.



Add Japanese Destroyer. Remove Fortifications from Russia and Italy purchase windows. Add auto place of 1 Wolfpack in Sea Zone 113 every round through round 8.



Fix Air Transports.



Fix Battleships and Carriers needing a Harbour to be repaired. Add map option "Naval Repairs Require Harbor".



Fix Germany and Italy going to war in round 1.



Fix Waffen Artillery not consuming Artillery when placed.



Fix Fighters being targeted by A0C5 Bombers when "Unofficial SBR Option" is on.



Correct Non-Agression Pact Game Notes. Adjust "Unofficial SBR Option".



Adds "Section V Optional Rules". Landmines can now be purchased one at a time. Wolfpacks now have unlimited movement.



Adds "Version 4".



Change Waffen Paras to enter round 7. Make German Heavy BB max production of 1. Add new LCV images. Rename "Version" to "Section".



Adds "Version 3".



Add Map Options "Escorts and Transports" and "National Guard". Fix "Escorts" not being available for purchase in round 4.



Adds "Version 2".



Fix USA not being able to Declare War on Japan after Japan Declared War on British and ANZAC.



Adjust Lend Lease Notes. Shorten some Unit names to create more space in the Purchase Window. Add Demolition Unit for Underground Factories. Fix Commandos and Marines not placing at Underground Factories.



Add Objectives Tab back. Adjust Lend Lease.



Name change.


Fix Pro Neutral Units not changing.

Global 1940 Second Edition


This game uses the latest Global 1940 2nd Edition (successor to Alpha +3) rules, as posted on Larry's website.

To blitz move mech_infantry with armour, you must click on them both at the same time (use CTRL to create waypoints).

Paratroopers tech enables a second combat movement phase which happens right after the first combat movement phase, and the second one only allowes movement of paratrooping infantry.


The game is not meant to take over your responsibility in knowing the rules. For example, the game engine is not always going to restrict or allow certain attacks. It is your responsibility to know the rules and abide by them. Most of the game notes that follow can be thought of as differences compared to WWIIv3 or WWIIv4 rules but obviously are not a complete manual for the game. Beginners to these games are suggested to ask for help in the lobby or on the forums at

You must always validate your own movement, especially air movement at sea. The engine is not perfect.

Edit Mode

If you ever need to create new UK units, always create "British" units, do not create "UK_Pacific" units (except for Factories and facilities, all UK_Pacific units turn into British units when placed normally).

The Warbonds technology will give the PUs to the British, please use edit mode if you want some of it to go to UK Pacific.

You may also need to use edit mode to correct things listed below.

Below is a list of rules that the TripleA game engine either does not enforce, or enforces incorrectly, at this point.

Each item starts with a code in parentheses that represents how you may fix or correct the rule.

(PE) = Player Enforced = You must be aware of the rule and must follow it. The engine will not stop you from breaking the rule.

(CL) = Comment Log = You must record what you are doing in the comment log, because TripleA does not keep that information around. (To access the comment log, go to the 'view' menu, and click 'show comment log', then type a comment there.)

(SR) = Save/Reload = You may save the game now or at the start of the phase, then reload it, in order to solve this problem.

(EM) = Edit Mode = You must use Edit Mode to correct or fix the error, because the engine either disallows the rule or otherwise does something wrong that you can correct.

(NA) = None Available = There is no fix available for this yet.

Rules specific to 1940 the engine does not do, but you must follow:

* (EM) You may ask for permission during your turn to move through a canal owned by a power you are not yet at war with (use edit mode to move them).

* (CL) TripleA does not keep track of which neutral territories have been previously attacked (use comment log to keep track of this instead).

* (PE) You are not allowed to blitz or move any units through Friendly Neutrals, including the same turn they are captured, unless they have been previously attacked.

* (PE) You may not land air units in Friendly Neutrals, including the same turn they are captured, unless they have been previously attacked.

* (PE) You can not fly over unfriendly neutrals, unless they are being attacked or they have previously been attacked.

* (PE) Friendly Neutrals can not be 'captured' with an AA Gun, only by land units with an attack power.

* (PE) You may not build facilities on territories that were Dutch at the start of your turn.

