The Gulf War

- by Tim Brennan -


In 1979 Saddam Hussien took control of Iraq, and immediatly set the tone for his rule by killing 21 of his cabinet members. He wanted to make his country whole once again so in 1990 he invaded Kuwait and in less than 4 hours he had taken Kuwait and controlled 24% of the worlds oil supplies. It seemed as if his next target was Saudi Arabia.

This was where the United States entered after a call for protection by Saudi Arabia. The United States set a deadline, January 15, 1991 for all Iraq forces to be out of Kuwait, but Saddam ignored the deadline. That triggered Desert Shield, or the build-up of troops in the region and eventually lead to Desert Storm, a all-out attack to free Kuwait.

It can be clearly said that due to the extreme power and sophistication of the U.S. and her allies that Saddam and his tiny nation of 17 million people stood no chance against the military might that is the United States and its Allies...or did it? You will determine the future.

  • The Alliances
  • Axis
  • Iraq (German Pieces)
  • China (Japanese Pieces)
  • Russia
  • Allies
  • United States
  • UN Coalition (British Pieces)


Russia and China cannot attack until the third round or until they are attacked.

Russia and China automatically build one Iraqi infantry per turn. The infantry are placed in any Iraqi territory.

Once Syria-Iraq is captured, Russia and China stop producing Iraqi units until Iraq regains control of that territory.

USA starts the game with heavy bombers and long range aircraft.

A bomber is capable of transporting the same amount of material a transport is able to carry. If it is involved in trasporting units it cannot be involved in combat that turn.

Stealth fighters are represented by a fighter with a US marker under it.

Mobile SCUD launchers are represented by an AA gun with an Iraqi marker under it.

Patriot missile launchers are represented by an AA gun with an US marker under it.

Iraqi AA guns fire at two or less.

Victory Conditions

Axis Iraq's IPC value reaches 35 or...An allied capital is captured.

Allies Destroy all Iraqi units.

New Units

F-117's (Stealth Fighters) The USA has the capability of building stealth fighters. To start the game there is one stealth fighter in Western USA. Stealth fighters cannot be fired at by AA guns and have the same abilities as ordinary fighters. Aditional fighters may be purchased by the USA for 16 IPC's.

Mobile SCUD Launchers Iraq starts the game with one mobile SCUD launcher in Persia. The launcher has a movement of 2 and additional SCUD launchers can be purchased by Iraq for 20 IPC's. A trasport is capable of carrying one mobile SCUD launcher. The SCUD launchers have a range of 3 and are capable of one missile attack per turn on an enemy industrial complex. Treat a SCUD launcher's ability as you would treat rockets in the original version of the game.

Mobile Patriot Missile Launcher The USA starts the game with one Patriot missile launcher in Saudi Arabia. These launchers have a movement of 2 and additional launchers may be purchased by the US for 20 IPC's. Patriot missile launchers have the capability of shooting down Iraqi SCUD missiles. The Patriot missile launcher can fire at every SCUD missile within its range of 4. Thiss range of 4 must be able to reach the SCUD missiles target or the missile is considered out of range. In order to shoot down the missile, the USA must role a 3 or less. If this happens the SCUD is shot down and nothing happens.

New Technology Allied Technology

  • Advanced Patriot Missiles * If you role a 1 or a 2, the USA receives Advanced Patriot Missiles. Now Patriot missiles must role a 4 or less in order to shoot down SCUD's.
  • Tomahawk Cruise Missiles If you role a 3 or a 4 your battleships can now fire one tomahawk cruise missile per turn on an enemy industrial complex. The missiles have a range of 1 and are treated as rockets in the original version of the game.
  • Gas Mask Technology If you role a 5 or a 6 only 25% of your infantry die when hit with a chemical missile. Round up!
  • indicates that the technology is available only to the United States. The UN Coalition cannot role for it or use it. If the UN Coalition roles a 1 or 2 while going for weapons development they must role again.

Axis Technology

  • Advanced SCUD Missiles * If you role a 1 or a 2 Iraqi SCUD missiles now have a range of 4 spaces.
  • Chemical FROG Missiles If you role a 3 or a 4 you can now purchase Chemical FROG Missiles (free rocket over ground); chemical warfare. Missiles may be purchased for 10 IPC's and are fired from MOBILE SCUD Launchers in Iraq or AA guns in China and Russia. These missile cannot be shot down by Patriot missiles. Missiles have a range of 3. When a missile hits a territory it automatically destroys 50% of the infantry in that territory. Round up!

Advanced AA guns * If you role a 5 or a 6 Iraq's AA guns now fire at 3 or less.

  • indicates that the technology is available only to Iraq. The other Axis nations cannot role for it or use it. If the other Axis nations role a 1 or 2 while going for weapons development they must role again.

Country Settings

UNCoalitionArgentina(2)AlgeriaLibyaEgyptUKW. Europe(3)*GibraltarS. Europe
Aircraft Carrier------1-
Industrial Complex-----1--
Anti-Aircraft Gun----11--

UN Coalition

Germany(6)E.EuropeNorwaySaudi Arabia (US owned)IndiaAfganistan(1)AustraliaE.Canada
Aircraft Carrier--------
Industrial Complex--------
Anti-Aircraft Gun--------
USAE.USA(5) *F.Madagascar Sea ZoneW.USA(5)HawaiiMidwaySaudi ArabiaSpanish Sea ZoneSouth African Sea Zone
Aircraft Carrier-11-----
Industrial Complex1-1-----
Anti-Aircraft Gun1-1-----
IraqSyria-Iraq(8) *Persia(8)Kazak(5)
Aircraft Carrier---
Industrial Complex1--
Anti-Aircraft Gun11-
China(6)*KwangtungFrench Indo-China BurmaManchuriaSikiang(4)
Aircraft Carrier-----
Industrial Complex1----
Anti-Aircraft Gun1----
RussiaRussia*CaucasusUkraineKareliaNovosibirskSoviet Far East
Aircraft Carrier-----1
Industrial Complex1----1
Anti-Aircraft Gun1--1--

Countries with a "*" next to them are the capitals.

This scenario first appeared at the Ultimate Axis & Allies Web Site. Together with Mike Iadarola Tim created the Vietnam scenario and the Battle of the Bulge scenario.