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Greyhawk for TripleA[]

Created by Panguitch (

Based on the World of Greyhawk, the classic setting for Dungeons and Dragons, this is an attempt to adapt the Greyhawk Wars strategy game for TripleA. These names are all trademarked by Wizards of the Coast, but as Greyhawk Wars is long out of print I believe my effort can do no harm and, if anything, can bring attention to an excellent wargame. Myriad changes to game play and combat were necessary in adapting this concept to the TripleA engine, and the entire aspects of diplomacy, hero actions, event cards, etc., could not be included. In short, it's only a shadow of the Greyhawk Wars game for which I harbor much nostalgia. If you have a chance to pick the real thing up on eBay or something, it's worth it. To learn more visit the Greyhawk Wiki:

Background This scenario depicts the erruption of what amounts to a world war. The evil demi-god Iuz has returned and reclamed his territory north of Whyestil Lake. He quickly reasserted control over the Horned Society and took over the Hold of Stonefist through subterfuge (his attempts to do the same to the barbarians to the east along the Thillonrian Peninsula failed). He is now prepared to march south, on the rich lands of Furyondy and former provinces of Nyrond like the Duchy of Tenh.

Meanwhile Ivid V, Mad Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy, has determined to reclaim that kingdom's former glory by subjugating the North and South Provinces, the See of Medegia, and most importantly, the Prelacy of Almor and the Kingdom of Nyrond.

In the shadows the Scarlet Brotherhood has moved, through espionage, assassination, and coups to usurp the Hold of the Sea Princes and Idee. This secretive monastic order, led by the Father of Obedience, employs savages from Hepmonaland in its ruthless attempts to purify the world.

Against these evil forces three kingdoms are arrayed, traditional bastions of good: Furyondy, Nyrond, and Keoland. Weakened by internal strife and dissension, will they be able to withstand the coming storm?

Units (attack, defend, movement, cost)

Light Infantry 1,2,2,3
Medium Infantry 2,3,2,4
Heavy Infantry 3,4,2,5

Light Cavalry 1,1,4,3
Medium Cavalry 2,1,4,4
Heavy Cavalry 3,2,4,5

Giant 4,5,2,10 (takes two hits to kill)
Dragon 5,4,8,12 (an air unit that rolls two dice in attacks)
Bowman 1,1,2,4 (an anti-air unit)

Small Ship 2,2,6,6 (can transport any one unit)
Ship 3,3,6,10 (can transport any two units and takes two hits to kill)

Evil-only units:
Goblin 2,1,2,3
Hobgoblin 2,3,2,6 (takes two hits to kill)
Orc 3,2,2,7 (takes two hits to kill)
Troll 4,3,2,9 (takes two hits to kill)

Good-only units:
Halfling 1,3,2,3
Dwarf 2,3,2,6 (takes two hits to kill)
Elf 3,2,2,7 (takes two hits to kill)
Treant 3,4,2,8 (takes two hits to kill)

Fortifications are the equivalent of factories and cost 12.