* (PE) You may not attack a territory containing units owned by a nation that you are not at war with (even if the territory is owned by someone you are at war with).

* (PE) USA may not end movement in seazone adjacent to Japanese controlled territories when not at war with Japan (Sea Zones 6, 17, 19, 20, 22, 32, 33, 34, 36, and 37).

* (EM) Japan can fly over UK and French territories before going to war with them.

* (EM) USA does not have to declare war at the end of USA 3 if they do not want to.

* (PE) You may not conduct an amphibious assault from an allied transport if the defender could scramble and you have no other combat units to protect that transport.

* (EM) If Russia is at war with Italy, but not with Germany, a German warship in sz125 will cancel Russia's national objective (and same if at war with Germany but not Italy, and there is an Italian boat in sz125).

* (EM) If UK Pacific captures Japan, the money should go to UK Pacific, even if UK Pacific's capital is occupied.

* (EM) You must place all units you purchased if you are able to, or as many as you can. Any units not placed get refunded to you (TripleA instead carries them over to the next turn).

* (PE) The victory conditions must be held for a full continuous round after they are achieved (so for example if Italy takes Egypt as the 8th European VC, then the Axis must hold 8 VCs continuously until Italy's next turn).e

* (EM) Rocket damage to an airfield should occur after scrambling, which means if an airbase is disabled by the rocket attack, it could still scramble this turn.

* (PE) Paratroopers (airborne) may not attack multiple territories from a single airbase.

General rules for all A&A games that the engine does not do, but you must follow:

* (PE) Battles should be resolved in this order: all SBR, then all Amphibious Assaults, then all others.

* (SR or EM) Repairing and Purchase are should actually be done at the same time.

* (CL) TripleA does keep track of which units are on which transports, but there is no easy way to see this information when it is not your turn.

* (CL) TripleA should, but does not keep track of which air units are on which carriers.

* (PE) All air moved must have a way of potentially being picked up or landing, and all air that survives combat MUST be picked up if possible.

* (PE) TripleA should not allow non-combat moves to be done during combat move phase.

* (PE) Only non-air units that did not move during combat move and did not participate in combat, may move during non-combat-move.

* (PE) Transports can only be loaded in 1 phase (not both), and unloaded in 1 phase (not both).

* (PE) Transports if unloading for amphibious assault, must unload all their units, and may not hold back some units while offloading other units.

* (NA) Each phase of combat should have all units in that phase fire before any casualty selection occurs, whereas right now in TripleA if air and subs are involved then units might be broken up into smaller groups and casualty selection done for each group.

* (EM) If you select for a bombardment from a sea zone, you should be able to select which units you want to have bombard, but currently all possible units are used.

Victory ConditionsTo win with the following victory conditions, a side must maintain it for a complete round of play and must also control at least one of its own capital cities.
Axis Victory: 8 European Victory Cities OR 6 Pacific Victory Cities where at least one is Rome/Berlin/Japan.

Allied Victory: Berlin and Rome and Japan are under allied control and allies maintain control of one of their own capitals. Canals/StraitsThere are 5 canals/straits in the game with the following set of conditions.

Canal/Strait Name Geographical Location Land Movement Restriction Control for Ship Movement
Panama Canal Central America is one territory through which ships can move. None. It requires no movement to cross. Central America
Suez Canal Connects Trans-Jordan and Egypt. Connects sea zone 81 and 98. Possible. Egypt and Trans-Jordan
Strait of Gibraltar Connects sea zone 91 and 92. Not possible. Only Gibraltar, except there are no control restrictions on submarines.
Danish Straits Connects sea zone 112 and 113. Not possible. Only Denmark.
Turkish Straits Connects sea zones 99 and 100. Turkey is one territory through which ships can move. None. It requires no movement to cross. Turkey

Air units have no restrictions for any strait or canal.

Political SituationAt the start of the game Germany and Italy are at war with the UK and ANZAC and France only, while Japan is at war with China only. Any countries not at war with each other ignore each other's naval units and obviously cannot go into each others ground territories. There are a number of specific politically related rules/conditions for each country:

  • Germany/Italy/Japan can declare war on USA or Russia or China at any time.
  • If Germany/Italy/Japan is at war with one of USA or Russia or China it doesn't affect relations with the other.
  • While not yet at war with the USA, Japan may not move into sea zones within 2 spaces of Western USA or Alaska.


