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Great War - The Last Stand, March 1918
|- !a Lebowski mod of Great War |}

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A scenario based on early 1918...
The Western Front has bogged down into trench warfare.
In the East, the Bolshevik revolution is shocking the world and the Cossacks are trying hold on to power.
On the high seas, Kriegmarine was pinned into Baltic giving British naval free roam in the ocean.
Romania is in revolt.
Elsewhere, smaller battles are being waged for control of Africa and the Middle East.
Japan is assurting thier independance yet not truely going to war with the Allies.

Allied Powers[]

British Empire (Capital: London)
France (Capital: Paris)
White Russians (Capital: Kyrgyz)
Italy (Capital: Rome)
United States (Capital: United States)==Central Powers==
German Empire (Capital: Berlin)
Austria-Hungary (Capital: Vienna)
Ottoman Empire (Capital: Istanbul)
Bolsheviks (Capital: Petrograd)
AI_Revolutionaries are attacking neutral power that can use the impassable zones.
==Unit definitions (attack, defend, movement, cost)==
infantry: 1/2/1/3 (artillery supportable)
militia: 1/2/1/2
stormtrooper: 3/2/2/5 (blitz, artillery supportable)
gas engineer: 3/1/1/4
M. gas engineer: 5/0/1/5
cavalry: 1/1/2/4 (blitz, artillery supportable)
Elite Cossack: 2/2/3/6 (blitz, artillery supportable, supports as artillery)
artillery: 2/2/1/4 (supports as artillery)
Big Bertha: 5/4/1/8
tank: 3/3/1/10 (2 hit unit)
advanced tank: 4/3/1/12 (supports as artillery, 2 hit unit)
fortification: 0/0/0/3 (supports as artillery, can be sbr'ed, max 10 per territory/1 per round per territory)
aagun: 0/0/1/5 (aa against air attacks, moves in non combat)
fighter: 2/3/3/8
zeppelin: 4/2/6/14 (can SBR)
navalmine: 0/1/0/2
transport: 0/0/2/8 (can carry 1 infantry + 1 other ground unit or 2 infantry)
submarine: 2/2/2/6 (submerge, sneak attack)
gunboat: 2/2/2/6
destroyer: 3/3/2/16 (detects sub, UK only)
cruiser: 3/3/2/10
battlecruiser: 4/4/2/14 (can bombard)
battleship: 4/4/2/18 (2 hit)
SuperDreadnaught: 4/4/24 (is offensive aa all sea battle units, transport, can bombard)

Big Bertha's, Tanks, Advanced Tanks, SuperDreadnaughts and both Gas Engineers can only be placed 1 of each type per factory per turn.
The territory must be owned at the start of your turn to be able to place.
Example: You can place a tank and Big Bertha in the same territory in the same turn but not 2 tanks, if the factory is owned at start of turn.

You cannot place a special unit type if there is one of the same unit type currently in the same territory.
This does not apply to the Bolshevik tanks.
Unplaced units live.
==Map Information==
This map is based on a unique projection developed specifically for the Great War variant and is designed to take full advantage of the map scaling feature in TripleA.
The desire to highlight the Western Front, while still giving the game a truly world-wide scope, required that some abstractions were made to the map.
These include several game boxes/inserts which connect to the major areas of conflict around Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
* Cairo and Istanbul are canals.
Yes, the multinational force in Arkhangelsk is supposed to be there...ect. Changelog v3.0.3.1 placement changes Spanish Morocco is now fully impassable removed Persia Transcaspia connect it influnanced AI purchase... properties changes(will list full ruleset) properties/unit changes in the maps folder Changelog v3.0.3 Changed map folder/files for GW compatablity changed unit art some more (otto's cavalry;) Custom step headers! changed gunboat name back to destroyer for capatability with GW still works right 4 rules changed advancedDestroyer to destroyer in name only all impassables are handled with player rules now the only faction that can enter them are AI_Revolutionaries (impassable expection: Bolsheviks in Norway) German S. Pacific and Tsingtao are now British but in conflict. !!!!!!!(not explained in notes yet) !most true Neutral are AI_Revolutionaries now, They and only they can move/place on the game start "impassable" territories Spain is the capital placement is max 3 units they cannot place if there is 10 or more units on the territory they CAN place on new captures their attack move is after their endRoundStep... creates conflict zones;)Changelog v3.0.2 fixed AI not buying due to placement limit fixed subs in convoys and bbertha movement dread is 4/4 now since it's devistation on the water...still... fixed fort support with Carthage Campain patch ;) various bugs Changelog v3.0.1 fixed production took away bb bombard added air battle till done or attacker retreats fortification now gives support like artillery fortification can be sbred air escorts/intercepts SuperDreadnaught is now only an attack aa against all sea/air units but subs it is multi round subs submerge pre strike without adv dd many new rule additions(read xml list) some unit art and changes Changelog v2 changed forth edition rules to ww2v2 fixed dd by renaming to gunboat placement limits on strong units made Bolshevik AI by default I mostly updated the game to the current engine standards while also converting it to the newer GW 4.3 map base.
Due to the new map base there have been some pu and unit changes.
Ones worthy of mention are:

PU changes:
Germany is +1 now due to Lithuania/Belurus/Livonia
Bolsheviks +1 due to Moscow
WhiteRussians +1 due to Kygyz
Austrians the starting PU looks the same but Romania is handled different and it's really + 1 due to Carpathia
Ottomans +1 due to the sz 62 convoy zone
Italians +1 due to the sz 55 convoy zone

Unit changes:
Germany, White Russians and the Bolsheviks have 1 more infantry each in the Eastern Front.

I think this balances out the change with the new map base and makes the eastern front slightly more dynamic while encouraging action in the med too.

There was some unit art changes and I also adjusted unit values to match Lebowski's notes. Cossacks now blitz, support, ect.

Great War-TLS-March1918