Axis & Allies Wiki

Written by Michael S Lyons Jr.

Originally published in Battleplan #3

Half-battleships & half-carriers represent half the number of ships. Half-battleships cost 12, half-carriers cost 9.

Half-battleships attack & defend at 2. Half-carriers attack & defend at 1 and carry 1 fighter.

Battleships or carriers may breakdown or combine before after movement, but not during combat.

At the start of the game, the US has a half-battleship in the Eastern US, Germany has a half-battleship in Germany, Japan has a half-carrier in Japan & the UK has a half-carrier in the UK. The half-carriers have fighters.


If at the end of the turn, any of the following territories has no land or air units of the controlling side, its control passes to the listed side on a roll of 1-3.

The captured capital of a country will always revolt as well as the Western US, returning to its original ownership.


  • India becomes Japanese
  • Syria/Iraq becomes German
  • Philippines becomes American
  • France becomes British
  • Eastern Europe becomes USSR
  • Ukraine beomces USSR