  • Russia cannot go to war against the Germans and Italians until the beginning of purchase units phase of Russia 4, unless of course they attack it first, or the Axis capture London.
  • Russia and Japan may declare war on each other at any time. When not at war, Russia may not enter China.


  • If USA is not at war with Germany or Italy, USA may only move its units to sea zones touching USA territories and also Sea Zone 102.
  • If USA is not at war with Japan, USA may not move its units into sea zones touching Japanese controlled territories.
  • USA cannot go to war against the Axis until the beginning of PU collect phase of USA 3, unless of course an Axis power attacks it first.
  • Once at war, the Minor Factories in continental USA upgrade to Major Factories automatically for free, and may be used immediately.

NeutralsThere are three types of neutrals:

  • pro-Axis: When an Axis unit moves into one of these zones for the first time, that country gets a one-time bonus number of infantry, specified on the map, and control of the territory. The new infantry cannot be moved until the next turn.
  • pro-Allies: When an Allied unit moves into one of these zones for the first time, that country gets a one-time bonus number of infantry, specified on the map, and control of the territory. The new infantry cannot be moved until the next turn.
  • Regular: If a power attacks a regular neutral, all the other regular neutrals on the board become friendly to the other team.

Note: Capture of friendly neutrals must be done during Non Combat Movement.
When a country moves into a regular or non-friendly neutral during the combat move, it must conduct combat with the number of infantry specified on the map for that neutral. If it loses or retreats, however many infantry that remain are how many that stay in the zone. This means that if Finland was +4 for Axis, and Russia kills 2 infantry and retreats, then Axis only get 2 infantry when they move into Finland.

National ObjectivesGermany

  • 5 PUs if not yet at war with Russia.
  • 5 PUs for each German controlled territory: Volgograd or Novgorod or Russia.
  • 5 PUs if Axis controls the Caucasus.
  • 5 PUs if there is at least one German land unit in Egypt, whether or not it is controlled by Italy or Germany or Japan.
  • 5 PUs if Germany controls both Denmark and Norway and Sweden is not allied-controlled or pro-allied.
  • 2 PUs for each German controlled territory: Iraq or Persia or Northwest Persia.


  • 5 PUs if Russia is at war, sz125 has no Axis warships (all sea units except transports), Archangel is Russia-controlled, and there are no allied units in any originally Russian territories.
  • 3 PUs for each originally German, Italian, or Pro-Axis neutral territory that Russia controls.
  • 10 PUs one time only, the first time Russia conquers Germany (Berlin).


  • 10 PUs if not yet at war with USA, has not yet attacked French Indo-China, and has not declared war on UK or ANZAC.
  • 5 PUs if Axis controls all of Guam, Midway, Wake Island, Gilbert Islands, and Solomon Islands.
  • 5 PUs for each Axis controlled territory: Hawaii, India, New South Wales, and Western United States.
  • 5 PUs if Axis controls all of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and Celebes.


  • 5 PUs for UK Europe if UK Europe controls of its original territories.
  • 5 PUs for UK Pacific if UK Pacific controls both Kwangtung and Malaya, and is at war with Japan.


  • 5 PUs if the Allies control Malaya, and ANZAC controls all of their original territories, and is at war with Japan.
  • 5 PUs if the Allies (not including Dutch) control all of Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain, and the Solomon Islands, and is at war with Japan.


  • 5 PUs if no Allied ships are in the Med: sz92,...,sz99.
  • 5 PUs if Axis control at least 3 of: Gibraltar, Egypt, Southern France and Greece.
  • 5 PUs if Axis controll all of: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Tobruk, and Alexandria.
  • 2 PUs for each Italian controlled territory: Iraq or Persia or Northwest Persia.


  • 10 PUs if USA is at war and EUS, WUS, and CUS are American-controlled.
  • 5 PUs if USA is at war and Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Hawaiian Islands, and Johnston Island, and Line Islands are American-controlled.
  • 5 PUs if USA is at war and Mexico, South Eastern Mexico, Central America, and West Indies are American-controlled.
  • 5 PUs if USA is at war and the Philippines is American-controlled.
  • 5 PUs each turn the USA has one land unit in France.


  • 6 PUs and may build artillery if the Allies control India, Burma, Yunnan, and Szechwan.


  • 12 PUs worth of free units in France the first time France is Liberated (The engine will give you 4 infantry automatically. Use edit mode if you want something other than 4 infantry by deleting the infantry and replacing them with what you really want).

Kamikaze AttacksJapan starts the game with 6 attack tokens, and may begin doing Kamikaze Attacks at the start of the game.

These attacks can only be done in sea zones that contain the Kamikaze symbol [the sea zones surrounding: Japan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Formosa, and the Marianas]. At the end of Japan's enemy's combat-move phase, Japan may target any surface warship in a Kamikaze zone for one or more Kamikaze attacks, ONLY if the enemy is attacking Japanese units there or is conducting an Amphibious Assault from that sea zone. For each attack, a die is rolled, and a 2 or less is considered a hit. Casualties are removed immediately, and do not participate in any battles. Kamikaze attacks prevent bombardment as well.

Submarines Prevent Unescorted Transports From Making Amphibious AssaultsIn any Sea Zone containing an enemy submarine, but not containing an owned warship, the submarine will prevent the offloading of troops for an amphibious assault.

ScramblingFighters and/or Tactical bombers can be scrambled from any territory bordering a sea zone, with an operating airfield (less than 3 damage) to help defend the surrounding sea zone using their standard defense values. They cannot retreat from scrambling (defenders can never retreat) and if the territory they were scrambled from is captured, they're given one extra movement point to land on a friendly territory or open carrier. Scrambled air cannot participate in any other battles that round.

Strategic Bombing Runs (SBR)Bombing can now happen against both types of ICs, harbours, and airfields (attackers choice)[tactical bombers can not target factories though]. Fighters can participate in the bombing run as escorts. Fighters in the territory being bombed can be launched as interceptors (no airfield necessary).
If interceptors are launched: a one-round air battle takes place right away all air involved roll at 1 (jets rolls at 2). Either attacking bombers or fighters can be taken as casualties.
After the air battle, or if there were no interceptors, the escorts are retreated and any bombers/tacs remaining can now be divied up to attack specific targets. Each target rolls its built-in AA gun against the bombers/tacs targetting it. If there is an AA gun in the territory being bombed it does not roll because its there to defend combat units and not complexes/bases.

Blockade ZonesIf any enemy ships are in a power's blockade zones at the end of that power's turn, and the power controls the adjacent ground territory, then the power may lose some of the PUs it would have otherwise collected.

Surface warships roll 1 dice, Submarines and Air units roll 2 dice, and carriers and transports roll zero dice. For any roll of 3 or less, that amount of PUs will not be collected by the surrounding land territories. The power in question cannot lose more PUs from a blockade zones then the worth of the adjacent ground territory to those zones.

Placement Restrictions

  • Major Industrial Complexes can only go in territories worth 3 or more, and must be originally owned territories.
  • Minor Industrial Complexes can only go in territories worth 2 or more.
  • Industrial Complexes can't be built on islands.
  • Over-purchase is returned and money is reimbursed.
  • Aircraft can be placed on the ground or on a [new] carrier in the adjacent sea zone that has a spot(s) open.

UnitsThese changes to units are things other than price/movement which you can see in the buy menu.

  • Bombers now do 2 additional damage in strategic bombing raids, in addition to their dice roll.
  • Carriers are two hit.
  • Minor Industrial Complexes have 3 production capacity. A Minor IC can be upgraded to a Major IC for 20 PUs, but only on originally owned territories.
  • Major Industrial Complexes have 10 production capacity. When a Major IC is captured it automatically becomes a minor IC.
  • AA Guns may be taken casualty in combat, and may only fire at up to 3 aircraft each.

New UnitsTactical Bombers: can land on carriers, can bomb, and if paired with a tank or fighter the Tac attacks at 4. Tactical Bombers can also strategic bomb Airfields and Harbours (but not factories).

Mechanized Infantry: can blitz when paired with a tank, and are supportable by artillery. Carriers: now have 2 hitpoints, and when damaged they do not allow fighters to land, or to leave if cargo.
New BuildingsHarbour: Any ships that start their turn in a sea zone adjacent to a harbour get +1 movement points. Any damaged ships are repaired by a harbour at the start of the player's purchase and repair turn phase. Lastly, harbours can be bombed, and if they have 3 or more damage then they do not provide the above bonuses.

Airfield: Any air that start their turn on the ground territory with an airfield get +1 movement points. Airfields allow up to 3 planes on that island to scramble (see Scramble section above). Airfields can be bombed, and if they have 3 or more damage then they do not provide the movement bonus.

Credits to Veqryn for almost all related Engine code that allows this map to work.

Change Log:

Corrected UK_Pacific handling for US territories 3.9 Stopped British fighters from dying if UK Pacific could place a carrier under them. Stopped Chinese from being affected by sea zone blockades. Prevented defensive subs from firing before attackers if an attacking destroyer is present. Various fixes for paratroopers (airborne) tech. Various other engine related fixes, and updated game notes with a complete list of rules not enforced. 3.8 Moved Politics phase to be after Purchase phase and before Combat Move phase. China can declare war on European Axis if they move into China's allowed movement range. ANZAC can now declare war on True Neutrals. Added the 1942 scenario.

Fixing Japanese objective for taking local power centers like India, to allow allies to take them as well. Fixing rockets so that many rockets can target the same infrastructure per turn.

Getting British and UK Pacific turn summary posting to be combined. 3.5 Deleted connection between 115 Sea Zones and Poland, and changed map tiles to show a connection. Added in Objective tab text and conditions.

Updating to Global 2nd Edition by removing 1 UK infantry from Egypt. Updating to Global 2nd Edition by adding Korea to the list of territories that Russia can not attack without permanently losing the ability for Manchuria to join Russia. Updating to Global 2nd Edition by removing Yukon Territory from map. Allowed UK_Pacific to repair airfields and harbours under its control. Disallowed China to repair anything. 3.3 Fixing small issue with American not correctly becoming friendly/war with True Neutrals if Japan declares war on all true neutrals before America is at war with Germany. Fixing issue with trying to Undo a UK europe placement, that previously generated a null pointer error. Fixing some errors in game notes. 3.2 Fixing some errors in game notes. Creating small variation mod.

Created game option to force tech tokens to be removed after rolling them, regardless of success. Preventing British and UK_Pacific from both rolling for Warbonds. Instead only British will roll, unless their capital is taken, then UK Pacific will. Preventing Kamikaze Suicide Attacks from occuring all the time, now should only occur when there is a battle or an amphibious attack from that sea zone. Created game option that prevent unescorted transports from conducting amphibious assaults.

Added all technology to Global 1940. Allowed paratroopers to be moved in a second combat movement phase. Made bonus for Mech Infantry work correctly. Made Rockets go 4 spaces and not fly over neutrals. Allowed UK_Pacific to share the cost of researching technology. Made British share all technology with UK_Pacific. Allowed Convoy Blockades to roll dice (you can turn this off in game options). Allowed Low Luck for Strategy Bombing and Rockets to be set again. Stopped British air units from dying if UK_Pacific was building a factory under them. Forced Tactical Bombers to only be able to target airfields and harbours. Allowed Submarines to enter any sea zone during non-combat, but end movement if there is an enemy Destroyer present. 2.9 Allowed Italy and Germany to declare war on Russia seperately, and for Russia to declare war seperately as well. Made Mongolian territories flip to Russian even if Japan attacks but loses against a Russian border territory. Allowed Chinese units to enter Burma and Kwangtung. Made all factories on originally Chinese territories be deleted if China controls them. Added connection between 30 and 31 Sea Zones, and changed map tiles to show a connection. Deleted connection between Newfoundland Labrador and 121 Sea Zone. Deleted connection between Rio de Oro and French West Africa. Added connection between Rio de Oro and Algeria. Deleted connection between Eastern Persia and 79 Sea Zone. 2.8 Fixed issue with Japanese objective for Trade with America. Allowed user to choose AA casualties.

Fixing Strategic Bombers so that they add +2 damage onto raids. Allowed USA to go to war if Japan declares war on ANZAC / UK. Added one missing UK infantry to Egypt. Dropped price of Cruisers to 9, when you have shipyards tech.

Deleting connection between Timguska and Kazakhstan. Adding missing artwork for radar tech.

Allowed Axis powers to declare war on Americans separately, and for Americans to declare war on each Axis power separately. Fixed Danish Straight to only require Denmark. Fixed Japanese National Objective for controlling India, Hawaii, New South Wales, and Western United States. Allowed Japan and ANZAC to take over friendly neutrals on European board. German objective for unit in Egypt now counts for 5 instead of 3 pus. Added missing art for Airfields with Rockets.

Fixed issue with Mongolian units not converting to Russians under most circumstances. Prevented placement of factory units on islands on the pacific side. Switched Jehol and Shantung production. Changing Russian Lend Lease objective to only work when at war with Germany or Italy.

Changing politics to match Alpha +3 politics. Finishing stupidly complex Mongolian rules and their triggers and politics. Fixing Russian nationa objective for sz125 so that it affects all units except transports. 2.2 Added Mongolia in order to have complex Mongolian rules. Finishing Alpha +3 National Objectives. Preventing Combat-Movement takeover of Friendly Neutrals. You must now wait for Non-Combat Movement phase to take over them. Allowing Submarines to pass through Straight of Gibraltar no matter who controls it. Adding connection between Timguska and Novosibirsk. Adding connection between Sikang and Tsinghai. Deleting connection between SZ65 and Ecuador. Deleting connection between SZ76 and Kenya. Deleting connection between SZ86 and French Guiana. Deleting connection between SZ88 and Venezuela. Deleting connection between SZ89 and Central USA. 2.1 Fixed bug preventing UK_Pacific units from turning into British units. Adding missing connection from French West Africa to Nigeria. Deleting connection between SZ95 and Southern France. Deleting Morocco from Gibraltar canal.

Everything done, now playtesting.

Units: infantry

waffen_infantry guard_infantry commando marine elite german_para russian_para japanese_para usa_para uk_para italian_para artillery mech_infantry armour usa_armour uk_armour waffen_panzer fighter usa_fighter uk_fighter tactical_bomber usa_tactical_bomber uk_tactical_bomber bomber transport pacific_transport transportX submarine pacific_submarine submarineX destroyer pacific_destroyer destroyerX cruiser pacific_cruiser cruiserX carrier pacific_carrier carrierX battleship pacific_BB battleshipX aaGun airfield harbour factory_minor russian_minor factory_upgrade factory_major UndrgroundFctry UndergroundMinr RusUndrGrndMinr 1_PU 1Pu 1pus 2_PU 2Pu 2Pus 2pus 3_PU 4_PU 4Pu 5_PU mine_unarmed mine_armed german_mine russian_mine japan_mine usa_mine uk_mine italy_mine anzac_mine france_mine usa_fighter_lendlease uk_fighter_lendlease usa_tac_bomber_lendlease uk_tac_bomber_lendlease usa_armour_lendlease uk_armour_lendlease demo_airfield demo_harbour DemoUnderMajor DemoUnderMinor DemoRusUndrMinr Demo_Hvy_Undg_1 Demo_Hvy_Undg_2 DemoRusHvy1Undg Hvy_Ind_2 Hvy_Ind_1 Hvy_Undg_2 Hvy_Undg_1 Rus_Hvy_Ind_1 Rus_Hvy_Undg_1 airfield_Hvy DemoAirfieldHvy Escort Escort_Convoy NavyFighter Fortification Atlantic_Wall Defend_CV_Hit Repair_Carrier Repair_BB BB_Damaged Pac_BB_Damaged Heavy_BB Hvy_BB_Dmgd

Nations: Changer Germans Russians Japanese Americans Chinese British Italians ANZAC French Dutch Mongolians Neutral_Axis Neutral_Allies Neutral_True

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